Product News & Highlights

  • Low Charge Injection, High Voltage

    Posted 10 hours ago
    The CPC7220 is a low charge injection, 8-channel high voltage analog switch featuring a flexible high voltage supplies and low quiescent power...
  • 1-of-8 FET Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

    Posted 11 hours ago
    The CBT3251 is a 1-of-8 FET multiplexer/demultiplexer. This high speed device has TTL-compatible input levels. It features 5-ohm switch connection...
  • 192 kHz Stereo DAC with 2 Vrms Line Out

    Posted 12 hours ago
    192 kHz Stereo DAC with 2 Vrms Line Out
  • 3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

    Posted 13 hours ago
    The DSA832-TG is a spectrum analyzer that is equipped with a tracking generator function. This analyzer has a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz....
  • Start Stop Automotive MCU Power Supply

    Posted 14 hours ago
    ROHM Semiconductor releases its BD39001EKV-C, a general purpose automotive microcontroller system power supply for the start stop system. It responds...
  • Zero-Drift Single-Ended Instrumentation

    Posted 14 hours ago
    The ISL28533 is a 5 V, rail-to-rail input/output, zero drift, single-ended output programmable gain instrumentation amplifier (PGIA). This...
  • 300 W Medical Grade Power Supply

    Posted 16 hours ago
    300 W Medical Grade Power Supply
  • Multi-Output Boost Converter LED Driver

    Posted 1 day ago
    Allegro MicroSystems announced the release of its latest devices in addition to their LED Driver ICs for LCD backlighting applications portfolio. The...
  • Digitally Enhanced Power Analog

    Posted 1 day ago
    Microchip Technology launched its two new Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA) controllers. The MCP19118 and MCP19119 offer simple yet effective...
  • Blackbird 1.35Mpix HDR Image Sensors

    Posted 1 day ago
    Melexis announced the availability of Blackbird 1.35Mpix HDR image sensors featuring ASIL support that leads to high quality cost-efficient...
  • Integrated Step-Down Power Module

    Posted 1 day ago
    The ISL8203M is a dual 3 A output current or single 6 A step-down DC/DC power module. This device is ideally suitable for low power low-voltage...
  • High Speed Transistor Optocouplers

    Posted 1 day ago
    The 6N135M optocoupler consists of an AlGaAs LED optically coupled to a high speed photodetector transistor. A separate connection for the bias of...
  • Low DCR, Shielded Power Inductors

    Posted 1 day ago
    The MSS7341T are power inductors designed for high ambient temperatures up to 125⁰C. It offers low DC resistance for greater efficiency and...
  • 8 kV Isolation DC/DC Converters

    Posted 1 day ago
    The A100HI series of single and dual output DC/DC converters are designed to deliver 1.5 W of rated power. For flexibility purposes, the series...
  • Analog Output Sensor IC

    Posted 1 day ago
    ZSC31010, a new addition to ZMDI's sensor ICs, is an analog output sensor signal conditioner. It enables an easy and precise calibration of resistive...
  • HDR Avocet Image Sensors

    Posted 1 day ago
    The MLX75411/MLX75412 is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor developed for applications in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and for...
  • Resistive Touch Screen Controller

    Posted 1 day ago
    The AR1000 is a series of resistive touch screen controller which supports Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) communication. This...
  • Overvoltage Transient Suppression for

    Posted 1 day ago
    TE Circuit Protection introduces its addition to its overvoltage protection devices, the ZEN164V130A24LS. It is a PolyZen device with minimal Vz of...

Electronics Forum

  • Fine Art Glories in Fine Light Resulting from LED Upgrade

    New Technical Article by EEWeb

    Few places warrant as much attention to lighting as a gallery or museum. The art has to look great or people won’t come to see it. So when the staff at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts starting wondering if it was time to...

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  • Li-Fi Exploits LEDs to Turn On Internet

    Posted 9 hours ago by EEWeb
    Back in 2011, Professor Harald Haas delivered a groundbreaking TED (technology, entertainment, design) talk about the untapped potential of the visible light spectrum....
  • Guidelines for SupreMOS® MOSFETs

    Posted 10 hours ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    This application note serves as a design guideline for Fairchild's SupreMOS® MOSFETs. Tips on adjusting the gate resistor for better results will be provided through...
  • 3DTouchPad, Multi Finger Touchpad with

    Posted 11 hours ago by Microchip
    3DTouchPad, Multi Finger Touchpad with 3D Gesture Recognition
  • Silicon, Security, and the Internet of

    Posted 11 hours ago by Maxim
    The smart grid has broken from the fantasies of the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide something useful. In this article we discuss why the smart grid does not follow the...
  • Body and Convenience Automotive

    Posted 12 hours ago by Allegro MicroSystems
    This article discusses the body and convenience solutions offered by Allegro's variety of power and sensor integrated circuits (ICs). These body and convenience...
  • PolyZen Device Address Suspend Mode USB

    Posted 13 hours ago by TE Circuit Protection
    In an era where customers convenience is an utmost priority, portable electronic designers face great challenges especially when dealing with circuit protection. Customers...
  • Mission Critical Operating System Linux

    Posted 14 hours ago by Fujitsu Semiconductor
    Mission Critical Operating System Linux With PRIMEQUEST
  • Passive LC Filter Design and Analysis

    Posted 15 hours ago by Coilcraft
    This application note presents the design and analysis of a passive LC filter. It briefly describes the use of measurement-based model for design and analysis, as well as...
  • TCP/IP Protocol Stack Based Network

    Posted 15 hours ago by Renesas
    This application note presents the TCP/IP protocol stack-based network solution for industrial applications. The document describes the method of acquiring a development...
  • Installing the AMT Modular Encoder in 8

    Posted 16 hours ago by Digi-Key
    In this video, Reid Landsrud of Digi-Key demonstrates on how to install the AMT modular encoder in 8 simple steps. Using a spacer wrench, proper-fit sleeves, shaft...
  • MOSFET/IGBT Drivers Theory and

    Posted 1 day ago by IXYS
    This application note presents the MOSFET/IGBT drivers theory and its applications. The document describes an introduction of the MOSFET and IGBT technology, the types of...
  • System Noise-Figure Analysis for

    Posted 1 day ago by Maxim
    Noise figure is routinely used by system and design engineers to ensure optimal signal performance. However, the use of mixers in the signal chain creates challenges with...
  • 12 W Power Supply Using TNY288PG

    Posted 1 day ago by Power Integrations
    This document is a reference design of a 12 W power supply employing TinySwitch™-4 TNY288PG. This power supply operates in a wide input voltage range from 85 VAC to 265...
  • Portability and Ultra Low Power

    Posted 1 day ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    The information in this application note will focus on the power savings available when using the ULP family. It will also offer insight to device performance, system...
  • The Psychology of Automotive LED

    Posted 1 day ago by Mouser
    This article presents the automotive LED lighting in a new experience. It presents the benefits of the automotive ambient lighting and its present and future applications.
  • High Precision, Long Battery Life

    Posted 1 day ago by Maxim
    Utilities can now improve water- and heat-metering accuracy by an order of magnitude, while operating for up to 20 years on a single "A"-size battery with the MAXREFDES70#...
  • MLX90614 Grounding and Layout

    Posted 2 days ago by Melexis
    This application note presents the MLX90614 IR thermometers grounding requirements and the layout. It also describes the decoupling mechanism of the circuit, as it is a...
  • 16-Bit Isolated Input AFE

    Posted 2 days ago by Maxim
    This document explains how the Campbell (MAXREFDES4#) subsystem reference design meets the higher resolution and isolation needs of industrial control and industrial...
  • Measuring Current and Power with the

    Posted 2 days ago by Intersil
    This is a part 2 video of the ISL28022 8-site evaluation kit. Ryan Roderick, System Applications Engineer at Intersil, demonstrates a simple resistor divider that will...
  • New This Week - October 20th

    Posted 2 days ago by Mouser
    This week we’ll discuss Broadcom’s WICED Wi-Fi module, Cree’s XLamp XP-L LED, and low power op-amps from Texas Instruments.
  • AFBR-703SDZ With Xilinx Virtex®

    Posted 2 days ago by Avago Technologies
    AFBR-703SDZ transceiver is part of Avago's SFP+ SR series. AFBR-701ASDZ is part of its SFP+ LR series. This application note presents the high speed interoperability of...
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