Product News & Highlights

  • Water-Resistant Pressure Sensor

    Posted 6 hours ago
    STMicroelectronics announced the expansion of its portfolio of environmental sensors with a new MEMS pressure sensor that breaks new ground in...
  • Highest Voltage Protection with

    Posted 10 hours ago
    Texas Instruments launched its digital isolation and delta-sigma modulator families that offer reinforced isolation to help protect electronic...
  • Enhanced Digital I/Q Data Recorder

    Posted 1 day ago
    Enhanced Digital I/Q Data Recorder
  • Metal Encapsulated DC-DC Converters

    Posted 1 day ago
    XP Power introduced the RDC20 and RDC40 series of 20 Watt and 40 Watt metal encapsulated wide range DC-DC converters designed for railway and...
  • Very High Isolation DC/DC Converters

    Posted 2 days ago
    The MD100VHI series are miniature DC/DC converters that are capable of producing 1 W rated power. These converters have an output accuracy of ±5.0 %...
  • Single-Stage LED Drivers

    Posted 2 days ago
    Last May of 2013, Cirrus Logic, Inc., together with Digi-Key Corporation, signed an agreement for the global distribution of Cirrus' single stage LED...
  • Epoxy Formulation for Electronic

    Posted 2 days ago
    Epoxy Formulation for Electronic Applications
  • Optical Absolute Encoder

    Posted 2 days ago
    The AEAT-9000 series is a high resolution single turn optical absolute encoders developed by Avago Technologies. This device is allows the design...
  • LED Lighting AC-DC Power Supply

    Posted 2 days ago
    Murata introduces MPA1962B, an AC-DC power supply primarily designed for LED lighting and display. It has an output voltage range of 30 V - 50 V, 0.9...
  • Low Power Consumption Voltage Detector

    Posted 2 days ago
    The IXD5120 is an ultra-small, low power voltage detector featuring output configuration CMOS (Version C) or N-channel Open Drain (N Version) with...
  • WT32i Bluetooth Audio Module

    Posted 2 days ago
    The Bluegiga WT32i is a Bluetooth Audio Module featuring an on-board DSP and 16-bit stereo codec. It offers up to 200 meter range wide Bluetooth...
  • High-Accuracy Adjustable Power Limiter

    Posted 2 days ago
    The MAX14691–MAX14693 adjustable overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protection devices guard systems against overcurrent faults in addition...
  • Ultra-Small Buffered Output

    Posted 3 days ago
    Mouser Electronics, Inc. announced the availability of Maxim’s ultra-small, 8-/10-/12-bit buffered output, quad-channel DAC featuring high accuracy...
  • Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Module

    Posted 3 days ago
    The PC0-7120 is a pulsed-laser diode driver module featuring high-speed performance in a flexible mounting configurations and robust design package....
  • Presettable Synchronous BCD Decade

    Posted 3 days ago
    The 74HC160D is a presettable sychronous BCD decade counter with asynchronous reset. It features synchronous counting and loading, two count enable...
  • High Efficiency Step-Down DC/DC

    Posted 3 days ago
    The MAX17505 high-efficiency, high-voltage, synchronously rectified step-down converter with dual integrated MOSFETs operates over a 4.5V to 60V...
  • Stereo DAC System with Output Analog

    Posted 3 days ago
    The CS4344/5/8 are family of stereo digital-to-analog converters featuring multi-bit delta-sigma modulator and multi-bit D/A conversion and output...
  • Radiation-Hardened SRAMs Achieve QML

    Posted 3 days ago

    Cypress Semiconductor, the SRAM market leader, today announced its radiation-hardened (RadHard) 72-Mbit Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR®-II+) SRAMs and...

Electronics Forum

  • Linux-Less Wi-Fi: WLAN for Embedded Design

    New Technical Article by LS Research

    Embedded system designers face many challenges when selecting the right components to meet functional, budgetary, and regulatory requirements, especially when it involves wireless technologies. Until recently, adding Wi-Fi...

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  • Dual PCB Configurable Logic for More

    Posted 1 day ago by NXP
    Today, engineers are always looking to squeeze more functionality into less space, while simplifying inventory and reducing system cost. Dual PCB configurable logic from...
  • Improving System Efficiency with

    Posted 2 days ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    With the drastic increase of power consumption around the world today, it's a big challenge for engineers and designers to come up with products and devices that would be...
  • Using the Advanced Math Operation of

    Posted 2 days ago by RIGOL Technologies
    Using the Advanced Math Operation of Oscilloscope
  • Ethernet Send/Receive Setup Example

    Posted 2 days ago by Renesas
    This application note presents a set-up example for Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 sends or receives using the V850E2/ML4 Ethernet controller. It describes the specifications of the...
  • Boost Inductance Vs. Inductor Size

    Posted 2 days ago by Cirrus Logic
    This application note presents an explanation on the effects of boost inductance versus inductor size used in the CDB150x-00 PFC demonstration board. This document also...
  • Multi-layer Slow Blow Fuses

    Posted 2 days ago by TE Circuit Protection
    With the advancement in automotive infotainment speeding up, so is the need of the of an adequate power protection over an increasingly broad range of voltages, currents,...
  • Introducing Dual PCB Configurable Logic

    Posted 2 days ago by NXP
    Introducing Dual PCB Configurable Logic from NXP
  • 35 W (80 W Peak) Power Supply for

    Posted 2 days ago by Power Integrations
    This is a design example report of a 35 W power supply with 80 W peak employing TOP258MN intended for inkjet printer. This power supply operates in a wide input voltage...
  • Reducing Output Voltage Ripple on

    Posted 3 days ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    Flyback converters are widely used for applications with low power consumption. This topology is characterized by an isolation between its input and output. On cases when...
  • RN4020 Bluetooth Smart Demo

    Posted 3 days ago by Microchip
    Dave Richkas, Bluetooth Product Line Manager at Microchip Technology, shows the RN4020 Bluetooth® Low Energy Module and demonstrates Microchip's Low-energy Data Profile...
  • Understanding Magnets

    Posted 3 days ago by Allegro MicroSystems
    The magnet is the characteristic substance that draws in the ferromagnetic material like iron or nickel by the force of attraction. Individuals depend on magnets for...
  • Maxim - Secure Medical Authenticator

    Posted 3 days ago by Maxim
    There’s a growing movement within the healthcare industry toward patient self-care, enabling patients to manage certain aspects of their treatment, such as prescription...
  • The Fujitsu ASIC Platform

    Posted 3 days ago by Fujitsu Semiconductor
    Advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) development requires complex and expensive design tools, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, and expert...
  • LED Control Using RL78/I1A Timer KB

    Posted 3 days ago by Renesas
    This application note presents RL78/I1A on LED control for LED lighting systems. This document provides sample programs for the methods of control using 16-bit timers KB...
  • FAKRA Series - PTM Preview

    Posted 3 days ago by Digi-Key
    Digi-Key Corporation, in collaboration with Amphenol RF, presents a product training module of the FAKRA connector series. It discusses the basic features, applications,...
  • Configuring IoT Devices: ProbMe™

    Posted 4 days ago by EEWeb
    User adoption of new wireless technologies presents several challenges. Three of the biggest that hamper deployment and widespread use of new technologies are installing...
  • 3 Popular Small Signal Models

    Posted 4 days ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    This application note is the first part of Fairchild's 3-part series note on must do's to understand a flyback filter. This section focuses on the different small signal...
  • Boot Loader for the Z8F082A and Z8F1680

    Posted 4 days ago by IXYS
    This application note presents the boot loader program for Z8F082A and Z8F1680 microcontrollers of the Z8 Encore! XP architecture. This document describes a brief overview...
  • Choosing the Optimum Voltage Reference

    Posted 4 days ago by Maxim
    What could be more basic than a voltage reference—a simple, constant reference voltage? As with all design topics, there are tradeoffs. This article discusses the...
  • Circuit Protection Solution for Lithium

    Posted 4 days ago by TE Circuit Protection
    Primary and rechargeable lithium cells are useful and important parts of day-to-day use of portable electronics applications. Their popularity is based on the fact that...
  • 15 W Multiple Output DC-DC Forward

    Posted 4 days ago by Power Integrations
    This is a design example report of a 15 W multiple output DC-DC forward converter with synchronous rectification employing DPA424P. This design provides three outputs such...
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