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  • 100 GHz Oscilloscope Enables Cutting

    Posted 5 hours ago

    Teledyne LeCroy today introduces the LabMaster 10-100Zi, 100 GHz oscilloscope. With this introduction, Teledyne LeCroy continues to demonstrate a...

  • 2mm Pitch Spring-Loaded Connectors

    Posted 6 hours ago
    Mill-Max announced the expansion of its line of spring-loaded products with the addition of 2 mm pitch spring-loaded connectors. As always, real...
  • Award Winning Products at Electronica

    Posted 7 hours ago
    Award Winning Products at Electronica
  • Release 9 6SigmaET Simulation Tool

    Posted 10 hours ago
    Future Facilities launched a significant update to 6SigmaET, the company 's powerful, intuitive and easy-to-learn thermal simulation tool for use by...
  • Flexible Transparent Elastomer System

    Posted 1 day ago
    Master Bond’s EP30D-10 elastomer offers abrasion and chemical resistance while maintaining high flexibility and strength. It is a versatile system...
  • High Brightness LED Lamps

    Posted 1 day ago
    Avago Technologies has a new LED series, the ALMD-xx3D. It has the same or slightly used less luminous intensity than conventional high brightness,...
  • Optically Isolated Error Amplifier

    Posted 1 day ago
    Optically Isolated Error Amplifier
  • High Performance BAW Duplexer

    Posted 1 day ago
    The TQM963001 (772-TQM963001) is a high-performance and highly selective Bulk Acoustic Wave duplexer achieving low insertion loss over full bandwidth...
  • Low Side Ultrafast MOSFET/IGBT

    Posted 2 days ago
    The IXDN430/IXDI430/IXDD430/IXDS430 are low side, ultrafast MOSFET/IGBT drivers featuring a 30-Amp high peak output current and a wide operating...
  • Inverting Schmitt Trigger

    Posted 2 days ago
    The XC7SH14 is a high-speed inverting Schmitt trigger. This CMOS device offers an inverting buffer action function with Schmitt trigger action. It...
  • Low Power Portable Audio DAC

    Posted 2 days ago
    The CS43L22 is a portable audio DAC with integrated Class-D speaker driver featuring high performance stereo DAC and digital signal processing...
  • MLX90129 Evaluation Board

    Posted 2 days ago
    The EVB9019 is an evaluation board designed for MLX90129 applications. It features a versatile A/D interface for resistive sensors and offered in a...
  • 100VAC Input/12VDC Output Converter

    Posted 2 days ago
    The BP5033-12 is an AC/DC Converter developed by ROHM Semiconductor. Even without the use of a transformer, this converter can obtain the desired DC...
  • High Inductance Common Mode Line Choke

    Posted 2 days ago
    The Common Mode Line Chokes are line chokes designed by Coilcraft offered in a low cost and high inductance combination of application. It features...
  • Serial Quad I/O™ SuperFlash® Memory

    Posted 2 days ago
    Microchip Technology introduced the SST26WF016B, a 1.8 V Serial Quad I/O™ (SQI) SuperFlash® Memory device family. The SST26WF016B provides 16-Mbit...
  • 2-Phase PWM Regulator for VR12.5/VR12.6

    Posted 3 days ago
    The ISL95822 is a dual-phase PWM regulator designed for VR12.5 and VR12.6 CPUs. The device is fully compliant with Intel VR12.5™ and VR12.6™...
  • Highly Integrated IGBT Drive

    Posted 3 days ago
    The FOD8333 is an advanced 2.5 A output current IGBT drive optocoupler capable of driving medium-power IGBTs with ratings up to 1,200 V and 150 A. It...
  • Combination Line Filter Choke

    Posted 3 days ago
    The Coilcraft’s Combination Line Filter Choke is a filter choke that combines the common and the differential mode. It features special windings...

Electronics Forum

  • Fairchild’s Audio Jacks, Technology Worth Listening To

    New Technical Article by EEWeb

    In the portable electronics market, cell phones and MP3 players have greatly expanded the use of headsets for listening to music, making phone calls, and watching videos. The advent of the earbud has brought these devices...

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  • How to GaN: Gen-4 eGaN FETs

    Posted 1 day ago by Alex Lidow
    The previous columns in this series discussed the benefits of eGaN® FETs, their potential to improve performance in a variety of applications, and techniques to maximize...
  • The P, I, and PI in PID Controllers

    Posted 1 day ago by Sree Harsha Angara
    In my previous column, I showed bode plots for different types of transfer functions. I also touched on the basic principles of closed loop systems. As a refresher, the...
  • TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver Design Guide

    Posted 1 day ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver Design Guide
  • Asynchronous SCIc

    Posted 1 day ago by Renesas
    This document presents the asynchronous SCIc transmission or reception using DTCa. The application note describes the specifications, the operation confirmation...
  • Using the EP72/312 to Implement a Soft

    Posted 1 day ago by Cirrus Logic
    This application note presents the use of EP72/7312 to implement a soft modem. The document contains the EP72/7312 digital audio interface (DAI), the SI3034 DAA chip set,...
  • Hands-on with Logic Gates

    Posted 1 day ago by NXP
    This video looks at some real semiconductor logic gates and introduces you to a really amazing logic kit from LittleBits. The first trick in building a circuit with a...
  • 5.76 W High Power Factor Triac Dimmable

    Posted 1 day ago by Power Integrations
    5.76 W High Power Factor Triac Dimmable LED Driver
  • Off-Line PFC-PWM Combo Controller

    Posted 2 days ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    This application note tackles the reasons behind the low efficiency quality of transformers and other power sources that are widely used by electric utility companies....
  • Low-Cost Electric Range Control Using a

    Posted 2 days ago by Microchip
    This application note describes a low-cost electric range control using TRIAC. This document covers the operation of mechanical thermostat and TRIAC operation. Triggering,...
  • Distribution Automation and the Smart

    Posted 2 days ago by Maxim
    The combination of aging electricity grid infrastructure and renewable portfolio standards present new challenges in the distribution automation space worldwide. In this...
  • Current Sensors Offset Voltage Shifting

    Posted 2 days ago by Allegro MicroSystems
    This article discusses how to subtract out the 0.1 x VCC offset on most of Allegro unidirectional current sensor integrated circuits (ICs) and shift the voltage to any...
  • New This Week - October 27th

    Posted 2 days ago by Mouser
    This week we’ll cover a 16-bit Quad DAC from Analog Devices, a wafer level chip scale package LDO from Fairchild, and Freescale’s QorIQ LS1 communications processor...
  • DTC Block Transfer Mode and Chain

    Posted 2 days ago by Renesas
    This application note presents the example setting of DTC block transfer mode and chain transfer. The document discusses the specifications, operation confirmation...
  • New Power Semicondutor Package

    Posted 3 days ago by IXYS
    This application note presents the combinations of the features of modules and discrete in a new power semiconductor package. The document describes the packaging...
  • Circuit Protection for Analog Linecards

    Posted 3 days ago by TE Circuit Protection
    Analog Linecards are prone to overcurrent and overvoltage hazards that could eventually harm the whole system. These hazards may come from AC power cross, power induction,...
  • 225 W (286 W Peak) Power Factor

    Posted 3 days ago by Power Integrations
    This document is a reference design report for a 225 W (286 W peak) power factor corrected LLC power supply utilizing HiperPLC (PLC810PG) intended for flat panel displays...
  • MGA-16516 Low Noise Amplifier

    Posted 3 days ago by Avago Technologies
    Low Noise Amplifiers are found in almost all RF and microwave receivers, both in military and commercial applications. These LNAs are the first level of amplification of...
  • Automotive Infotainment Takes a Front

    Posted 3 days ago by Mouser
    This article presents the automotive infotainment and how it has changed over the years. It also discusses a brief history of the infotainment and how it evolved over the...
  • PA Output Matching

    Posted 4 days ago by Melexis
    This application note describes the way to design an output matching network at a given load resistance. The document presented can also be used in all Melexis transmitter...
  • General-Purpose Power Supply Design

    Posted 4 days ago by Maxim
    This document details the Riverside (MAXREFDES8#) subsystem reference design, a 3.3 V input, 12V (15V) output isolated power supply. The Riverside reference design...
  • Intersil and Renesas Thermocouple and

    Posted 4 days ago by Intersil
    This application note describes the reference design of Intersil and Renesas thermocouple and strain gauge. This reference design combines Intersil's precision and power...
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