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  • Semitech’s Bright Future

    New Technical Article by EEWeb

    It seems as if each day there is a gloomy new report on the state of the global environment. With greenhouse gas emissions and sea level readings at an all-time high, there is still a heavy dependence on traditional and...

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Tap Tap Tech - Episode 1 - Internet of Things

Chronos 2 DIN Rail Mounted Timers

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  • Meeting Infotainment Power Demands

    Posted 5 hours ago by Maxim
    This white paper tackles the challenge for designers to overcome the growing demands of infotainments and how to overcome it, considering the constraints and costs that...
  • World’s Greatest in Semiconductor

    Posted 5 hours ago by ZMDI
    We are truly living in the golden age. Innovations in communication, consumer, medical, industrial, and automotive products, that are considered commonplace today, would...
  • 8 W Non-Dimmable Isolated Flyback LED

    Posted 8 hours ago by Power Integrations
    8 W Non-Dimmable Isolated Flyback LED Driver
  • 25G VCSEL-based SFP+ Optical Technology

    Posted 8 hours ago by Avago Technologies
    The demo shows Avago Technologies best-in-class high temperature 25 G 850 nm VCSEL integrated into a high volume SFP+ production platform operating over OM3 multi-mode...
  • Robust Information Security for

    Posted 10 hours ago by Mouser

    This article presents the implementation of robust information security in every connected device. It briefly discusses the importance of device security, as well as the…

  • MSK4364 Evaluation Board User’s Guide

    Posted 10 hours ago by M.S. Kennedy
    This application note describes the MSK 4364 and provides a design details of the evaluation board including the device block diagram, PCB artwork, schematic diagram, bill...
  • Automotive LED Driver Undervoltage

    Posted 1 day ago by Melexis
    Automotive LED Driver Undervoltage Shutdown
  • Tap Tap Tech - Episode 1 - Internet of

    Posted 1 day ago by
    It’s become a hot topic recently - lots of references to the Jetsons, lots of excitement. IoT really embodies the future that everyone always dreamed of. From being...
  • High-Performance Class 2 Powered Device

    Posted 1 day ago by Maxim
    This reference design is for a highly efficient, flyback 3.3 V and 5 V Class 2 powered device (PD). The design features the MAX5969B as its controller. The design also...
  • Multiple Output, High Efficiency

    Posted 1 day ago by Design Library

    This converter is used for Class 3 PoE applications where high efficiency and multiple outputs are required. The flyback converter with synchronous rectifier provides…

  • Thermocouple and Strain Gauge Design

    Posted 1 day ago by Intersil
    This application note illustrates two sensor applications using Intersil's precision and power products paired with the Renesas RL78 microprocessor. This application note...
  • Digital Power Control - Intelligent

    Posted 1 day ago by Texas Instruments
    Digital Power Control - Intelligent Power
  • New This Week - March 2nd

    Posted 1 day ago by Mouser
    This week we’ll cover a Hittite Fractional-N PLL, a digital gyroscope from Freescale, and NXP’s NTAG NFC IC.
  • Advantages of Switching from Leaded to

    Posted 4 days ago by NXP
    In the mobile, portable, and wearable markets, board space is always at a premium. Designers are constantly being asked to add functionality while using less PCB area and...
  • Faster Switching from Standard Couplers

    Posted 5 days ago by Vishay
    This application note presents the faster switching capabilities of standard couplers. The document briefly describes the LEDs and phototransistor relays, phototransistor...
  • Measuring Antenna Characteristics using

    Posted 5 days ago by RIGOL Technologies
    This video tackles how to use the RIGOL spectrum analyzer to measure an antenna. The spectrum analyzer has a VB1020 option and utility kit that helps with antenna design...
  • HMI Applications―Part 4: Low-Cost

    Posted 5 days ago by Renesas
    This article presents the 4th part of the HMI application series, which is controlling systems using low-cost gesture recognition technology.
  • MSK4361/4362 Evaluation Board User’s

    Posted 5 days ago by M.S. Kennedy
    MSK4361/4362 Evaluation Board User’s Guide
  • Power Brick GUI

    Posted 5 days ago by Murata Power Solutions
    This application note is a user manual for Murata Power Brick GUI. It includes a description of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the power module with PMBus...
  • Dual PCB Configurable Logic for More

    Posted 5 days ago by NXP
    Today, engineers are always looking to squeeze more functionality into less space, while simplifying inventory and reducing system cost. Dual PCB configurable logic from...
  • 14 W PWM-Analog Dimmable LED Driver

    Posted 5 days ago by Power Integrations
    This is a design example report of a 14 W PWM-analog dimmable LED driver employing LinkSwitch™-PH LNK406EG. This design features high efficiency, power factor...
  • 40G QSFP+ Interoperating With 10G SFP+

    Posted 5 days ago by Avago Technologies
    The demo shows connectivity between Avago Technologies 10GBASE-SR SFP+ transceivers and the new QSFP+ 40G-iSR4 transceiver over 100 meters of OM3 multi-mode fiber.
  • Multi-Gigabit Consumer Optical

    Posted 5 days ago by Avago Technologies
    Avago Technologies demonstrates the world’s first high speed consumer optical interconnect streaming High Definition (HD) video through a USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable...
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