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  • A Case for the Chief Robotics Officer

    New Technical Article by EEWeb

    The concept of a robot has existed for over a century. From the Jetson’s robot maid to HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, robotic systems have always been a staple of futuristic depictions. However, the state of technology...

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  • Voltage Translation for Automotive

    Posted 23 hours ago by Texas Instruments
    In today's automotive electronics systems, microcontrollers and peripherals operate off different voltage supplies. This is driven by an effort to reduce power...
  • Using the Runt Trigger Function of

    Posted 1 day ago by RIGOL Technologies
    Runt trigger function is one of the many features of a RIGOL oscilloscope. It is used to trigger pulses that pass one trigger level but fail to pass an upper (or lower)...
  • Optical Image Stabilizer Platform

    Posted 1 day ago by Renesas
    Optical Image Stabilizer Platform
  • Using the Charge Pump Drive for

    Posted 1 day ago by Cirrus Logic
    This application note presents the CS5521/23, CS5522/24/28, and CS5525/26 series of analog-to-digital converters that features an on-chip circuitry to drive external...
  • Tact Switch - PTM Preview

    Posted 1 day ago by Digi-Key
    This Product Training Module (PTM) provided by MEC Switches and Digi-Key will introduce the MEC switches. Mec Switches are high quality switches that have more than 10...
  • Signal Integrity for Logic Devices

    Posted 1 day ago by NXP
    This document describes the basics of signal integrity, behavior of transmission lines and compares the output edge rates of various logic devices. It also explains the...
  • Low Power LED Lighting Trends - Part 1

    Posted 1 day ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    Low Power LED Lighting Trends - Part 1
  • Magnetic Sensors with Integrated

    Posted 2 days ago by Allegro MicroSystems
    This technical article presents the magnetic sensor integrated circuits (ICs) that provides diagnostics for automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) compliance. The...
  • Solid State Relay Overvoltage

    Posted 2 days ago by Vishay
    This application note presents different types of overvoltage protection devices for solid-state relays. The document also provides suggested recommendations on their...
  • Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

    Posted 2 days ago by Renesas
    This article presents the fast and multiprotocol LSI devices as solution for industrial Ethernet connectivity in production machines, sensors, actuators and systems. It...
  • AES 128-bit Implementation with Z8

    Posted 3 days ago by IXYS
    This application note presents the implementation of AES-128 encryption with Zilog’s Z8 Encore! series of 8-bit microcontrollers. It briefly describes the Advanced...
  • Settling Time Calculator Tutorial

    Posted 3 days ago by Maxim
    Settling Time Calculator Tutorial
  • 5.8 W High Power Factor TRIAC Dimmable

    Posted 3 days ago by Power Integrations
    This is a design example report of a 5.8 W high power factor, non-isolated buck-boost, TRIAC dimmable LED driver employing LYTSwitch™-4 LYT4311E. This design is...
  • New This Week - March 23rd

    Posted 3 days ago by Mouser
    Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs: Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs provide the security, reliability, performance, and low power required in a single chip for critical...
  • LED Lighting Circuit Protection

    Posted 3 days ago by Mouser
    This article presents some of the large market LED lighting applications and their threats to lighting system. It also discusses the different protection strategies...
  • MSK5044RH Evaluation Board User’s

    Posted 3 days ago by M.S. Kennedy
    This application note is a user guide for engineers using the MSK5044RH evaluation board. This document covers the overview of the MSK5044RH switching regulator, how to...
  • High Current True-Digital PWM

    Posted 3 days ago by ZMDI
    What makes to the ZSPM15xx family unique in the market today is that it’s one of the easiest digital power solutions to design-in. The ZSPM15xx family is engineered to...
  • MLX81200 In A Dynamic Range Application

    Posted 3 days ago by Melexis
    MLX81200 In A Dynamic Range Application
  • Audio Amplifier for an MP3 Docking

    Posted 4 days ago by Maxim
    This reference design demonstrates the use of the MAX98400 Class D audio amplifier in a stereo audio docking station application. The MAX98400 2.1 demo box is a complete...
  • Designing the ISL85415

    Posted 4 days ago by Intersil
    Paul Orfanu, an Applications Engineer for Intersil, introduces ISL85415 that will help in simplifying the design while maintaining similar efficiency or better than...
  • Silicon Cloud Ushers in New Era of

    Posted 4 days ago by EEWeb
    All eyes are on the Internet of Things. Semiconductor companies across the board are developing interconnected devices and wireless protocols that will enable the largest...
  • Basics of Ball Grid Arrays

    Posted 4 days ago by Advance Assembly

    The unparalleled pin density and low lead inductance of ball grid arrays (BGA) are essential in today’s high pin count, high frequency integrated circuits. However,…

  • Assembly Methods for Printed Circuit

    Posted 1 week ago by Advance Assembly

    Design-for-manufacturing (DFM) is a well known term and an essential part of the design process. Not as well known but just as important is the concept of…

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