Product News & Highlights

  • ARM Cortex MCU with USB Connectivity

    Posted 8 hours ago
    STMicroelectronics upgraded its STM32F0 Value Line ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller series by adding USB connectivity and larger Flash featureso to...
  • MPLAB® X IDE Free Code Configurator

    Posted 9 hours ago
    Microchip Technology has expanded its MPLAB® Code Configurator Plug-In that supports 16-bit PIC® MCUs, in addition to the 8-bit devices already...
  • WE-EPLE USB 2.0 Jack with Integrated

    Posted 9 hours ago
    WE-EPLE USB 2.0 Jack with Integrated EMC Filter
  • GeneSiC Semiconductor on Digi-Key

    Posted 17 hours ago
    Digi-Key, together with GeneSiC Semiconductor, signed an agreement for the global distribution of GeneSiC's products. GeneSiC is an industry...
  • Surface Mount Multilayer Varistors

    Posted 19 hours ago
    The AUML series are surface mount multilayer varistors featuring zero lead inductance and inherent bidirectional clamping available in low profile,...
  • General Purpose Power Entry Modules

    Posted 19 hours ago
    The 085/085M series are general purpose power entry modules from LCR Inc., a company under Astrodyne. These devices have a maximum rated voltage of...
  • 18-Bit Bus Interface D Flip-Flop

    Posted 19 hours ago
    18-Bit Bus Interface D Flip-Flop
  • Programmable Low-Side FET Pre-Driver

    Posted 20 hours ago
    The A3944 is a low-side FET pre-driver designed for automotive application. This device is programmable and has six channels. Each channel is...
  • Data Protection Appliance

    Posted 21 hours ago
    Fujitsu has developed a data protection appliance optimized for environments where data are backed-up on disks, the ETERNUS CS800 S5. This device...
  • Industrial, Octal, Digital Input

    Posted 22 hours ago
    The MAX31915 translates and conditions the 24 V digital output of sensors and switches used in industrial, process, and building automation to 5 V...
  • Dual-Channel Phototransistor Output

    Posted 22 hours ago
    The MCT6X optocouplers have two channels for density applications. For four channel applications, two packages fit into a standard 16-pin DIP socket....
  • CobraNet® Audio Networking Processor

    Posted 23 hours ago
    The CS1810xx is a CobraNet® Audio Networking Processor series featuring 32-bit synchronous serial digital audio input/output and an Ethernet or...
  • Ultra-Low Power Apollo MCUs

    Posted 1 day ago
    Ambiq Micro introduced the Apollo family of four 32-bit ARM® Cortex-M4F microcontrollers (MCUs). In real-world applications, their energy...
  • 16-bit Low-Power Tough MCUs

    Posted 1 day ago
    ROHM Semiconductor introduces ML620100 series, a 16 bit low power microcontroller series that features a superior noise and temperature resistance....
  • Fluke’s Data Acquisition Software

    Posted 2 days ago
    Fluke Corp. launched its Fluke® DAQ 6.0, the latest version of its popular data acquisition application software. The powerful and versatile...
  • Rugged Expandable Panel PC

    Posted 3 days ago
    Avalue Technology announced the release of rugged and expandable panel pc, the ARC-1209. ARC series is a new product line which stands for advanced...
  • High Current and Inductance Power

    Posted 3 days ago
    Coilcraft's new AGP4233 Series shielded power inductors offer a unique combination of high current handling and high inductance, making them ideal...
  • MCU Solution for Analog Integration of

    Posted 4 days ago
    Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the availability of its new microcontroller solution that brings analog solution and low power operation to...

Electronics Forum

  • Combining Capacitive Sensing and LED Lighting - Pt. 4

    New Technical Article by By Vairamuthu Ramasamy and Shruti Hanumanthaiah - Cypress Semiconductor

    In the previous installment, we explored how to overcome common challenges faced when designing systems with capacitive sensing and LED lighting. This edition will address low-power design considerations for such...

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  • Understanding MLX90614 On-Chip Digital

    Posted 18 hours ago by Melexis
    This application note presents the MLX90614 on-chip digital signal filters focusing on the on-chip signal-filtering feature part of the integrated circuit. It also...

    Posted 18 hours ago by Maxim
    Industry 4.0 marks the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by distributed, intelligent control systems. Breaking from a past with large, centralized...
  • New This Week - January 26th

    Posted 20 hours ago by Mouser
    New This Week - January 26th
  • Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights

    Posted 1 day ago by Sudheer Gupta

    Here, we have explained about the circuit that automatically controls the intensity of street lights which is designed using microcontroller and LEDs. It is very useful to…

  • Cost-effective IGBT Gate Drive Design

    Posted 3 days ago by Avago Technologies
    The ACPL-337J is an advanced highly integrated gate drive optocoupler, designed to ISOLATE, DRIVE, PROTECT and FEEDBACK the IGBT’s operational status. It has a...
  • Avago Optocouplers in Intrinsic Safety

    Posted 4 days ago by Avago Technologies
    The IECEx is a certification system which verifies compliance with IEC international standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. The safety...
  • Gate Drive Optocoupler w/ Integrated

    Posted 4 days ago by Avago Technologies
    Gate Drive Optocoupler w/ Integrated Flyback Controller
  • Master Electronics - Value Added

    Posted 4 days ago by Master Electronics
    Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Master Electronics is a leading authorized distributor of electronic components dedicated to stocking breadth of part numbers. Founded...
  • Triggering and Decoding an I2C Using

    Posted 4 days ago by RIGOL Technologies
    This video demonstrates the triggering and decoding of an I2C signal using RIGOL's highly efficient oscilloscopes. It includes a brief tutorial on the different triggering...
  • 2nd Generation R-Car Series of

    Posted 4 days ago by Renesas
    This article presents the R-Car series of automotive systems-on-chip (SoC) that has advanced to 2nd generation allowing automotive designers developed a higher level of...
  • Achieving Unprecedented Cost &

    Posted 4 days ago by Cirrus Logic
    This white paper presents achieving unprecedented cost and performance for applications that requires multiplexed, high-resolution ADC functionality. This paper discusses...
  • Power Film Capacitors Overview - PTM

    Posted 4 days ago by Digi-Key
    Digi-Key, in collaboration with AVX, presents this Product Training Module (PTM) for AVX power film capacitors overview. It discusses the product overview of the power...
  • Logic Mobile Part 1 CES 2014

    Posted 4 days ago by NXP
    Thomas Wolf, Senior Product Applications Engineer at NXP Semiconductors, presented the 2013 Logic Mobile at CES 2014. This Logic Mobile is specifically designed to show...
  • Non-Isolated Buck-Boost TRIAC Dimmable

    Posted 5 days ago by Power Integrations
    This is a design example report of a 12 W, high power factor, non-isolated buck-boost, TRIAC dimmable LED driver employing LYTSwitch™-4 LYT4322E. The design is intended...
  • Embedded USB 2.0 Reference Design

    Posted 5 days ago - Design Library
    The USB 2.0 reference design guidelines are extremely important for designers who want to ensure that their design will pass USB2.0 electrical compliance testing. The...
  • Online Components - Newhaven OLEDs

    Posted 5 days ago by
    Welcome to EEWeb’s Product Overview of Newhaven’s full color OLED displays. While TFTs have been the mainstay of displays for years, OLEDs are becoming more prevalent...
  • Mean Well High Efficiency Led Driver

    Posted 5 days ago by
    I’m Chris Anderson at the EEWeb Tech Lab, and today we’ll look at Mean Well’s LED DRIVER products, that ARE AVAILABLE from
  • Fairchild Receives 2014 Core Partner

    Posted 5 days ago by Fairchild Semiconductor
    Fairchild Semiconductor is proud to announce that it has gained another award, from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, another prestigious company in the field. Proving its...
  • PIC16F161X Angular Timer Demonstration

    Posted 5 days ago by Microchip
    Edwin Romero, Product Marketing Manager at Microchip Technology, talks about angular timer demonstration platform that they created to highlight the angular timer...
  • How Real Op Amps Can Drive Capacitive

    Posted 5 days ago by Maxim
    This application note discusses on the how operational amplifiers drive capacitive loads. To dig this topic deeper, simulations are shown as a way of presenting the data....
  • Improve Server Efficiency with Advanced

    Posted 5 days ago by Allegro MicroSystems
    Power-management methods and three-phase BLDCs for cooling reduce data-center energy use. This application note describes different energy conservation strategies and...
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