Analog Design News

  • Compact Solid State Flasher

    Compact Solid State Flasher

    5 hours ago
    The DF Series flasher is a family of compact, two-terminal flashers from Amperite that are totally epoxy encapsulated and no moving parts to wear out. These are available with universal input voltage...
  • Speaker Driver with Noise Cancellation

    Speaker Driver with Noise Cancellation

    18 hours ago
    ams AG announced that the headset in the latest Huawei smartphone implements advanced noise cancellation with the AS3415, a speaker driver from ams with active noise cancellation (ANC)...
  • Low Power Delta-Sigma Test DAC

    Low Power Delta-Sigma Test DAC

    1 day ago
    The CS4373A is a low-power, high-performance delta-sigma test digital-to-analog converter featuring selectable differential analog outputs and multiple AC and DC operational modes. It offers...
  • Unique Active Dimmer Driving Technology

    Fairchild Simplifies Dimmable LED Lighting Design

    1 day ago
    Fairchild, a leading global supplier of high-performance power semiconductor solutions for making the world a cleaner and smarter place, today announced the FL7734 Phase-Cut Dimmable Single- Stage...
  • New High Efficiency MOSFETs in TO-Leadless Package

    New High Efficiency MOSFETs in TO-Leadless Package

    1 day ago
    Fairchild introduces another set of highly efficient MOSFETs to be added to their existing line of analog devices. These new MOSFETs are designed with the TO-Leadless Advanced Packaging Technology...

Analog Design Articles

  • Optocoupler Input Drive Circuits

    1 day ago
    This document gives focus on optocouplers including its basic principles, operation, and common applications. Suggested techniques in order to maximize the device's efficiency are included. Cases...
  • Change Tomorrow: SiC Power Devices

    1 day ago
    Today, SiC schottky barrier diodes are rapidly being adopted for various applications including electric vehicle charging station, gas stations, and so on. SiC power devices are increasingly playing...
  • 14 W PWM-Analog Dimmable LED Driver

    1 week ago
    This is a design example report of a 14 W PWM-analog dimmable LED driver employing LinkSwitchâ„¢-PH LNK406EG. This design features high efficiency, power factor correction, low component count, and...
  • Analog Output Circuit Protection

    1 week ago
    This application note tackles on how to protect analog output circuits and why they should be protected. As one of the necessary components in the system's performance, analog output circuits should...

Analog Design App Notes

  • Simple Generation of Negative Bias Voltage for Power Driver Applications

    In order to correctly turn on and off some switches, such as SiC transistors, it is usually required to drive its gate between a positive and a
    negative supply voltage (+20V and -5V for SiC MOSFETs, for...

  • Two-Pole Filter with Differential Input

    Two-Pole Filter with Differential Input

    Many of today’s Digital-to-analog Converters (DACs) require a circuit that has a differential input and will remove common-mode errors, reduce the out-of-band noise produced by the delta-sigma modulator and...

  • Solar Cell Bypass Diodes in Photovoltaic Panels

    Solar Cell Bypass Diodes in Photovoltaic Panels

    This application note discusses the important characteristics of bypass diodes for photovoltaic solar cells. The basic function of bypass diodes in solar cells is to protect against hot spot damage when the...

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