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  • N-Channel SuperFET® II MOSFET

    N-Channel SuperFET® II MOSFET

    7 hours ago
    The FCMT299N60 is an N-channel MOSFET that belongs to Fairchild's SuperFET® II series. It has a drain to source voltage of 600 V, drain current of 12 A and static drain to source on resistance of...
  • Quad 1-of-2 Video MUX/DEMUX

    Quad 1-of-2 Video MUX/DEMUX

    1 day ago
    The NX5DV330 is a quad-channel 1-of-2 video multiplexer/demultiplexer. This device features TTL-compatible input levels, 5-ohm switch connection between two ports, minimal propagation delay through...
  • Integrated Class-G Headphone Amplifier

    Integrated Class-G Headphone Amplifier

    1 day ago
    The FAB1200 is a class-G ground-referenced headphone amplifier that is designed with an integrated buck converter on its system. The device needs a supply voltage range of as low as 2.5 - 5.5 V and...
  • Auto Focus Auxiliary Flash LED

    Auto Focus Auxiliary Flash LED

    1 day ago
    ASMT-FJ70 is another additional product of Avago's to its line of Auxillary Flash LED. It is a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) dome LED lamp that has an untinted, non diffused lens to provide high...
  • 108 dB Time Division Multiplexing Codec

    108 dB Time Division Multiplexing Codec

    1 day ago
    The CS42436/38 is a multi-channel TDM codecs with six 24-bit analog-to-digital converters and eight 24-bit digital-to-analog converters. It offers system-sampling rates of up to 192 kHz and an A/D...

Analog Design Articles

  • Managing Noise in the Signal Chain: Part 2

    9 hours ago
    Data converters incorporate the common semiconductor noise sources such as, shot, avalanche, flicker, and popcorn noise. In addition, real data converter systems have errors that include...
  • Analog Integration Drives Factory Integration

    6 days ago
    Analog integration is driving the integrated factory. Advances in analog and mixed-signal ICs contribute greatly to factory productivity, efficiency, quality, safety, and security. These all lead to...
  • Battery Protection with MHP-TA

    6 days ago
    Barry Brent, Field Application Engineer of TE Circuit Protection, talks about MHP-TA over-current and over-temperature protection device. MHP-TA stands for Metal Hybrid Protection - Thermal...
  • CUI Inc AMT Encoder Series

    6 days ago
    The video discusses CUI Inc AMT Modular Encoder’s benefits. It is a series rugged, highly accurate modular encoders, available in incremental, absolute and commutational versions. With AMT’s...

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