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  • 13-Bit GTL to LVTTL Translator

    13-Bit GTL to LVTTL Translator

    1 day ago
    The GTL2006 is a 13-bit translator to interface between the 3.3 V LVTTL chip set I/O and the Xeon™processor GTL-/GTL/GTL+ I/O. The GTL2006 is designed for platform health management in dual...
  • SMT Remote Control Receiver Modules

    SMT Remote Control Receiver Modules

    2 days ago
    RPMS2001 series are super small and surface mounting type's remote controller receiver. It is useful for the set design in the mounting area of the world minimum class.It can be used for anything if...
  • 800 mA LED Flash/PWM Dimming Lamp Driver

    800 mA LED Flash/PWM Dimming Lamp Driver

    2 days ago
    The LDS8681 is a highly efficiency regulated charge pump with low drop-out voltage that can drive two LEDs at 400 mA each simultaneously or one LED at 800 mA. Low dropout PowerLite Current Regulator...
  • 80 MSPS Triple ADC for Displays

    80 MSPS Triple ADC for Displays

    2 days ago
    The AK5406 is an RGB Graphic & D-terminal Signal Process Device in which integrates 10-Bit 80 MHz AD Converters. The Device has On-Chip 3-Channels ADCs, Voltage Reference circuit, Programmable Gain...
  • Advanced IGBT/MOSFET Drive Optocoupler

    Advanced IGBT/MOSFET Drive Optocoupler

    2 days ago
    System design engineers for industrial applications, such as motor control inverter applications and high performance power systems, are looking for highly integrated gate driving and protection...

Analog Design Articles

  • USB 2.0 Switch with Charge Pump

    17 hours ago
    Ali Zeeshan, Technical Marketing Manager of NXP shows how NX3DV211, a USB 2.0 Switch with Charge Pump is used in USB switching needs. This device is a high band analog switch in a SPDT configuration....
  • Noise Histogram Analysis

    4 days ago
    Many ADC are used to measure the level or magnitude of static signals. Applications include the measurement of weight, pressure and temperatures. These applications involve low-level signals which...
  • Common Mode Filter Design Guide

    1 week ago
    The selection of component values for common mode filters need not be a difficult and confusing process. The use of standard filter alignments can be utilized to achieve a relatively simple and...
  • Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Go Beyond Silicon

    1 week ago
    The invention of the silicon (Si) integrated circuit over 50 years ago inexorably paved the way for the modern computing and electronics era that we enjoy today. But all good things must come to an...

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