Analog Design News

  • Rad-Hard Bipolar Transistors

    Rad-Hard Bipolar Transistors

    1 day ago
    STMicroelectronics announced the addition of JANS/JANSR products, a range of DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)-qualified JANSR bipolar transistors with additional up-screening at the recent Nuclear and...
  • High Temp Multi-turn Encoder Module

    High Temp Multi-turn Encoder Module

    2 days ago
    Introducing Avago's 14-bit high temp multiturn absolute Encoder Module, the AEAT-84AD. The device is able to provide an optoelectronicmechanical unit function that allows implementation of an...
  • 24-bit Stereo DAC Output System

    24-bit Stereo DAC Output System

    3 days ago
    The CS4334/5/8/9 is an 8-pin, 24-bit, 96 kHz stereo, digital-to-analog converter featuring a single +5 V power supply. It has filtered line-level outputs and an on-chip digital de-emphasis. The...
  • 5.6 V Polymer Enhanced Zener Diode

    5.6 V Polymer Enhanced Zener Diode

    3 days ago
    The ZEN056V075A48LS is a Polyzen device classified as hybrid. It is a polymer enhanced Zener diode micro-assembly that offers a resettable protection against multi-Watt fault events without the need...
  • Precision AFE with Dual Slope ADC

    Precision AFE with Dual Slope ADC

    5 days ago
    The TC500 is a precision analog front end (AFE) with dual slope analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capable of up to 16 bits resolution. The device is composed of an integrator, zero crossing...

Analog Design Articles

  • Defining and Running Circuit Simulation Analyis

    15 hours ago
    This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a simulation-ready schematic, which is then used to run a number of circuit simulation analyses. We will start by creating a new project file...
  • Flashing Operation of LED Connected to I/O Port

    4 days ago
    This application note presents the flashing operation of LED connected to an I/O port. It presents its specifications, the functions used, principles of operation as well as the description of...
  • ADC Setting Using Group Scan Function

    5 days ago
    This application note presents the setting of analog-to-digital conversion using group scan function. It describes the performance of A/D conversion using the RX210’s double trigger mode.
  • Reflective Three-Channel Encoder

    1 week ago
    The AEDR-850x encoder is the smallest three-channel optical encoder with digital outputs in the market, employing reflective technology for motion control purposes. This article describes the...

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