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  • 114 dB, 192 kHz Multibit Audio ADC

    114 dB, 192 kHz Multibit Audio ADC

    4 days ago
    The CS5361 is a 114-dB, 192 kHz stereo analog-to-digital converter featuring an advanced multi-bit delta sigma architecture and overflow detection. It offers high-pass filter and DC offset...
  • MicroSMD Protection for AC LEDs

    MicroSMD Protection for AC LEDs

    4 days ago
    TE Circuit Protection announces its addition to its Surface Mount Device, the MicroSMD005F-2. It has maximum voltage of 30 V, maximum current of 10 A, minimum resistance of 3.60 Ω, and maximum...
  • High-Precision Voltage References

    High-Precision Voltage References

    6 days ago
    The MAX6173 is a high-precison voltage reference that features short-circuited-protected output. This device consumes only 320 µA, the typical amount of quiescent supply current. This improved...
  • 2.5 A IGBT Drive Optocoupler

    2.5 A IGBT Drive Optocoupler

    6 days ago
    The FOD8332 is an all-in-one input LED drive, IGBT drive optocoupler that is capable of driving most 1200 V/150 A IGBTs and power MOSFETs in motor control and inverter applications. This highly...
  • Boosted Class D Amplifier with Flash LED Drivers

    Boosted Class D Amplifier with Flash LED Drivers

    6 days ago
    The CS35L32 is a 5-V boosted Class-D amplifier with integrated dual LED drivers featuring 2-level Class-G operation and integrated dual LED drivers. It offers one differential analog input in a...

Analog Design Articles

  • Low-Side Gate Drivers: Review and Evaluation

    3 days ago
    This paper provides details of MOSFET switching action in applications with clamped inductive load, when used as a secondary synchronous rectifier, and driving pulse/gate drive transformers....
  • Sine Waveform Output by Using DAC

    3 days ago
    This application note presents the use of a Digital-to-Analog Converter to produce a sine waveform output. The document also describes the specifications, operation check conditions, the hardware, as...
  • Interfacing a Color LCD Module

    3 days ago
    This application note presents interfacing a color LCD module to the EP72xx and EP73xx. It presents the EP72xx LCD controller description, the color support, the LCD module interface port and an...
  • Circuit Protection for Hard Disc Drives

    3 days ago
    In the presence of USB-based external hand disc drives and the adoption of solid state drives, protecting the circuit from overcurrent, overvoltage, and ESD pose the great challenge. The USB...

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