Analog Design News

  • GDTs on GR-1089 PSTN

    GDTs on GR-1089 PSTN

    1 day ago
    TE Circuit Protection has designed a Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) that has a DC sparkover voltage 420 V. This device has capacitance at 1 MHz of <1.0 pF, tolerance of DC sparkover voltage of +/- 20%, and insulation resistance class of >=10000 MΩ. It is commonly used in GR-1089 : Public...
  • Dual N-Channel MOSFET

    Dual N-Channel MOSFET

    2 days ago
    The FDMD8280 is a dual N-channel Power Trench® MOSFET that has a rated drain to source voltage of 80 V and continuous drain current of 40 A in its case temperature condition. In an on state, the...
  • CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Codec

    CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Codec ‘97

    2 days ago
    The CS4299 is a CrystalClear SoundFusion audio codec featuring AC ’97 2.1 compatibility with an industry leading mixed signal technology. It offers a a 20-bit stereo DAC and an 18-bit stereo ADC,...
  • 24-Bit Delta Sigma ADC with 2-Channel Multiplexer

    24-Bit Delta Sigma ADC with 2-Channel Multiplexer

    3 days ago
    The ISL26132 is a low-noise 24-bit delta sigma analog-to-digital converter with 2-channel differential input multiplexer and very low-noise amplifier. This device is a complete analog front end...
  • RTP Devices for Electromagnetic Loads

    RTP Devices for Electromagnetic Loads

    3 days ago
    TE Circuit Protection developed a Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) device that has a maximum DC open voltage of 32 V, the RTP200R060SA. This device also has a maximum DC interrupt current @ 16 VDC...

Analog Design Articles

  • Surface-mount 0201-size SESD Devices

    17 hours ago
    TE Circuit Protection has developed a 0201-size Silicon ESD (SESD) devices that are commonly used in portable electronic devices. This document was made as a guide for developing the proper PCB...
  • Notes and Countermeasures Against Noise

    1 day ago
    This application note presents the notes and countermeasure against noise for the RL78 family. It describes the shortest wiring length on a PCB for the RESET pin and clock IO pins, the connection of...
  • Calculate Reliable LED Lifetime Performance

    2 days ago
    Optocouplers are designed and used extensively for high-voltage isolation and electrical noise rejection. Avago optocouplers make use of high-reliability LEDs to fulfill the critical system...
  • Surface Mounting SMT LED Indicator Components

    2 days ago
    Surface Mount Technology (SMT) are now commonly used in circuit board assemblies, one of which is SMT LED indicators. There are currently three basic types of Avago's SMT LED indicator components,...

Analog Design App Notes

  • LED Street Lightning Design Using FL7930B and FAN7621S

    This application note describes a 150W rating design guideline for LED street lighting. The application design consists of CRM PFC and LLC SRC with high power factor and high power conversion efficiency using...

  • Two-Pole Filter with Differential Input

    Two-Pole Filter with Differential Input

    Many of today’s Digital-to-analog Converters (DACs) require a circuit that has a differential input and will remove common-mode errors, reduce the out-of-band noise produced by the delta-sigma modulator and...

  • Solar Cell Bypass Diodes in Photovoltaic Panels

    Solar Cell Bypass Diodes in Photovoltaic Panels

    This application note discusses the important characteristics of bypass diodes for photovoltaic solar cells. The basic function of bypass diodes in solar cells is to protect against hot spot damage when the...

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