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  • Crystal-Based +13dBm ASK Transmitter

    Crystal-Based +13dBm ASK Transmitter

    13 hours ago
    The MAX7044 crystal-referenced phase-locked-loop (PLL) VHF/UHF transmitter is designed to transmit OOK/ASK data in the 300MHz to 450MHz frequency range. The MAX7044 supports data rates up to 100kbps,...
  • 0.18µm CMOS Technology

    0.18µm CMOS Technology

    14 hours ago
    Fujitsu’s CE81 is a series of high performance, 0.18µm (0.13µm Leff) CMOS embedded arrays that include full support of diffused high-speed RAMs, ROMs, analog, mixed-signal macros, and a variety...
  • Two Digit LED Numeric Displays

    Two Digit LED Numeric Displays

    1 day ago
    The LB-302 series were designed to meet the need for multi-digit numeric displays. These two-digit LED numeric displays have a character height of 7.62 mm. It comes up with red color-emitting and...
  • Eight FRED Pt® Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers

    FRED Pt® Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers

    2 days ago
    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced eight new 2 A and 3 A FRED Pt® Ultrafast recovery rectifiers in the compact, low-profile SlimSMA (DO-221AC) eSMP® series package. Combining extremely fast...
  • 8-bit DAC Channel with Output Buffer Op-Amp

    8-bit DAC Channel with Output Buffer Op-Amp

    3 days ago
    The M62384 is a CMOS-structure semiconductor integrated circuit incorporating four 8-bit D-A converter channels with output buffer op-amps. Serial data transfer type input can easily be used through...

Analog Design Articles

  • Timekeeping Accuracy with RTCs using External Temp Sensor

    3 days ago
    The temperature dependent characteristics of quartz crystals prevent time keeping also with state-of-the-art real time clocks from being highly accurate over a wide temperature range, unless...
  • USB 2.0 Switch with Charge Pump

    1 week ago
    Ali Zeeshan, Technical Marketing Manager of NXP shows how NX3DV211, a USB 2.0 Switch with Charge Pump is used in USB switching needs. This device is a high band analog switch in a SPDT configuration....
  • Replacing MR16 Halogen Lamps with LEDs

    3 days ago
    Replacing halogen lamps with LEDs in MR16 light fixtures can save substantial energy while reducing electricity and maintenance costs. This application note details the advantages of using LEDs in...
  • Unleashing the Audio Potential of Smartphones

    4 days ago
    Smartphones are one of the hottest trends in consumer electronics. According to the Federal Communications Commission, their use has increase 700% over the past four years. And it's no surprise why....

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