Analog Design News

  • Overcurrent Protection for MDF Modules

    Overcurrent Protection for MDF Modules

    1 day ago
    TE Circuit Protection introduces its addition to its PolySwitch telecom devices, the TSM600-250F-RA-2. It is a polyswitch device designed for telecom and networking devices. It has a maximum...
  • Receiver for Optical Distance Measurement

    Receiver for Optical Distance Measurement

    1 day ago
    The MAX3806 is the industry's first 130 dB dynamic range transimpedance amplifier with switchable gain and nA sensitivity. The device is a preamplifier that consists of a selectable-gain...
  • 192 kHz Stereo DAC with 2 Vrms Line Out

    192 kHz Stereo DAC with 2 Vrms Line Out

    2 days ago
    The CS4352 is a stereo digital-to-analog converter with 2 Vrms line out featuring multi-bit delta-sigma modulator and supports sample rates up to 192 kHz. It features low latency digital filtering...
  • Zero-Drift Single-Ended Instrumentation Amplifier

    Zero-Drift Single-Ended Instrumentation Amplifier

    2 days ago
    The ISL28533 is a 5 V, rail-to-rail input/output, zero drift, single-ended output programmable gain instrumentation amplifier (PGIA). This instrumentation amplifier provides low offset, low noise,...
  • High Speed Transistor Optocouplers

    High Speed Transistor Optocouplers

    3 days ago
    The 6N135M is a fast optocoupler that is capable of handling speed of 1 MBit/s. The device is proven and tested to withstand as much as 5000 Vrms. Available in a DIP 8-Pin package , the optocoupler...

Analog Design Articles

  • Calibrating the CS5460A

    1 day ago
    This application note presents ways on how to calibrate CS5460A. It also briefly discuss the order of calibration sequence of offset and gain calibrations, as well as calibration tips to minimize...
  • Guidelines for SupreMOS® MOSFETs

    2 days ago
    This application note serves as a design guideline for Fairchild's SupreMOS® MOSFETs. Tips on adjusting the gate resistor for better results will be provided through graphical data of desirable...
  • PolyZen Device Address Suspend Mode USB 3.0 Operating Current

    2 days ago
    In an era where customers convenience is an utmost priority, portable electronic designers face great challenges especially when dealing with circuit protection. Customers want fewer cords to power...
  • Portability and Ultra Low Power TinyLogic

    3 days ago
    The information in this application note will focus on the power savings available when using the ULP family. It will also offer insight to device performance, system analysis, and design comparison,...

Analog Design App Notes

  • High-Performance Audio Applications of the LM833

    High-Performance Audio Applications of the LM833

    This application report describes some of the ways in which the LM833 can be used to deliver improved audio performance. Designers of quality audio equipment have long recognized the value of a low noise gain...

  • OpAmps for MEMS Microphone Preamp Circuits

    Op Amps for MEMS Microphone Preamp Circuits

    A microphone preamp circuit is used to amplify a microphone’s output signal to match the input level of the devices following it in the signal chain. Matching the peaks of the microphone’s signal level...

  • How to Use Freescale USB Stack to Implement Audio Class Device

    The USB interface is very well suited for transport of audio ranging from low-fidelity voice connections to high-quality, multichannel audio streams. Many applications from communications, to entertainment,...

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