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  • Testing That Tells the Truth

    Posted Jul 23, 2014 By Agilent
    An in-circuit test system (ICT) measures a component’s values on the printed circuit board. For instance, the ICT can check if the measured value of a resistor is within its nominal range as specified on the datasheet. The same theory applies for testing LEDs with ICT—the tester should be able to test to see if the luminosity and wavelength values are within the ranges indicated on the LED...
  • Water and Power in the Internet of Everything

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 By Maxim
    This article will discuss how two of our planet’s most vital resources, electricity and water, stand the most to gain from a much more intelligent sensing network. We'll also show that the energy smart grid is already an active IoT, but really just the beginning.… Examples of the next waves in the IoT are already underway to help us manage these our precious resources better.
  • Defining and Running Circuit Simulation Analysis

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 By Altium
    This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a simulation-ready schematic, which is then used to run a number of circuit simulation analyses. We will start by creating a new project file and then add a blank schematic sheet.
  • Heightened Security with SHA-256 Algorithm

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 By Maxim
    The DS28C22 is a DeepCover® secure authenticator with I²C interface that uses the SHA-256 algorithm for bidirectional authentication. Additional features, including a 3Kb user EEPROM array, multiple memory protection methods and advanced physical security, combine to provide the ultimate in cost-effective IP protection, clone prevention, and authentication. This document describes operating...
  • Shift Registers Reduce Size and Cost in LED Design

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 By EEWeb
    Shift registers can help reduce size and bill of materials in designs that use LEDs. By providing input/output expansion, they enable the use of smaller, less expensive microcontrollers. In some cases, the shift register can be used to drive the LED directly and thus eliminate the need for external LED drivers. This adds to the savings, and makes it possible to drive a wider variety of LEDs.
  • Melexis MLX81200 In A High Current Motor Application

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 By Melexis
    This video presents the MLX81200 Sensorless BLDC Controller in a high-current application. In the video, it shows a set-up of an evaluation board, a power board, an emulator and the LIN master controller.
  • Programmable Logic Puts MCU-based Designs on the Fast Track

    Posted Jul 22, 2014 By Mouser

    This article presents programmable logic that puts microcontroller-based designs on the fast track. The article presents a brief discussion of programmable logic basics, FPGA architectures, the FPGA implementation technologies, processor cores, SoPC advantages and the Processor Flexibility for Automobile Electronics as an example.

    The capabilities of large programmable logic devices such as…

  • DS2406 PIO Command Examples

    Posted Jul 21, 2014 By Maxim
    This application note presents ways and examples to maximize the use of the DS2406 which is a dual addressable switch that enables remote controlling of a pair of open drain transistors. It also shows the capabilities and features of the product and tackles about the different modes on its operations.

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