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  • 3 Keys to Faster Mobile Innovation

    Posted Jul 28, 2014 By NXP
    This white paper reveals the three important keys for a faster mobile innovation. It gives solution for choosing interface devices to accelerate the mobile product development cycle. These keys are GPIO I/O expanders, temperature sensors and voltage-level translation buffers.
  • Deep Machine Learning and the Google Brain

    Posted Jul 28, 2014 By Rob Riemen
    The Google corporation has grown up, maturing into a multibillion dollar company by the early age of 16. As the premier search engine, Google is easier to use and more popular than all others. But, rise to giant stature requires a company continue to innovate, increase in desirability, and become more marketable. And it’s better that a search engine not be the only feature of a company’s...
  • Buzzer Overview

    Posted Jul 28, 2014 By Digi-Key
    This video preview features the product training module (PTM) of buzzers presented by Digi-Key and CUI. This product training module includes the two main buzzer technologies and their principles, applications, specifications, and various options of CUI's buzzer line.
  • New This Week - July 28th

    Posted Jul 28, 2014 By Mouser
    This week we’ll cover Philips Lumileds LUXEON CoB LED Arrays, Maxim 3-Channel Remote Temperature Sensors, and Molex Lite-Trap connectors.
  • SR4 Solution Demonstration at OFC 2014

    Posted Jul 28, 2014 By Avago Technologies
    Avago Technologies demonstrated at the OFC 2014 their latest 100G QSFP28 SR4 solution. It is Avago's new generation of 100G SR transceiver module solution based on the new QSFP28 form factor. The solution supports 100Gbit Ethernet data transmission for modern datacenter and enterprise networking applications.
  • Achieving High-power PFC Control

    Posted Jul 27, 2014 By Fairchild Semiconductor
    Power Factor Correction (PFC) is becoming an integral piece of a power conversion system, particularly for high power systems. This webinar will explain reasons for poor power factor and look at various methodologies to address PFC, including interleaved continuous conduction mode and a design example for a high power PFC system
  • A Tutorial on Using DSA1000

    Posted Jul 27, 2014 By RIGOL Technologies
    One of RIGOL's most successful products is the DSA1000 which is a series of spectrum analyzers that can be used effectively both on industrial or laboratory measurement applications. This tutorial is designed to guide the users on using the instrument on its maximum capability as well as to present the advantages and features of the DSA1000 series itself.
  • Design Guide for Dimmable Offline AC/DC Controllers

    Posted Jul 27, 2014 By Cirrus Logic
    This application note presents the design guide considerations for a CS1615 and CS1616 single stage, dimmable offline AC/DC controller for LED Lamps. It also present the design process for a single stage power converter system, its operating parameters, design steps as well as the design completion.

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