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  • Replacing MR16 Halogen Lamps with LEDs

    Posted Apr 20, 2014 By Maxim
    Replacing halogen lamps with LEDs in MR16 light fixtures can save substantial energy while reducing electricity and maintenance costs. This application note details the advantages of using LEDs in MR16 fixtures, and it presents an LED driver circuit that enables a 5W white LED with integrated heatsink to replace a 10W halogen bulb in MR16 lamps.
  • Unleashing the Audio Potential of Smartphones

    Posted Apr 20, 2014 By Cirrus Logic
    Smartphones are one of the hottest trends in consumer electronics. According to the Federal Communications Commission, their use has increase 700% over the past four years. And it's no surprise why. Combining the functions of a personal computer (PC), a mobile phone, personal media player and recorder in a single device, consumers are using them to organize data, manage email, access the...
  • LEDs Are Still Popular

    Posted Apr 20, 2014 By Maxim
    This article reviews LED display technology that has rapidly changed over its 35 years. The origins of LEDs and their traditional applications are discussed. Some new applications for the improved technology are presented.
  • True RMS Self-Powered AC Voltmeter

    Posted Apr 20, 2014 By MuRata Power Solutions
    The voltmeter fits an industry standard "oiltight" 30 and 30.5 mm / 1.2 inch round panel cutout. The 7.6 mm / 0.3 inch four-digit LED display is housed in a rugged round polycarbonate case that provides protection against dust, moisture, vibration and shock. It is supplied with an EPDM rubber gasket and plastic hex nut that aid protection to IP67 / NEMA6 specification for water ingress.
  • How to Install a Netbeans Plug-in into MPLABX

    Posted Apr 20, 2014 By Microchip
    This video explains how to install a Netbeans Plug-in into MPLABX. The MPLAB® Code Configurator Plugin can be installed from the Tools/Plugins menu in the MPLAB® X IDE.
  • RUW15: 10:1 15W Railway DC-DC Converter

    Posted Apr 19, 2014 By MuRata Power Solutions
    DC-DC converters connected to the low voltage sources used in railway cars so called rolling stock commonly have to comply with the requirements of IEC standard EN 50155. This standard defines a range of nominal voltages that maybe encountered as well as surges, sags and interruptions. Nominal DC voltages defined in EN 50155 include 24 V, 48 V, 72 V, 96 V and 110 V with a normal operating...
  • DC-DC Converter, DrMOS Training (3-of-5)

    Posted Apr 19, 2014 By ZMDI
    The Xtra Small High Performance DrMOS technology allow us to integrate the high side MOSFET and low side MOSFET together with the driver IC in the same package to achieve a high efficiency over a wide range of load currents. The integrated Schottky diode imparted to the low side MOSFET allows us to improve efficiency at a light-load operation. Together with that, a maximized low side DAP Area...
  • Bridge Drivers Deliver Long Battery Life & High Reliability

    Posted Apr 19, 2014 By Intersil
    Intersil demonstrates the HIP2103 and HIP2104 half bridge drivers designed for three-phase brushless DC motors or other applications with similar loads. Two inputs (HI and LI) are provided to independently control the high side driver (HO) and the low side driver (LO), which can be configured to enable/disable the device, thus lowering the number of connections to a microcontroller and lowering...

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