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Thermometer – An Easy-to-use Device for Precision Temperature Measurement

A thermometer is made of a vacuum – sealed glass tube with the liquid inside being either mercury, alcohol or a hydrocarbon fluid. The liquid in the glass expands and contracts when the air inside is heated and cooled, and this changes the liquid level to indicate the relevant temperature. The method used to measure temperature depends on the degree of hotness of the body or substance being measure. There are different devices used to measure temperature. These devices include liquid in glass thermometers, resistance thermometers, thermistor thermometers and thermocouples. Every thermometer is based on some property of material that changes when the material becomes colder or hotter. Liquid in glass thermometers use the fact that most liquids expand slightly when they are heated. There are two common types of liquid in glass thermometers. The first one is mercury thermometer and the second one is alcohol thermometer.

A thermometer that is commonly used on aircrafts is electrical thermometers. These thermometers are important because knowledge of the temperature of the engine is valuable as an indication of trouble and as an aid in normal operation. If there was any indication of abnormal temperature of an engine cylinder or cooling liquid could be warning of danger. These thermometers are referred to as thermoelectric types which measure engine-cylinder temperatures. There are also resistance type thermometers that measure air temperatures, superheat meters of thermoelectric and lastly resistance types for use on airships. Resistance thermometers are sensors used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature. RTD refers to as the amount of resistance change of the sensor per degree of temperature change. When it comes to airships a thermometer is also used to measure the difference between the air and lifting gas temperature. Some companies that manufacture different types of industrial thermometers include Tel-Tru Manufacture Company. They distribute thermometers worldwide and these thermometers include bimetal, gas actuated , vapor tension, glass industrial, on-contact infrared, surface, thermo wells, temperature calibrators, pressure gauges and lastly snubbers. Another company that manufactures dial thermometers, bimetal, electronic and sensor thermometers is H.O. Trerice Authorized Distributor.

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