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1.5V to 5V Inverter

The project shows a circuit that can convert 1.5V into 5V using special integrated circuits such as MAXIM MAX1674 or MAX7176.

The MAX1674 is a compact, high-efficiency, step-up DC-DC converter that fits in small microMAX packages. A built-in synchronous rectifier is being featured which improves the efficiency and reduces size and cost by eliminating the need for an external Schottky diode. The outputs can be adjusted to other voltages using two external resistors. It contains an N-channel MOSFET power switch and has 1A current limit and a preset, pin-selectable output for 5V or 3.3V. The MAX1675 has a 0.5A current limit which permits the use of smaller inductor.

Converting 1.5V to 5V can come handy in many cases like powering microcontroller or LED from a single AA or AAA battery. The ICs that can be used can dissipate up to 444mW or power. The design of the circuit includes inductor which should be made with high current saturation but usually leads to increase of size. A really big efficiency is being shown by the real device at high loads. Small designs are allowed to be made since the circuit and PCB are compact.

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