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100W Guitar Amplifier

The guitar amplifier project is designed to operate a 4 Ohms load while being rated with 100W as a typical combo type of amplifier that can handle two 8 Ohm speakers in parallel.

The original 100W guitar amp was fully revised to create this project wherein there are substantial differences although there are many similarities. Some of the revisions include the preamp the two dual op-amps were reduced to one in order for the output section to have gain and a better buffered low output impedance while the remainder of the circuit is unchanged. The gain structure is designed to provide a huge amount of gain which is ideal for guitarists.

The power supply section connects directly to the main 35V power amp supply. A 1W Zener diodes were used to ensure that the Zener supply resistors are kept away from other components to prevent transferring of heat during the operation since they get easily hot. The output diode network allows soft clipping. The supply on the board is accommodated by the preamp PCB. The cable ties will keep the wiring neat while only single connection to the GND point should be used.

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