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Arduino Based POV Globe with 72 LEDs

The project uses 72 SMD LEDs to create a POV globe based on Arduino ATmega328P making it capable of displaying mono-color bitmaps up to 72 pixels high and x width.

The C# program is used to generate the Arduino byte array for the images while the image displayed is synchronized to the speed of motor using a reed switch. The 72 LEDs allow the single input to get rotation speed instantly. The program enables the images to display around whole globe correctly as well as maintaining a constant position of the rotation. The image moves slowly due to the addition of code.

A DVD stack is used as the globe cylinder which has the perfect circumference for the 72 LEDs. It is very light and a bit see through. The reed switch was hot glued to globe cylinder and the magnet to activate this holds itself in place on the inside of the frame. The magnet came from a dead DC motor and is bendable but any magnet that would close the reed switch at a distance can be used. The headphone socket was soldered to the circuit then through hole.

Click here to see the rest of the project.

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