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Building a Frequency Generator by Using 555 Timer

The project was designed to build a frequency generator based on 555 timer that can be used as a body zapper.

During the assembly of the circuit, the PCB was broken down into their required size where an 8-pin bracket is placed on the middle. The resistor R1 and capacitor C2 were attached along with R4. Wires were added to hook up the positive and negative connections and to the LED, output jack, and switches. A toggle switch is being used between the variable resistor and the set resistor. The desired frequency of the circuit is allowed using potentiometers or specific resistors.

The frequency generator circuit is placed in a box where the LED wires has been slipped thru the outside with the use of shrink tubing for sealing the connection to avoid them from touching the wires. Holes are drilled to fit each output jack, LED, and switch. The frequency generator can run for longer time by using two 9V batteries which can last for about 14 days nonstop at 15Hz because of more amperage value.

The 555CN timer chip is responsible for handling up to 18V while the CMOS 555 can only handle low voltage and easily be shorted.

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By Andersen, Chris 0Score: 

5 years ago:  I remember there is a movi by Van Damme that whenever you press the frequency generator, the bomb would respond on this frequency and will be triggered to explode...Does anyone know that?

By riddick 0Score: 

5 years ago:  anyother circuit with 555 ic with its description and application

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