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Camera Switch with Servo Activated Shutter

The design of this project includes a servo being used for activating the shutter of this camera switch.

A small number of components and a PIC12F675 comprise the switch which connects inline between the receiver and the servo as the operation of the servo is managed. The servo switch can offer several features such as user upgradeable parameters, operates with cameras that require focus time, operates in both still photo mode and video mode, automatic picture taking stops on command and loss of signal, automatically taking photograph to keep camera powered on, and threshold switching.

The saved configuration information is recalled by the servo switch on power up and will not choose incorrectly programmed information. The threshold input position for the shutter trigger and threshold disable position for disable keep-alive are computed by the switch.

The switch will stop automatically triggering the camera when the switch detects loss of signal on the input servo signal. The automatic keep-alive will restart if a manual picture taking request is received. The camera will be powered off when the switch detects the input servo position in the disable keep alive position for the appropriate time.

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