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Circuit Diagrams for Compact Fluorescent Lamps

The circuit diagrams pertain to how compact fluorescent lamps were made to provide several benefits like longer life span and lower power consumption as compared with classic light bulbs.

One of the sections used in the circuit is the power supply which has an interference suppressor as well as filtering capacitor, fuse and bridge rectifier. Other diodes, resistors and capacitors are used in the starting section. The transistors are energized by a small transformer with 3 windings on ferrite ring. The voltage rise from resonant circuit is powering the filaments via capacitor C3.

There are two parts that usually made up the lamp which includes the plastic cover with holes for pipe and bills. During the operation, the gas is ionized in a pipe which keeps the light ON. If the lamps used are cheap, the common failure is a damaged capacitor. Also, lower voltage is produced from cheaper components. Other faults may come from a broken pipe which can be due to temperature difference and internal tension. These problems cause the lamps to fail during power ON.

The repair of these lamps may be for studying purposes since it is costly.

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