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Graphics LCD Interfaced with Atmel AVR

The project illustrates how to interface Atmel AVR with Graphics LCD which features a C library for AVR-GCC/AVR-LIBC to access SED 1520-based graphics LCDs.

A frame buffer is used by the library that holds the display content in the RAM of AVR since the modules used to develop the library only support “write to LCD” and read-modify-write on the display RAM is not possible. Around 500 Bytes of SRAM are occupied by the buffer for a 122×32 pixel display. The modules supported by the library can be read in “write-only mode” by attaching the R/W pint to GND. Some of the parameters supported by the library include draw bitmaps, fonts in different sizes, boxes, circles, lines, and dots.

The ST7565 is the driver for 8-bit Atmel AVR controller that drives graphic LCDs along with compatible controllers. These controllers are usually found in smaller graphics LCD modules with typical resolution of 128×64 pixels and they are similar to other modern LCD controllers. The S6B1713 is a similar controller that is used on LCD modules with DB101. The connection requires only a dew I/O lines since the display is driven in serial mode SPI.

Click here to see the rest of the project.

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2 years ago:  nice tutorial! good one.

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1 year ago:  Schematics?

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