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Homemade Candle Using LED

The project is being operated by PIC12F675 microcontroller to produce a candle circuit made from LED while using 4 AA batteries.

The 8-pin microcontroller contains 5 I/O lines while the circuit receives 6V from the power supply. The candle is held upright by using the battery holder as the base. The PIC microcontroller will only require 5V and to do this, a 1N4148 diode was added to produce a 1V voltage drop. This will control the supply of the voltage and provides the microcontroller with precisely 5V.

To produce a very bright illumination and a more realistic flame, 5 power LEDs with 15,000mcd and 5mm high were used. The LEDs are place around the PIC and the whole circuit is positioned on top of the battery holder making the design of the candle look thin but rather tall as it fits the candle holder. A mini 6V battery can make it look smaller.

The PIC was programmed with a code using a random sequence in order to make the LED candle appear random and produce some flickering effect. A linear feedback shift register is used for this program since the PIC is a digital device.

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Comments on this post:

By Wilcox, Chris 0Score: 

5 years ago:  i want to build this too! I will change the color of the LEDs to make it more colorful. cheers!

By Osman OZAN 0Score: 

5 years ago:  Can i have the source / HEX file please

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