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Homemade Wi-Fi Antenna with Cylindrical Parabolic Template

The project illustrates the creation of an antenna for an access point by designing the reflector to be fed by a dipole.

This antenna is so easy to make, tune, and install as the focal point on this design is a cylinder where the reflector is designed to be square. As compared with the Pringles Can Antenna, it has no purchased parts, no matching problems, no modification to AP, and no pigtail required. It reduces interference while improving wireless LAN privacy. It also has superior front to back/front to rear ratio and very low probability error.

A piece of square material to shape the curve is used since the reflector is designed to be square. It is not circular because it is designed to be fed by a dipole. Dipoles are used by several access points as their antenna and this reflector is the optimal shape for such an antenna. Trying to get the dipole lined up in the center of the reflector is also important. A shorter antenna will work but roughly 3dB can be lost for each halving of reflector light. For several antennas, each would require a reflector.

Click here to see the rest of the project.

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