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Infrared Remote Controller Project by TK19 or SFH506

This is a two part infrared remote controller circuit that consists of a transmitter and a receiver circuit pair. When you push the button on the 9V supplied transmitter circuit, a signal at 38kHz frequency is applied on the Infrared (IR) LED. As a result of the current passing through the IR LED, it illuminates the surround with infrared light. By using the 1k potentiometer, oscillator frequency should be adjusted to 38kHz to operate the circuit properly.

The illuminated infrared light is detected by the IR receiver module. Generally IR modules has three pins and in our project we used the product of Telefunken, TK19 module. Instead of TK19, as an option you can use the SFH506 which is a product of Siemens or any other module for this purpose.

When the IR light touches the receiver, the third pin of the module sees logic-0 (low). Other case it is in the logic-1(high) position. So controlling the third pin gives us the information whether the button on the transmitter is pushed or not.

The J-K type flip flop in the receiver circuit controls the relay. When the button is pushed, relay gets in the position closed which was in open position before. So the device gets connected to the mains and starts operating. After second push, relay gets in position open and cuts the device energy.

The controlled device may be a light or another device like a heater, a radio etc. The voltage supply of the receiver circuit can be designed basically with a 12V ac/dc adaptor and a 5V regulator for example 7805.


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Comments on this post:

By Yury Magda 0Score: 

7 years ago:  Very fine

By ian 0Score: 

6 years ago:  what is the range of transmission? a few meters, etc...

By Hector 0Score: 

6 years ago:  hi this circuit is what i was looking for a project for school,,, ive done the circuit but intead of using the transmiter that you designed im using a TV remote control as the transmitter, cause in theory they oscilate in 38khz,, my problem is when I push a button it oscilates but and i kept it pushed it continues to make the realy on and off like if it was oscilating the relay like the transmitter in this case the TV remote control,,, how can i make the relay when i push and keep push or let go be on a state then repeat the same thing and change its state,,, not to oscilate like the frequency of the remote control

By Sunday 0Score: 

5 years ago:  sir,
I have build the project and it is working, The problem I have is that the relay is not stable when I push the button, It turn on and off. Could please assist me.

By susan roces 0Score: 

5 years ago:  hi sunday, maybe the contacts of ur relay is not that good. try changing the relay with better contacts :)

By gerald henderson 0Score: 

5 years ago:  can we make this as a universal remote control with the ability to control several electronics?

By Rabzu 0Score: 

4 years ago:  Hello every one
on the transmitter cct,
and the astable to be 'presyce' the 10nF capacitor used is it an electrolitic or a normal ceramic....

and another thing how can i knw for sure that my transmiter is actualy transmiting???

By CD... 0Score: 

3 years ago:  Hello! Rabzu there an easy way to know if you transmiter is working..,, and it's with a digital camera, just point the transmiter in front of the lent of the camera an push the button, you will be able to see trought the camera that the IR led turn on, so therefor the circuit is transmiting..

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