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Multipurpose Tiny AVR Microcontroller Board

The project was based on ATmega8 microcontroller and is designed to convert NES/SNES controllers to USB.

The device has been designed to be as small as possible since there is no space inside a SNES controller resulting to a board that is only 27.5 × 17.7mm. The circuit is already adapted for firmware-only USB driver from Objective Development including 12MHz resonator. There are also several I/O pins available for custom programming and there is a place for SMD voltage regulator since the board itself is double-sided.

The programmer wires must be soldered directly on the board in order to program the microcontroller. Unfortunately, some programming signals are available on the back side of the board. It is not necessary to solder the zener diodes nor to install the resistor when the USB is not used. The back side of the PCB has a footprint for an LM117 voltage regulator. To select the power source for the microcontroller and the circuit output, the 0 Ohm resistor or the soldered bridge must be installed. The voltage regulator has an adjustable output and a tool can be used to conveniently calculate the output voltage.

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