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Phone System Activated by RFID

The project aims to create a phone system based on RFID which allows the user to dial the desired numbers based on a picture placed near or on the phone.

The RFID is typically used as an RFID tag which is being applied to a person, animal, or product for the main purpose of tracking and identification with the use of radio waves since RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. There are some tags which are still readable even beyond the line of sight of the reader or from several meters away. It may work with several applications such as those in iPhones wherein pressing the picture on the phone will allow the user to create a call.

The RFID phone dialer will consist of Vocito, Google Voice, iobridge serial smart board, iobridge, RFID tag, Parallax RFID reader, and Arduino board. Through a connection between the TX pin on the Arduino and the serial smart board, the Arduino can send the RFID info to the iobridge. The dialing will take place from a computer/server that runs a bit of javascript which will compare the RFID code while the appropriate number is being dialed.

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