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PS2 to MIDI Converter Known as MIDIATOR

The purpose of the project is to convert a PS2 controller into a MIDI controller based on the functionality of a PIC microchip.

Any button can be remapped using the current firmware to any MIDI controller or note ON/OFF signal, including button pressures and joysticks. The MIDIATOR stores everything that is remappable on the fly and was tested to work with wireless, guitar hero controller, cheap knockoffs, tilt sensor, wammy bar, and official PS2 controllers. The analog joysticks can be remapped to any control with the adjustment of their min/max/center range.

There are three modes available in the device including play MIDI notes button, send controller messages as pressure sensitive buttons, and toggle ON/OFF controller messages for muting and unmuting tracks. The mode switching and remapping the buttons are used for LCD and menu system. An alternative way of remapping is basically pressing the start, the desired remap button, and then the up/down arrows to remap.

There are 3 LEDs used to indicate the feedback of power, sign of life blinkage, and button pressed. A positive centered barrel plug with 7-15Vdc is required for the DC power supply, although not included.

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