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RGB LED Controller with Better Construction

This project is a better version compared to other RGB LED controller since it is intelligent enough to understand different color palettes and using a huge 8 million bit randomizer, it generates colors in real time.

Compared to other controllers that use a single button to step through short pre-programmed loops, this controller lets a color palette to be chosen from sharp vivid colors to soft pastels as well as the speed and way it will move between them. A selection of other effects thrown in just for good measure is also available. When the power is turned off, the current settings should be remembered.

For any application that requires a couple of button inputs and 3 high current outputs, this is also a great base module for writing codes. The color palettes that are used by this module include Full Spectrum, Bright, Vibrant, and Primary. There is a program included where a button is used to step through the programs and to change speed /color, an option button is available.

The banks of yellow LEDs can be controlled using the hazard mode for use as highway hazard lights and other applications.

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