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Soft Touch Designed ON/OFF Toggle Switch

A soft touch switch is illustrated in this project which can set the device ON by pushing once and set the device OFF by pushing again.

The operation of the switch is done by lathing a relay to ON state with the push of a button and latch is released with another push which is similar to the operation of flip-flop states. This single push button can be used to control power. A 555 timer is the main component in building the circuit which was configured in a way that it latch ON one state and to change state, an action is required. The device is controlled by attaching connectors as a 5V source is used to power the circuit. Connectors were added for relay contacts, external push button, and power while also including an indicator LED and a relay on output.

When button S1 from the schematic is pressed, the circuit toggles a relay. The capacitor voltage appears on Pin 6 and 2 when button is pressed. The capacitor voltage changes as the output Pin 3 changes state. The transistor is conducting current and relay is latched when output is high.

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