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Starter Kit Using ATmega32 Microcontroller

The ATmega32 is loaded with features such as SPI bus interface, 2KB SRAM, analog comparator, 1KB EEPROM, onboard 32KB in-system programmable flash, TWI interface compatible with I2C bus, USART, and others. The design and layout is this device was constructed as home made using a single layer board and etching technique using the chemical Ferric Chloride.

The device illustrates the interfacing on this microcontroller M32 card since it has an LCD interface with contrast adjustment, a connector for 8 analog voltage inputs for measuring ADC, an RS232 port for PC connection, four general-purpose keys, a real time clock DS1307 IC from Maxim with battery back-up, two interrupt generating keys, and an LED. A 12V DC adapter is used to power the circuit while the input is converted to regulated 5V supply suing the voltage regulator IC 7805.

The image craft AVR compiler is used to write the ATmega32 controller which includes the LCD interface code, the use of RTC, and RS232 port to PC communication. The functionality of the starter kit can be checked using the hyper terminal in Windows. The complete zip format source code can be downloaded from AVR freaks forum.

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