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VGA to SCART RGB Converter

This small and simple circuit allows you to connect your VGA card to your TV via SCART with the great advantages of using RGB over S-Video.

The benefits of using RGB rather than S-Video are superior contrast and clarity. This card XORs together the horizantal and vertical synchronization signals to form a composite synchornization output. Additionally it adjusts output for input polarity.

You should set the correct resolution and frequency on your VGA card. The resolution should normally be 720×576 for PAL tv and the refresh rate should be 50Hz.

SMD components are used to make the PCB as small as possible so you can place it inside a D-SUB case.

You can find the Eagle PCB layouts at the project page.
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By mike 0Score: 

5 years ago:  I already built this circuit and it is working really fine. thank you

By arthrite 0Score: 

5 years ago:  Thanks for the information. I would love to connect my PC VGA card to the TV monitor. Watching the live streaming videos from internet on my 40 LCD TV would just be thrilling. Good work! Keep it on!


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