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Why is BlackBerry Launching a Touch Phone?

The launch by RIM (re-named BlackBerry to coincide with its product brand) of a handset running its long-promised BB10 operating system took place this week. Okay, the big announcement and reveal of Alicia Keys (better keep this sentence going to keep the clean rating) as Global Creative Director was a week ago, but consumers and teardown labs couldn’t put their greasy fingers on the devices until a couple of days ago. That’s here in the RIM (sorry, BlackBerry) homeland of Canada. The US market will wait for another month and change.

Considering the video the veeps put out to tell BB developers they were much loved, I would not have been surprised if the first BB10 product had been branded “ZZ10” and the on-stage launch crew would have been sporting long beards. Kudos to the marketing team – Alicia Keys is a better choice and has some product shilling chops from selling prescription eyeware.

The central question is: Z10 or Q10? I have never used a BlackBerry (sadly my first “smart” phone was Windows CE which drove me to stick with iPhone ever since), but I have heard plenty from loyal users. Devoted BB aficionados must be asking, “Why are we left waiting for the physical keyboard on the Q10?” And they have reason to wonder.

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Why is BlackBerry Launching a Touch Phone?

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Mark Harrington

2 years ago:  Looks a a bit cross doesent he poor fellow Nice phone though

Mark Harrington

2 years ago:  He definitely needs to change that photo he does look very angry not exactly customer appealing he needs to smile or something The Blackberry phone is highly marketable product but could he encourage better customer support please alongside technical enquiries helping the public who invest in his products to produce products add on solutions that would benefit the market please In other words just be helpful instead of the normal adoption of couldn’t care less attitude which has always been predominant in the cell phone industry

I speak form shear experience having worked inside some of these companies I know the pressures they face however when a company gets to that size and the excuse is we haven’t got time to answer calls etc Then its time to create distribution networks which can answer these questions and can deliver answers and can provide customer support roles enhancing productivity and creating people that are employable

Enough said I trust you will take my comments on board

Mark Harrington

2 years ago:  Lets ask the managing Editor plus the other manufactures why so many problems Why are the public not getting decent customer service

Lets also ask why the phone companies and other major airtime companies are not able to provide answers

Lets also ask why companies feel people should pay an awful lot of money not only for the airtime but also for the phones concerned and why we simply don’t have customer service

This is only one make so far Not pointing fingers so please don’t take this the wrong way but I think the public , business users etc , sub dealers small shops are entitled to some answers don’t you ?

After all you are promoting communications and you are looking for developers and you obviously wouldn’t want second best would you ? Or would you ?

You have a look at this and you tell us please as I said I’m no fool when it comes to this but quite frankly I think the majority of people are not happy or even remotely satisfied with this at all and yes I do develop applications I have worked on the insides of mobile phones I am fully aware of the fob, fob stories plus the pass the buck stories and I wouldn’t be satisfied either if I was the end consumer In fact Id be highly irate having invested long long hours , lots of money and find that I’m not getting answers

Communications means communications We don’t have simplex communications TX only it’s a full duplex and we do need answers especially if you whish to tap into other markets expecting people to invest which is what this all about isn’t it ?

So can we avoid not answering and start answering please

Mark Harrington

2 years ago:  These are apllicable problems to all makes not just one so Dont take this the wrong way the whole point is to improve bussiness and restart employement plus training in the right direction

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