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8 Bit Binary to 256 Decimal (1 of 256) Decoder

This is a guest post by Olger Groen . If you would like to write for ExtremeCircuits, then drop us an email via contact form or simply comment. A long time ago when a parallel printer port was the standard, i was thinking how to get the most led’s on a 8 bit interface. And came up with a simpel way to demultiplex. It can be used with dip-switches or any other 8 bit interface like a usb i/o interface. I made a 256 run light using two 74hct193 and a 74hct132. The resistor can/need to be matched by what type of led’s and power you use. Parts are still available in Europe, for the usa don’t know , but i think no problem. I made a compact disign by using 2 standard PCB’s, 16 BC557AP and two 74154N ‘s.

have fun with it……..

Circuit diagram:

8 Bit Binary to 256 Circuit Diagram

8 Bit Binary to 256 Circuit Diagram

Author: Olger Groen – olger.groen at telfort.nl

Tags: 8-bit, binary, decoder

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