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Renesas Micom Car Rally Kit delivery

h1. It’s like Christmas at work!

Today is a special day. It’s the beginning of a new project with the Renesas Micom Car Rally Kit! This is a line following self propelled robot car that students can compete with and learn a great deal about microcontrollers, coding, and electronic technology all in one fun, engaging project.

The beginning

The beginning

With this first kit build I will follow the recommended mechanical design and base code to learn as much as possible about this microcontroller and kit. Later on in competition, it will be necessary to step out past the given materials in order to win, and get the most from the learning experience.

The makings of a Rally Car

The makings of a Rally Car

The kit has everything needed to produce a car, however (this is a plus) it is completely un-assembled. From screwing parts together right down to soldering IC’s, caps, and resistors on the boards, there are many opportunities to learn here.

The complete Micom Rally Car

The complete Micom Rally Car

Rally Competition excitement!

For more information:
MCU Car Rally page

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