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Getting eCos running on Freescale Tower

I’ve be doing a fair amount of work with the MQX RTOS on the Tower Kinetis platform and my own hardware, but wanted to find an open source alternative. There are a lot of RTOS platforms, but I came up with a list of three reasonable alternatives: *…

Booting ISO Boot Order Gparted Startup Gparted Tool
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Inductors for the Uninitiated

What could be simpler than inductors? Pick one from a catalog based on saturation, inductance, DCR, etc, and your done. If you need moue re than that, get the Trilogy from Wurth, put it on your bed stand, and by morning you can select better. Well,…

Three Amigos Bode 100 Impedance Impedance vs Frequency

Characteristics of Digital Compensation in Switch Mode Power Supplies

Introduction Today I want to examine some of the peculiarities of digital compensators. After reading, you should have a general grasp of design issues related to digital compensators, but also some ideas of what benefits it can provide. Like…

I2C For Power Conversion

The digital compensation posts covered all the control aspects of building a switch mode power supply, but did not cover external communication and control. This post will demonstrate how to write dsPIC I2C code, and how to talk to the dsPIC with…

Beagle Example Final GUI

Effects on Pre vs. Post Integration in State Integral Control

In my simulation post I pointed out that integrating post state calculation gave better results than integrating pre state calculation, and that my dsPIC code used pre state calculation. However, a test with the dsPIC gave better results with pre…

Setup Analog Settings Digital Settings Analog Trigger Settings

Experiment in Sampling Time on Digital Control Loop

In the last post I demonstrated a Finite Math simulator in Haskell. It this post I have used an enhanced version of the simulator to simulate the effect of gain and sample delay on transient response. Simulator Enhancement The original…

Enhanced Simulator Effect of Enhancement Response to Changes Ideal Gain G=0.8

State Feedback Simulation with Functional Language

Most power supply designers have never used a functional language for simulation, but then most programers don’t even know what a functional language is. So why would a hardware designer go where even the programmers won’t go? Quite simply because a…

Simulation Results Simulation Results Simulation Results

Digital Compensators using State Feedback Techniques

My last post demonstrated discrete root locus design. This post will demonstrate pole placement using state space methods. The end result will be a 4X faster transient response to a load disturbance. As in past posts, all the MATLAB, simulation, and…

Buck Topology Differential Equations with Upper Switch Position State Space with Upper Switch Position Bode Plot of Plant

Digital Compensators using Frequency Techniques

In a previous blog entry I demonstrated the use of PID techniques, but a PID is not the only structure of a compensator. The nice thing about a PID is that once you have an implementation of the code, you simply modify the constants. At the other…

Bode Plot for Buck Bode Plot of Model Root Locus of Plant Step Response without Compensation

Design of Isolated Boost Switch Mode Power Supplies (Part 7)

Most analog jocks can whip out a Type I-III controller, and if they have never done it before, they can hit the books and usually succeed. All their intuitions about frequency response methods, the need for phase margin, how damping factor affects…

Bode Plot by Scope Filtered and Unfiltered Bode Load Effects
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