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Failure Analysis Procedure

Failure Analysis Failure analysis is a process of investigating and analyzing products that have failed in order to determine the failure mode and the root cause. In addition to performing failure analysis on products with defects that have occurred during customer processes or in the field, we also analyze failures that have occurred during our manufacturing processes, inspection processes and reliability testing.

In all of these cases, AKM prevents recurrence of the problem by feeding back the failure analysis results to the source of the failure (design, wafer manufacturing, assembly, inspections, etc.). In this way, the analysis results are used for continuous improvement of the quality and reliability that is built in to each process.

Failure Analysis Flow
Figure below illustrates AKM’s failure analysis flow. Defective products or intermediate products found in AKM’s processes are also analyzed in this flow with coordination with related departments.

Figure:1 Failure Analysis Process Diagram

Figure 1  Failure Analysis Process Diagram

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