SATA II Drive Tx/Rx Testing & Cable SI Test Using the 86100C DCA-J

Posted Feb 15th 2013

This procedure describes how to setup and use the 86100C DCA-J to make the following measurements on a SATA internal cable to determine if the cable meets the requirements of the standard:

  • SI-01 Mated Connector Impedance
  • Cable Absolute Impedance
  • Cable Pair Matching
  • Common Mode Impedance
  • Differential Rise Time
  • Intra-Pair Skew
  • Insertion Loss
  • Differential to Differential Cross Talk: NEXT
  • Inter-Symbol Interference

Tests SI-01 through SI-08 use Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) techniques to measure impedance in the time domain with test results reported in the time domain or frequency domain (S-Parameters) as required by the standard. The 86100C DCA-J with option 202 can easily translate between the time and frequency domains with a single button push.

Download PDF: sata-ii-drive-tx-rx-testing-cable-si-test-using-the-86100c-dca-j.pdf


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