Transmission Line Theory, Reflections, and Lattice Diagrams

Posted Jun 12th 2010
Lattice Diagram

The MECL System Design Handbook is a great reference and covers many topics. One topic covered is transmission line theory, reflections, and lattice diagrams. Lattice diagrams are used to calculate and understand reflections and their effects on voltage waveforms.

Understanding the operation of transmission lines used in conjunction with high speed circuits is necessary in order to be able to completely characterize system operation. While it is not expected that every system interconnection will be fully evaluated by a designer, the information in Chapter 7 will be especially useful for setting up system design rules. This paper describes transmission lines with respect to both line reflections and propagation delay times. Discussed will be the use of the Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) for measuring transmission line characteristics.

Download PDF: MECL_system_design_handbook.pdf


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