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  • Push-Pull Single-Ended Comparator

    Push-Pull Single-Ended Comparator

    11 hours ago
    The MCP6541R is a single comparator with a push-pull output. This comparator operates in a voltage range from 1.6 V to 5.5 V with an operating current typically 600 nA. The device has a 4 µs...
  • Best-in-class 100G CFP4 LR4 Solution

    Best-in-class 100G CFP4 LR4 Solution

    1 day ago
    The 100G CFP4 LR4 is part of Avago Technologies' new generation of 100G optical transceivers. This optical transceiver is designed for modern datacenter and enterprise networking applications. It is...
  • NanoBoard 3000 series

    Low-cost Fixed User FPGA

    2 days ago
    NanoBoard 3000 series, designed to be a perfect complement of Altium Designer, made its debut for Altium. It provides the perfect entry-point to use Altium’s soft design in a low cost. It comes in...
  • Extremely Accurate RTCs

    Extremely Accurate RTCs

    2 days ago
    NXP Semiconductors announced its new family of real time clocks (RTCs) with integrated quartz crystal for higher accuracy and features temperature compensation over the whole industrial range of...
  • Quad 2-Input Multiplexers

    Quad 2-Input Multiplexers

    3 days ago
    The 74AHC257 and 74AHCT257 are integrated circuits containing four 2-input multiplexers and having 3-state outputs that takes four bits of data from two sources controlled by a common date select...

Digital ICs Articles

  • MAX14832 Customer OTP Guide

    1 week ago
    This document is all about the one-time programming (OTP) procedures for the MAX14832 which is a slave driver for industrial binary sensors. The OTP programming will be limited to the 1-Wire...
  • DS2406 PIO Command Examples

    1 week ago
    This application note presents ways and examples to maximize the use of the DS2406 which is a dual addressable switch that enables remote controlling of a pair of open drain transistors. It also...
  • Pulse Train Output

    1 week ago
    This application note presents the pulse-train output using the 16-bit counter. It presents the specifications, description of module usage, principle of operation and the software description.

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