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  • Inverting Schmitt Trigger

    Inverting Schmitt Trigger

    2 days ago
    The XC7SH14 is a high-speed inverting Schmitt trigger. This CMOS device offers an inverting buffer action function with Schmitt trigger action. It features symmetrical output impedance, high noise...
  • High Performance Clock Generators

    High Performance Clock Generators

    3 days ago
    ROHM Semiconductor created a clock generator series dedicated for A/V Equipments. These generators, BU2363FV series, provide three types of clocks needed for DVD player systems, namely VIDEO, AUDIO...
  • 1-of-2 Decoder/Demultiplexer

    1-of-2 Decoder/Demultiplexer

    4 days ago
    The 74LVC1G19 is a 1-of-2 decoder/demultiplexer that features common output enable. The device operates in a wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V. It features high noise immunity, ESD...
  • 4-Channel PWM-Dimming LED Driver

    White LED Driver For LCD Panels

    4 days ago
    The BD9428 is a highly efficient driver that contributes to save power (high efficiency technology) of white LED back light for LCD TV's or monitors developed by Rohm Semiconductor. Four channels of...
  • 14-Cell Li-ion Battery Monitoring LSI

    14-Cell Li-ion Battery Monitoring LSI

    4 days ago
    LAPIS Semiconductor, a ROHM Group of Company, announces its ML5236, the first in the industry that contributes to improved reliability and greater miniaturization in Li-ion battery monitoring...

Digital ICs Articles

  • Asynchronous SCIc Transmission/Reception Using DTCa

    1 day ago
    This document presents the asynchronous SCIc transmission or reception using DTCa. The application note describes the specifications, the operation confirmation conditions, the hardware, as well as...
  • DTC Block Transfer Mode and Chain Transfer

    2 days ago
    This application note presents the example setting of DTC block transfer mode and chain transfer. The document discusses the specifications, operation confirmation conditions, the hardware, as well...
  • Installing the AMT Modular Encoder in 8 Simple Steps

    1 week ago
    In this video, Reid Landsrud of Digi-Key demonstrates on how to install the AMT modular encoder in 8 simple steps. Using a spacer wrench, proper-fit sleeves, shaft adaptor, and mounting bracket, the...
  • MLX90614 Grounding and Layout

    1 week ago
    This application note presents the MLX90614 IR thermometers grounding requirements and the layout. It also describes the decoupling mechanism of the circuit, as it is a mixed signal device, as well...

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