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  • Ultra-Low Power Digital Input Translator

    Ultra-Low Power Digital Input Translator

    2 days ago
    The MAX31914 is the industry's lowest power octal industrial digital input translator/terminator that features a digital glitch filter which provides debouncing and filtering of the noisy sensor...
  • General Purpose Hex Inverter

    General Purpose Hex Inverter

    3 days ago
    The 74AHCU04 is a general purpose hex inverter that features low power dissipation, balanced propagation delays, and ESD protection. This device is composed of six single stage inverters. It is a...
  • 18-Bit Bus Interface D Flip-Flop

    18-Bit Bus Interface D Flip-Flop

    5 days ago
    The 74ALVT16823 is an 18-bit bus-interface D-type flip-flop with reset and enable and 3-state outputs. This device is intended to eliminate the extra packages required to buffer existing registers...
  • Low-Power Dual Inverter

    Low-Power Dual Inverter

    1 week ago
    The 74AXP2G14 is a low-power dual Schmitt trigger inverter. This device transforms slowly changing input signals into sharply defined, jitter-free output signals. It features a wide supply voltage...
  • Two-Fold High Power LF Initiator with Immobilizer

    Two-Fold High Power LF Initiator with Immobilizer

    1 week ago
    The MLX74190 is a two-fold high power LF initiator featuring full-bridge driver capabilities and built-in ASK and FSK immobilizers. It also offers built-in protection features, as well as antenna...

Digital ICs Articles

  • Understanding MLX90614 On-Chip Digital Filters

    5 days ago
    This application note presents the MLX90614 on-chip digital signal filters focusing on the on-chip signal-filtering feature part of the integrated circuit. It also describes the filter configuration...
  • EP93xx RTC Oscillator Circuit

    2 days ago
    This application note presents the need to use an external Pierce oscillator to replace the RTC oscillator circuit that makes EP93xx susceptible to on-chip noises. It describes the implementation of...
  • Logic Mobile Part 2 at CES 2014

    2 days ago
    In this part 2 video of Logic Mobile, Tom Wolf shows you the inside of the Logic Mobile where you can see more features. In the center console, you can see the video screen. The main console where...
  • The Big IDEA - Dual Configurable Logic Design Contest

    2 weeks ago
    Welcome to the 2015 Big I.D.E.A., a design contest featuring NXP's unique product line-up across the complete spectrum, including Dual Configurable Logic, Smart Analog, Mosfets and Power.

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