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  • RFID LSI for High Frequency Embedded with 2 kB FRAM

    RFID LSI for High Frequency Embedded with 2 kB FRAM

    1 day ago
    The MB89R118C is a Ferroelectric Random Access Memory LSI for 13.56 MHz (high-frequency) with large-capacity memory features and anti-collision feature of RFID for multiple tags recognition....
  • Technology-Based Education Design Tools

    Technology-Based Education Design Tools

    1 day ago
    Digi-Key Corporation announced its global distribution agreement with Digilent, Inc, a manufacturer of boards and engineering products used for technology-based educational design tools utilized by...
  • Smartcard RTC for Battery Operation

    Smartcard RTC for Battery Operation

    1 day ago
    The PCA8802 is a Smartcard real time clock (RTC) that has an ultra low power oscillator with integrated counter for initiating one time password generation. This integrated circuit is suitable for...
  • Ultra Low Operating Voltage Microcontrollers

    Ultra Low Operating Voltage Microcontrollers

    3 days ago
    The ML610Q482 is an 8-bit microcontroller that features utra low power and ultra low operating voltage characteristics. The microcontroller can be controlled with as low as 1.1 V to 3.6 V and reduces...
  • High Speed Line Decoder/Demultiplexer

    High Speed Line Decoder/Demultiplexer

    4 days ago
    The 74AHC139 and 74AHCT139 are dual-channel 2-to-4 line decoders/demultiplexers. These high speed devices feature balanced propagation delays and ESD protection. They are operational in temperature...

Digital ICs Articles

  • MAX14832 Customer OTP Guide

    3 days ago
    This document is all about the one-time programming (OTP) procedures for the MAX14832 which is a slave driver for industrial binary sensors. The OTP programming will be limited to the 1-Wire...
  • DS2406 PIO Command Examples

    3 days ago
    This application note presents ways and examples to maximize the use of the DS2406 which is a dual addressable switch that enables remote controlling of a pair of open drain transistors. It also...
  • Pulse Train Output

    11 hours ago
    This application note presents the pulse-train output using the 16-bit counter. It presents the specifications, description of module usage, principle of operation and the software description.
  • Using the DIR Pin for Bi-Directional Level Translation

    6 days ago
    Today’s mixed-voltage systems often use bidirectional level translation as a way to improve efficiency while saving power. There are several ways to implement bidirectional translation, but one of...

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