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  • Dual Input NOR Gate

    Dual Input NOR Gate

    2 days ago
    The XC7SET02 is a dual input NOR gate. This high speed CMOS device features symmetrical output impedance, high noise immunity, low power dissipation, balanced propagation delays and ESD protection....
  • Green Hybrid Digital Dual PWM Controller

    Green Hybrid Digital Dual PWM Controller

    3 days ago
    The ISL6369 is a green hybrid digital dual enable 6+1 phase PWM controller with SMBus/PMBus/I2C and auto phase. The design of the device is in accordance with Intel VR12/IMVP7 specifications. The...
  • Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip

    Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip

    3 days ago
    The DS1302 is a trickle-charge timekeeping chip that uses an external 32.768 kHz crystal. It needs a supply voltage in the range of 2.0 - 5.5 V for proper operation. Trickle-charge resistors employed...
  • Parallel F-RAM Non-Volatile Memory

    Parallel F-RAM Non-Volatile Memory

    3 days ago
    Mouser Electronics, Inc. announced the availability of Cypress’ parallel FRAM non-volatile memory featuring advanced high-reliability ferroelectric process and superior to battery-backed SRAM...
  • Low Voltage Comparator

    Low Voltage Comparator

    4 days ago
    The NCX2220 is a low voltage comparator with dual channel. It features a wide supply voltage range, rail-to-rail input/output performance, very low power consumption, no phase inversion, internal...

Digital ICs Articles

  • MLX90255 Optical Linear Array

    4 days ago
    This application note describes MLX90255 optical linear array, its features and properties. It briefly describes the use of photodiode arrays, as well as a circuit diagram consisting of a photodiode...
  • How to Connect NAND Flash Memory to an EP93xx

    1 day ago
    This application note presents the ways on how to connect NAND flash memory to an EP93xx. It describes the implementation using GPIO interrupt for EP93xx and the implementation using GPIO for EP931x.
  • FRAM Overview

    2 weeks ago
    Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) is a high-performance and low-power non-volatile memory that integrates the benefits of conventional non-volatile memories and high-speed RAM. This article...
  • Controlling High Brightness LED

    2 weeks ago
    This application note presents a reference design of 78K0/Ix2 microcontroller by controlling a high-brightness LED. It briefly describes a brief system overview of the 78K0/Ix2, as well as the...

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