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  • Digital Power Monitor with Margining

    Digital Power Monitor with Margining

    1 day ago
    The ISL28023 is a precision digital power monitor with margining. It is a bidirectional high-side and low-side digital current sense and voltage monitor with a serial interface. The device features a...
  • Octal D-Type Flip-Flop

    Octal D-Type Flip-Flop

    1 day ago
    The 74F273 is an octal D flip-flop. This device contains eight edge-triggered D-type flip-flops with separate D inputs and Q outputs. It features high impedance inputs for reduced loading, ideal...
  • 192 kHz Digital Audio Interface Transmitter

    192 kHz Digital Audio Interface Transmitter

    3 days ago
    The CS8406 is a 192 kHz Digital Audio Interface Transmitter featuring a complete compatible transmitter and an on-chip channel status. It has an on-chip differential line driver and generates CRC...
  • High Performance MUX/DEMUX Switch

    High Performance MUX/DEMUX Switch

    4 days ago
    The CBTL05024 is a high performance multiplexer/demultiplexer (MUX/DEMUX) switch chip intended for Thunderbolt applications. This chip interfaces the Thunderbolt/MiniDP connector with Thunderbolt...
  • 250 VAC EMI Filter

    250 VAC EMI Filter

    6 days ago
    The HH-1199-6 is an EMI filter developed by astrodyne for bypassing EMI or improving RF immunity of systems. The filter operates at 50-60 Hz frequency range and -25ºC to +50ºC of temperature range....

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