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  • Universal Timer Controller

    Universal Timer Controller

    11 hours ago
    The PT8A2544WE (729-PT8A2544WE) is a universal timer controller featuring auto-shut off output with built-in RC oscillator. It offers Quick Test Mode (QTM) for manufacturers and an optional buzzer...
  • Logarithmic Stereo Volume Control

    Logarithmic Stereo Volume Control

    14 hours ago
    The MAX5440 is a stereo volume control that interfaces with rotary encoder switches. It features a mute function input and five indicator LED drivers to display the current wiper settings in either...
  • Altera FPGAs Enable Dolby Vision for Ultra-HD TVs

    Altera FPGAs Enable Dolby Vision for Ultra-HD TVs

    3 days ago
    Altera introduced its Arria® V FPGAs, delivering the high performance needed for Dolby Laboratories’ innovative Dolby® Vision™ imaging technology for ultra-high definition (UHD) displays. The...
  • Stand-Alone Infrared Encoder/Decoder

    Stand-Alone Infrared Encoder/Decoder

    4 days ago
    The MCP2122 is a self-contained infrared encoder/decoder based on IrDA standard and is pinout-compatible with the Agilent® HSDL-7000 encoder/decoder. The device contains two interfaces: the host...
  • Multiprotocol Dual Smart Card Interface

    Multiprotocol Dual Smart Card Interface

    4 days ago
    The DS8007A is a dual smart card reader that features a dedicated internal sequencer which controls data communication, automatic card activation and deactivation. The device manages special control...

Digital ICs Articles

  • MLX90809 Advanced Configuration Settings

    9 hours ago
    This application note presents the advanced configuration settings of the MLX90809 integrated relative pressure sensor. It describes the general settings, the SENT protocol, as well as the SENT...
  • Get More from Standard Logic - Go Beyond the Quick Fix

    1 week ago
    Standard logic is the go-to resource for making minor modifications and last-minute changes, but that’s not all it can do for a system. Today’s standard logic devices provide essential functions...
  • 100G Gearbox and 25G CDR Demonstration

    1 week ago
    In this video, Christopher Wong, Senior Applications Engineer, introduces Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104. It is a 10:4 gearbox, full duplex conversion of 10 lines at 10 Gbps up to 4 lines of 25 Gbps and...
  • Design Guide for a Dimmer-Compatible SSL Circuit

    4 days ago
    This application note presents the design guide considerations for CS1610 and CS1611 Dimmer-CompatibleSSL circuits. It discusses the overview of CS1610 and CS1611, its features together with the...

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