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  • 1.5Gbps 4-Data Lane Switch

    1.5 Gbps 4-Data Lane Switch

    14 hours ago
    The FSA644 is an SPDT switch that needs a supply voltage of as low as 1.65 - 4.50 V and operates effectively at the temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC. The minimum bandwidth that can be handled by...
  • Low Voltage Switchboards

    Low Voltage Switchboards

    1 week ago
    Boulting Technology announced the release of a new range of low voltage (LV) switchboards. The new Boulting Power Centre (BPC) series offers users BS EN 61439 compliance - a mandatory requirement...
  • Advanced MEMS Microphone

    Advanced MEMS Microphone

    1 week ago
    STMicroelectronics has announced the release of the MP23AB02B MEMS microphone that maintains ultra-low distortion at less than 10% up to very high external sound-pressure levels, enabling equipment...
  • Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Kit

    Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Kit

    2 weeks ago
    Global Specialties announced the release of RP6V2 Robot Kit with RC5 remote and battery charger. The RP6V2-C is an economical autonomous mobile robot system which provides an introduction to the...
  • High-Reliability Switches and Keycaps

    High-Reliability Switches and Keycaps

    3 weeks ago
    Luso Electronics introduces a new range of high-reliability switches and keycaps aimed primarily for use in the broadcasting sector as well as many other applications. The products are manufactured...

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