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  • Chopper Stabilized Hall Effect Switch

    Chopper Stabilized Hall Effect Switch

    1 day ago
    Here is a look back of Allegro's A3295 released since 2005. The A3295 is a chopper stabilized, precision Hall effect switch designed for consumer and industrial applications. This unipolar switch has...
  • DPDT Analog Switch

    DPDT Analog Switch

    3 days ago
    The BD11600NUX is a class of double pole double throw (DPDT) analog switch that operates at input voltage range of 2.5 - 5.5 V. The switch has an ON resistance of 3.0 Ω and operates effectively on...
  • Retrofit LED Recessed Downlights

    Retrofit LED Recessed Downlights

    1 week ago
    LEDtronics, Inc. announced the expansion of its high-brightness, energy-efficient retrofit LED recessed downlights with the addition of RDL32-4-12W series. The RDL32-4-12W series are Energy Star and...
  • Low Voltage and High Sensitivity Hall Latch

    Low Voltage and High Sensitivity Hall Latch

    1 week ago
    The US3881 is a low voltage and high sensitivity hall latch operating on a voltage range of 2.2 V to 18 V featuring low power consumption and open drain output. It has high magnetic sensitivity and...
  • Magnetic Hydraulic Circuit Breakers

    Magnetic Hydraulic Circuit Breakers

    2 weeks ago
    The W6 Series toggle magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers offer current ratings from 20 mA to 50 A. These devices have magnetic models in 1 to 4 poles. They feature quick-connect or screw terminal and...

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