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  • DPST Miniature Power Relay

    DPST Miniature Power Relay

    5 days ago
    The AZ733W is a series of Dual-Pole Single-Throw (DPST) switch power relays from American Zettler that are offered in miniature sizes, best suited for applications that requires lesser board space....
  • Extremely Lightweight Gears for Robots

    Extremely Lightweight Gears for Robots

    1 week ago
    Harmonic Drive UK introduced a new series of extremely lightweight and compact gears for the next generation of robots. Targeting the semiconductor electronics market, the new CSD Component Set is...
  • General Purpose Double Stage Filters

    General Purpose Double Stage Filters

    1 week ago
    The 0923/0923M/21 are series of general purpose double stage filters from LCR. These devices are medically graded and is therefore very suitable for medicare applications. The highly performing...
  • USB Accessory Detection Switch

    USB Accessory Detection Switch

    2 weeks ago
    The FSA9591 is a USB port accessory detector and switch that can be programmed for manual switching or automatic switching of data paths. It is designed for minimal software requirements for proper...
  • Bench Top Smoke Absorber

    Bench Top Smoke Absorber

    2 weeks ago
    The FA400-04/P designed by Hakko is a highly efficient bench top smoke absorber that removes up to 90% of airborne particles to produce an exhaust air that is actually cleaner than the room air! This...

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