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Difference B/W Zener Diode And IC regulator in Their Fabricatio

Please Tell Difference B/W Zener Diode And IC regulator in their Construction I mean in Fabrication and Tell one application of zener Diode
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Zulqarnain Tariq
2 years ago
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Both zener diodes and voltage regulator ICs have the same purpose: to keep the output voltage constant when the input voltage varies. A zener diode voltage drop varies significantly with
current, temperature and also does vary with the load. An regulator IC has 4 stages:

1. a voltage reference (thermocompensated or not) 2. an error amplifier (who amplify the reference voltage) 3. a series pass transistor (who drives the load) 4. a feedback circuit The voltage reference, amplified by the error amplifier, drives the series pass transistor, who drives the load. When the output voltage drops or increase in changes with load, the feedback circuit senses the change, and “send” that change to the error amplifier, who inverses that voltage and drives the series pass element in the opossite direction.
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Mr. Zulgarnain,

A Zener diode is a semiconductor device witch maintain the voltage across its terminals constant (about 5% drift from its nominal value) over a certain range of current (normally smal, in the order of mA). It may perform the so called parallel regulation, supplying about 20%, of its nominal current to the load. So the output power of such regulator is too small.
One IC regulator is an integrated circuit witch has many other componnents inside one of then is a Zener diode, or reference diode, and this IC is able to supply much more power to the load.

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Hi. Zener diode have a fixed voltage. such as 6.8v and other . if input side change voltage any problem then zener diode give fixed voltage in out put of this circuit . it full fill give 6.8 v . it do work same as a stabilizer.
IC is to do work a switch , amplifier . Thanks…….

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