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How do I design a PID CONTROLLER using Operational Amplifier?

Hi, I need some help in designing a PID CONTROLLER using Operational Amplifier. Could anyone suggest where I should start? I am suppose to implement the circuit (attached)

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John Konwat
3 years ago
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This, to my temporary shame, is the first time I hear about a PID Controller, however the internet is a generous place and found this:

First, if the Wikipedia article is correct, you can use opamps for each block of the schematic on that page (summing, multiplying, integrating, differentiating).There was another question around these forums on opamp applications, and this was the best answer, the National Semiconductor Application notes [PDF]:

Second, what do you mean implement the circuit? I don’t think you need a PID to implement that circuit… just really big components. Did you mean emulate, maybe? (I’m genuinely asking, and I’m very interested in learning more about this PID).

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We were asked to do the simulink close loop system with PID controller of this circuit and implement the simulink model in the multisim using operational amplifier. I’m not sure where I should start or how I should do it.

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