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Is it possible to push SMS messages from my android to arduino

Hi All,

I want to know if it is possible to have a bluetooth/WiFi link from your android mobile phone that can pass text messages onto an arduino in order that they can be displayed on a simple display.
It has to be wireless.

I know gmail notifications can be passed (with wires) through to an email notifier (see link). But I want to create something that does the same with text messages but wirelessly. (

Any help/thoughts appreciated.

Asked By:
Rob Yates
2 years ago
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Hi Rob

Yes with a Bluetooth receiver attached to the arduino and an Android application that implements serial over Bluetooth protocol Or Its attach a Ethernet module to ardiuno and then use wifi with port forwarding Else change ardiuno for Raspberry Pi comes with Ethernet port two usb and then use wifi again Develop your android application accordingly using sockets opt for either HTML stream or raw data stream

Or you could opt for sms route in which case use gsm module and Hays AT command set I’m not sure whether this is viable on android phones mine doesn’t include serial over Bluetooth protocol for some unknown reason, bit silly , but i suppose their way of thinking is we don’t need this now because we have wi fi easier to write just one code block rather than two code blocks one for Bluetooth and one for sockets why have two implementations

Believe it or not I still cant get the so called usb modem to function as modem Its supposed to but doesn’t And I still cant get answers from Samsung despite writing to them and asking them very nicely please to supply information or the company I bought the phone from and I left several messages , not that they would be able to help of course they will just refer you back to samsung technical help desk

A case of had your money , thanks very much and stuff you

Very rude I think but there you go such are a the wonderful helpful companies these days with their ideology of so called customer , technical support roles Need I say anymore

Any thing to prevent you from doing anything constructive and a completely negative attitude approach save that of a few companies which well you can name on one hand to be honest Does nothing to help people that are unemployed and could develop applications which would lead to creating Jobs

I dont know what do you do about this perhaps you can tell us for a change I cant see what they are driving at either I thought the idea was to get people back into work Obviously not

Normal this !! untill situations errupt and then its Oh ever so sorry thousand pardons etc etc

I dont know as Iu said you tell us what we should do I know what Id like to do to some of them I can tell you that much and Im not the only one that number is increasing very rapidly So I do hope they cange thier outlook very soon Otherwise I can see all manor of nasty problems occuring with some of them Not clever really

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