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mini project on 74 or 40 series ic’s

im stidying engineering 2nd year nd i need a simple mini project using 74 or 40 series ic’s ………….can u suggest me some mini projects with circuit diagrams………
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Adam LaBarbera
3 years ago
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Well, as always, it depends. The main differences are the power supply and drive strength.

4xxx family can be powered from anywhere from 3V to 15V (18V in some cases) while 74xxx families be them CMOS or TTL can only be powered from 5V supply.

Drive strenght is more or less family dependent. for example if you a 74LS04 inverter gate cannot drive a standard LED while 74HC(T)04 can.

As for the project, it has been said in a lot of other threads in this forum. If it’s your choice, choose something you like, or something you’d like to learn.

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Even if you are lazy in all your schoolwork you should NOT be lazy in this.
Well then you have lost the fun and educational part of your project.
That is the part you should do your most work because that is where you learn to about your future work, testing if your ideas work out.
Do something that interest you and build it.
THEN ask if it is possible to do, and how long time it will take to manufacture.

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One idea is to create a state machine with 7400 logic. Find a problem to solve with a state machine and use discrete logic and registers to build it.

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Look up a book on Digital Electronics, take time to read about read about 74 series( both TTL and CMOS), do the same for the 40 series.

While reading on them, watch out for some practical applications of some versatile or rather popular ICs in those series, they might give you ideas and open up your imagination on what you want to build. When you try and build a circuit by yourself, no matter how simple it might look like, just enjoy it as you will end up learning useful things like interfacing with transistors diodes LEDs. Just try out simple circuits for a start so you can start learning and mastering basic things. Before you can run you have to crawl.
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