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quesion about MC101 methane gas sensor

I want to work with MC101 methane gas sensor but I dont have any proper circuit to start with.I would appreciate help from anyone who have worked with mc101 or have information about it. I must add that i intend to read sensor’s output using ATmega16 microcontroller.
If it is possible please suggest a circuit.
it is very important fo me.Please help.
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Iman Dehbozorgi
3 years ago
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I did a quick google search and found a MC101 datasheet for such a sensor. It appears this is a resistive device that needs excited in order to heat a platinum coil. The heating element is used to burn off gas on the surface of the sensor and in turn change it’s core temperature and resistance.

This datasheet show’s a sample wheatstone bridge circuit. You can connect the output of this circuit to an instrumentation amplifier, and then connect the output of your amplifier to the input of your ATmega16 ADC. Set the gain of your instrumentation amplifier so that you’re using up a large portion of your ADC input range.

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Thanks a lot Joe.

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