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tapping pulses from digital energymeter

how to tap the output of digital energymeter ? i m doing project on remote billing of energymeter so how to get the pulses tapped from digital energymeter?
wat is the techniqe to do so …
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Naazia Nadaf
2 years ago
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does it have a led that blinks for each unit it logs?

monitor watt meter

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I beleive you are asking about “smart meters” used for measuring energy consumed (or produced). In that case, it depends on the meter and now it communicates. The ones we use here communicate by shorting the buss to ground, near the zero crossing of the AC – a kind of power line communication. In that case, monitoring the AC buss, by tying to the buss (pluggin into an outlet) or inductive pickup would allow access to the communication. You would then need inherent knowledge of the communicaiton protocol and any encryption to access the data being sent.

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