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Variable Power Inverter from external DC input

I have a 0 to 5 VDC output, my goal is to transform this into an AC output that would be proportional to the DC voltage at the time.

For example if you had 5VDC then you would have 100VAC out.
If you had 4 VDC then you would have 80VAC out, and so on down to 0VDC = 0VAC.

Does anyone know of an oscillatory circuit that would work in this way?

Also a pure sine wave is preferred but a square wave will also work.
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John S
2 years ago
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You neglected to mention if this need to drive anything (i.e. power out, etc.)

So, I’ll assume and offer:

Sinewave oscillator fed to a voltage controlled amplifier [VCA] — the 0 to 5V, of course, will be the control voltage. You need, either a sinewave oscillator with a 100VAC output and a VCA that can handle that much voltage, OR you will need a voltage amplifier that can boost the voltage output of the VCA to the high voltage needed

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Yes it will be driving a liquid crystal film, unfortunately I do not know how much power or current will be needed at this point in time. The only specs I was given that I will need around 85VAC. I will look into using a VCA because that sounds like it might be a good solution.

One further question do you think it would be easier to design the oscillator to fed into the VCA and then use a transformer to step up the voltage to the desired level?

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