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  • Qobuz Connect Support in JukeBlox® Platform

    Qobuz Connect Support in JukeBlox® Platform

    3 days ago
    Microchip Technology introduced the support of Qobuz Connect in the Microchip JukeBlox® Platform. The combined solution delivers HD and true CD quality audio directly to wireless speakers and AV...
  • MLX71120 Evaluation Board

    MLX71120 Evaluation Board

    4 days ago
    The EVB71120 is an evaluation board designed for MLX71120 applications, such as general digital and analog RF receivers at 300 MHz to 930 MHz. It has fully integrated PLL-based synthesizer with MCU...
  • Low Cost dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit

    Low Cost dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit

    5 days ago
    The dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit provides a low cost method for the development and testing of USB OTG, Host and Device applications on the 60 MIPS dsPIC33E DSC family. The board contains an on-board...
  • Intel Edison IoT Development Platform

    Intel Edison IoT Development Platform

    5 days ago
    The Intel Edison Internet of Things (IoT) development platform is series of low cost, general-purpose platforms featuring dual core Atom CPU and single core Quark MCU. The product supports more than...
  • AMT Viewpoint™ GUI for Rotary Encoders

    AMT Viewpoint™ GUI for Rotary Encoders

    6 days ago
    CUI launched its AMT Viewpoint™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) that supports the recently released AMT11 incremental and AMT31 commutation encoder series. The AMT family is a rugged, high accuracy...

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  • New This Week - December 15th

    5 days ago
    This week we’ll discuss automotive power MOSFETs from International Rectifier, NXP’s LPCXpresso54100 series development tools, and Phoenix Contact’s RJ45 Industrial connectors.
  • New This Week - December 8th

    1 week ago
    This week we have Freescale Kinetis EA series microcontrollers, the MinnowBoard MAX development board, and a TI Bluetooth Host Controller Interface module.
  • Power Management and Customer Sensing with ZMOTION

    4 days ago
    This application note presents power management and customer sensing with Zilog’s ZMOTION detection module designed for lighting control and proximity detection applications. The note briefly...
  • ADAS Solutions: Surround Monitoring System

    3 days ago
    This article presents the Renesas’ Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions designed to enable safer cars and driving via surround-monitoring capabilities. The article describes the...

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