• SMD Shunt Resistors

    SMD Shunt Resistors

    ARCOL Resistors has announced the availability of a new range of SMD Shunt Resistors as an alternative to the MSR through-hole style. There are two resistors in the CRS family, offering the advantage of lower ohmic values. The CRS1575 SMD Shunt Resistor ranges from 0.2mΩ to 3mΩ, and the CRS1050 SMD Shunt Resistor ranges from 0.5mΩ to 4mΩ.

    The CRS SMD shunt resistors feature a very low inductance value of 3nH, ensuring an unrestricted flow of current. This is especially important in high…

  • Multi-Range Programmable DC Supply

    Multi-Range Programmable DC Supply

    B&K Precision launched the 9200 Series, its latest multi-range programmable DC power supply line. This new series includes four 200 W-600 W models that can deliver power in any combination of the rated voltage and current up to the maximum output power of the supply. With voltage and current ranges up to 150 V and 25 A, these programmable DC power supplies are suitable for a wide variety of uses including electronics manufacturing, R&D, service and repair, and education.

    Sometimes also…

  • Industry’s Thinnest Class of Accelerometers

    Industry's Thinnest Class of Accelerometers

    Kionix Inc., the leading MEMS manufacturer, introduces the industry’s thinnest class of accelerometers, the KX112 and KXCJB. They are ultra-thin fully-functional tri-axis accelerometers designed for mobile, health/medical, light-industrial, and wearable device applications.

    “Among the many innovations and numerous firsts in the company’s history, Kionix was first to develop the tri-axis accelerometer in 2004, followed by introduction of the first ‘thin’ 0.7mm tri-axis accelerometer in 2013,”…

  • LED Driver Offers High E-Transformer Compatibility

    LED Driver Offers High E-Transformer Compatibility

    The AL8820 LED driver converter from Diodes Incorporated is a compact, two-stage, boost/buck non-dimmable MR16 lamp design solution, that is simultaneously characterized by high power factor, low total harmonic distortion (THD) and low-output current ripple. For example, in a 6W MR16 application, the device operates flicker-free with most common LED lighting transformers at a power factor of 0.9 and THD of 30%.

    Combining two DC-DC regulators in the 5mm x 6mm SO-8EP package, the AL8820…

  • Wi-Fi Software Modules and Development Kits

    Wi-Fi Software Modules and Development Kits

    Econais Inc. the technology leader in smart Wi-Fi module solutions for the Internet of Things, today announced large-scale availability of the newest EC19W01 WiSmart software, modules and development kits.

    The newest EC19W01 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi modules offer lower power drain (12.33uA) and feature a fully integrated 32 bit MCU, Wi-Fi, cloud connectivity, flash memory and antenna certified for FCC, EC, IC, and RoHS/REACH.

    For ease of use and configuration, the EC19W01 modules now support…

  • Wide Input, High Isolation DC/DC Converters

    Wide Input, High Isolation DC/DC Converters

    The MA200RWI series of wide input DC/DC converters delivers 2 W of rated power and features very high isolation of as high as 3,500 VDC. These devices have an input voltage range that vary from 4.5 – 9.0 VDC, 9.0 – 18.0 VDC and 36.0 – 72.0 VDC, depending on the requirements of the desired application. This family of converters includes forty (40) standard models that are all equipped with continuous (auto recovery) short circuit protection and have 1.0 MHrs MTBF.


    • 2 W Output…

  • LVR for Transformers

    LVR for Transformers

    TE Circuit Protection has developed an overcurrent protection device design for transformers in appliances, the LVR075K-1. This device has a rated operating voltage at 20 ˚C of 240, and maximum interrupt voltage and current of 265 V and 7.5 A, respectively. It also has features such as, a resistance range of 0.316 Ω to 0.483 Ω, typical power dissipation of 2.60 W, and a maximum operating temperature of 85 ˚C.


    • IH (Room Temperature) (A) = 0.75
    • IT (Room Temperature) (A) =…

  • Low EMI Noise

    Low EMI Noise

    Murata has developed a series of 1 A output step-down DC-DC converter, the LXDC3EP. This device is suitable for a space-limited or noise-sensitive application. With its low noise feature, this device assures reliable power supply quality.

    The LXDC3EP series has a mode pin that allows the user to select Forced PWM mode or Power-Save mode that changes modes between pulse-skip operation and PWM operation automatically depending on the load.

    In Power-Save mode, LXDC3EP series offers superior…

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