• User-Settable Over Current Alarm Ammeters

    User-Settable Over Current Alarm Ammeters

    Safety of systems among industries is important since large amount of power is involved in these matters. Murata Power Solutions considers this issue a viable one and developed a series of products that would actively aid systems in measuring and controlling amount of current flowing on circuits.

    Murata Power Solutions has introduced a new series of digital AC ammeters with alarm for the measurement and display of complex, true-rms, non-sinusoidal AC currents. The DATEL ACA-20RM-ALM AC…

  • Triple Output, Wide Input DC/DC Converters

    Triple Output, Wide Input DC/DC Converters

    The F3000TERU is a series of wide 4:1 input developed by MicroPower Direct that produces triple output and a rated power of 30 W. The devices have an input voltage range choice of 9.0-36.0 VDC or 18.0-75.0 VDC, depending on the converter chosen among the eight (8) models offered by the series on the market.

    The F3000TERU features its main line characterisics: ±3.0 maximum output accuracy, ±1.0 % line regulation and ±2.0 % load regulation. The devices are equipped with continous…

  • 24-bit High Performance Stereo Codec

    24-bit High Performance Stereo Codec

    The CS4271 is a 24-bit, complete stereo codec with 108 dB and 114 dB DAC dynamic ranges. It features low latency digital filter and selectable digital filter response. It has on-chip oscillator and supports master/slave mode operations.

    The CS4271 utilizes a single-ended input and differential output architecture to deliver high analog performance and maximizes system flexibility with an on-chip oscillator, output volume control with soft ramp and zero crossing, selectable digital filter…

  • High-Speed 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator

    High-Speed 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator

    The 74HCT85 is a high-speed 4-bit magnitude comparator that is expandable to almost any length. It features serial or parallel expansion without extra gating and has a standard output capability. It compares two 4-bit binary, BCD or other monotonic codes and present the three possible magnitude results at the outputs (QAB, QA=B and QA<B). The 4-bit inputs are weighted (A0 to A3 and B0 to B3), where A3 and B3 are the most significant bits.

    The operation of the ‘85’ is described in the function table, showing all possible logic conditions. The upper part of the table describes the normal operation under all conditions that will occur in a single device or in a series expansion scheme. In the upper part of the table the three outputs are mutually exclusive. In the lower part of the table, the outputs reflect the feed forward conditions that exist in the parallel expansion scheme.

    For proper compare operation the expander inputs (IA>B, IA=B and IAB= = LOW and IA=B= HIGH.

    For words greater than 4-bits, units can be cascaded by connecting outputs QAB and QA=B to the corresponding inputs of the…

  • In-Line Splices SJS Series II Single and Double

    In-Line Splices SJS Series II Single and Double

    The M81714/65 Sealed In-Line Splices operates at -65⁰C to 200⁰C with insulation resistance of 5000 MΩ. It has a 1500 VRMS at sea level dielectric withstanding voltage and 200 VRMS at 100,000 ft.

    Series II In-Line Splices are available in single and double configurations in sizes 6, 20, and 22 AWG. These M81714/65 Splices use the same advanced polyetherimide body, one-piece bus assembly and construction as Amphenol Pcd’s other M81714 connectors.


    • Operating Temperature…

  • Thunderbolt™ DC/DC Switching Regulator

    Fully Integrated DC/DC Switching Regulator

    Texas Instruments announced the expansion of its industry-leading Thunderbolt™ portfolio with the addition of TPS65980 DC/DC switching regulator, the first fully integrated power solution for bus-powered Thunderbolt™ applications. The TPS65980 is the centerpiece of TI’s certified Thunderbolt™ single port peripheral reference design, simplifying the power chain and speeding the design of bus-powered applications, such as hard drives, solid state drives and audio and video…

  • Deep Memory Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

    Deep Memory Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

    The DS1102D is a mixed signal oscilloscope that features 1 million points of deep memory, a characteristic that a good oscilloscope must have to be used for a higher level of measurement. The device has two (2) analog channels and is compatible with USB Host & Device, RS-232, P/F Out as its standard interface. Vertical resolution of the instrument is in 8 bits with a vertical sensitivity range of 2 mV/div – 10V/div.


    • 16 channels logic analyzer
    • 2 Analog channels plus external…

  • Analog Output SSC with Diagnostic Features

    Analog Output SSC with Diagnostic Features

    The ZSC31015 is an Analog Output Sensor Signal Conditioner with diagnostic features and programmable analog gain and digital gain. It has digital compensation of sensor offset and independently programmable high and low clipping levels.

    The ZSC31015 (RBicdLite™) is a CMOS integrated circuit for highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction of bridge sensor signals. Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and non-linearity is accomplished via an…

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