• Low-cost Fixed User FPGA

    NanoBoard 3000 series

    NanoBoard 3000 series, designed to be a perfect complement of Altium Designer, made its debut for Altium. It provides the perfect entry-point to use Altium’s soft design in a low cost. It comes in three variants, which are, NanoBoard 3000XN, NanoBoard 3000AL, and NanoBoard 3000LC.

    By implementing your system on the NanoBoard 3000, your circuit can be probed, analyzed and debugged interactively using an array of virtual instruments and JTAG-based monitoring features. The implementation is…

  • 80 W Desktop Power Supplies

    80 W Desktop Power Supplies

    The SPU80-111 is a desktop switching power supply that has a built-in power factor correction function. It outputs a rated power of 80 W, through a voltage output of 48 V and current output of 1.66 A. This product operates a frequency range of 47-63 Hz and temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC. The SPU80-111 reaches an efficiency level up to 83%.


    • 90-264VAC Input
    • IEC-320-C14 Input Receptacle
    • Power Factor Correction
    • LPS Efficiency Level V
    • Splash Proof Case

  • Efficient Synchronous Boost Converter

    Efficient Synchronous Boost Converter

    The ISL9113A is a high efficiency synchronous boost converter with 1.3 A switch and has a low input voltage. This device is intended for devices powered by three-cell alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, or one-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer batteries. It provides either a fixed 5 V or an adjustable output option for USB-OTG or portable HDMI applications. The device is guaranteed to supply 500mA from a 3V input and 5V output, and has a typical 1.3A peak current limit. High 1.8MHz switching frequency allows for the…

  • Ultra-Portable iPad Oscilloscope

    Ultra-Portable iPad Oscilloscope

    Dual Analog iOS Oscilloscope Upgraded to Lightning Connector!

    Today, we are pleased to introduce iMSO-204L, Oscium’s dual analog iOS oscilloscope now with native Lightning™ compatibility. iMSO-204L transforms the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into an ultra-portable, two-channel oscilloscope. Since Apple changed their connector, Oscium has been working to bring native compatibility to our customers. iMSO-204L is the solution to the connector change. It represents the third generation of…

  • Chopper Stabilized Hall Effect Switch

    Chopper Stabilized Hall Effect Switch

    Here is a look back of Allegro’s A3295 released since 2005. The A3295 is a chopper stabilized, precision Hall effect switch designed for consumer and industrial applications. This unipolar switch has greater temperature stability and has the ability to resist stress. It is ideally suitable for operation over extended temperature ranges of up to 125 ºC. Superior high-temperature performance is made possible through Dynamic Offset Cancellation, which reduces the residual offset voltage normally…

  • Cost Effective Power Inductors

    Cost Effective Power Inductors

    The DC1012 series are power inductors designed for applications requiring small size and cost effective power inductors. It features vertical style to help reduce power supply size and is ideal for use as DC-DC converter boost or buck inductors.

    These power inductors are especially effective as DC-DC converter boost or buck inductors and as output ripple filter chokes in all types of switching power supplies. They are ideal for applications through hole, cost effective power inductors. The…

  • Quad 2-Input Multiplexers

    Quad 2-Input Multiplexers

    The 74AHC257 and 74AHCT257 are integrated circuits containing four 2-input multiplexers and having 3-state outputs that takes four bits of data from two sources controlled by a common date select input. These multiplexers features balanced propagation delays, non-inverting data path, ESD protection, and its inputs accept voltages higher than VCC.

    The 74AHC257 and 74AHCT257 data inputs from source 0 (1I0 to 4I0) are selected when input S is LOW and the data inputs from source 1 (1I1 to 4I1) are…

  • High Current Automotive NFET Pre-drivers

    High Current Automotive NFET Pre-drivers

    The MLX83202/MLX83203 is a family of automotive N-FET pre-drivers featuring level shifting between microcontroller PWM outputs and 3 external N-FET half-bridges. It has an over temperature protection and a PWM operation of 100%.

    The MLX83202/MLX83203 family of pre-drivers is designed to drive high-current N-type FET 3-phase motor control applications. The built-in EEPROM allows extensive configurability of the pre-driver without the need for external resistors and SPI interface programming….

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