• Stereo Digital Transceiver

    Stereo Digital Transceiver

    The CS8427 is a digital audio interface transceiver offering an adjustable sample rate of up to 96 kHz. It offers differential cable driver and receiver as well as an on-chip channel status and user data buffer memories and decodes the audio CD Q sub-code.

    The CS8427 is a stereo, digital audio transceiver with AES3 and serial digital audio inputs and outputs, along with comprehensive control through a 4-wire microcontroller port. Channel status and user data are assembled in block-sized…

  • Complete 3-Phase DC Motor Predriver

    Complete 3-Phase DC Motor Predriver

    Allegro MicroSystems developed the A4931 which was released since 2007. The A4931 is a full three-phase brushless DC motor predriver. This device provides a direct voltage output up to 38 V and high-current drive of an all N-channel power MOSFET 3-phase bridge. It features three Hall-element inputs, a sequencer for commutation control, fixed off-time pulse width modulation (PWM) current control, and locked-rotor protection.

    Output current is scaled by the capacity of the external MOSFETs….

  • MLX91205 and CSA-1VG Development Kit

    MLX91205 and CSA-1VG Development Kit

    The DVK MLX91205 is a development kit developed for MLX91205 and CSA-1VG applications. It allows fast and simple evaluation with different sensor types for different current ranges.

    The development kit provides the needed information and components to evaluate the current sensors MLX91205 and/or CSA-1V. The main goal is to show the functionalities and the features of the parts in a simple and effective way, without the need of investing precious time and money for design…

  • Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator

    Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator

    The DSA1030-TG3 is a 3 GHz spectrum analyser that features a 3 GHz Tracking Generator option. The instrument has a user-friendly interface with easy to access menus, that aids on setting up tracking signals. It is highly recommended to be used on measuring passive components such as filters.

    The DSA1030 series is an economic spectrum analyzer, ideal for general purpose benchtop and field applications where signals and concepts can be investigated at or below 3 GHz. Our use of digital IF…

  • 3-Phase PWM Controller for VR12.5 CPUs

    3-Phase PWM Controller for VR12.5 CPUs

    The ISL95821 is a three-phase PWM controller IC ideally designed for Intel VR12.5™ compliant microprocessor core power supplies. This device offers control and protection for a voltage regulator (VRs). The voltage regulator has integrated gate drivers and can be configured in 3, 2, or 1-phase. The voltage regulator utilizes a serial control bus to communicate with the CPU and attain lower cost and smaller board area.

    The VR utilizes Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator R3 Technology™. The…

  • Versatile Blade System

    Versatile Blade System

    FUJITSU introduces an addition to its line of servers, the PRIMERGY BX400 S1 Blade System. It is a fully-featured blade system which is both versatile and user-friendly system. It uses the Intel® Xeon® family of processors, offering memory scalability and x86 server virtualization compliment suitability. PRIMERGY BX400 S1 provides both powerful and flexible data center solutions that can be used in all company sizes.

    FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems provide the most powerful and flexible…

  • Ferrite-Core Common Mode Choke

    Ferrite-Core Common Mode Choke

    The 0805 family is a series of common mode chokes designed for critical applications. It eliminates virtually all-common mode noise in high-speed, differential mode signal transmission applications such as USB 2.0, IEEE1394, HDMI and LVDS. It has a ferrite core material with gold over nickel over silver-palladium glass frit terminations and weighs about 14.9 to 15.2 mg.


    • Core material: Ferrite
    • Terminations: Gold over nickel over silver-palladium-glass frit. Other terminations…

  • 4 A Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator

    4 A Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator

    The ISL78234 is a 4 A compact monolithic synchronous buck regulator or step-down DC/DC converter that operates in an input voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V with a continuous output current of 4 A. The device operation was based on a current mode control architecture that features very low duty cycle operation at high frequency with quick transient response and exceptional loop stability.

    The ISL78234 integrates a very low ON-resistance P-Channel (35 mΩ) high-side FET and N-Channel (11mΩ)…

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