• High Performance MUX/DEMUX Switch

    High Performance MUX/DEMUX Switch

    The CBTL05024 is a high performance multiplexer/demultiplexer (MUX/DEMUX) switch chip intended for Thunderbolt applications. This chip interfaces the Thunderbolt/MiniDP connector with Thunderbolt systems. The device supports 10.3125 Gbit/s Thunderbolt or DisplayPort v1.2 channels. It features patent-pending high bandwidth analog pass-gate technology, very low intra-pair differential skew typically 5 ps, back current protection on connector pins, and all channels support rail-to-rail input…

  • 8-bit MCU with Voice Output Function

    8-bit MCU with Voice Output Function

    Equipped with a 8-bit CPU nX-U8/100, the ML610Q380/383/384/385 is a high-performance 8-bit CMOS microcontroller that integrates a wide variety of peripherals such as 12-bit A/D converter, timer, PWM, synchronous serial port, UART, I2C bus interface (master), Battery level detect circuit, LCD driver, voice output function and speaker amplifier. The nX-U8/100 CPU is capable of executing instructions efficiently on a one-instruction-per-clock-pulse basis through parallel processing by the…

  • Unipolar Switch with Self Diagnostics

    Unipolar Switch with Self Diagnostics

    Allegro MicroSystems developed the A1160, a complete unipolar Hall-effect switch that is unique with any other devices. The device was released recently in January this year. The A1160 features an integrated coil that surrounds the Hall sensing element, and a built-in diagnostics. During normal operation, the device functions as a typical unipolar switch (output turns on in the presence of south-pole magnetic field and turns off when the field is removed), but, when the diagnostics pin is…

  • Enhanced Digital Video Protection Solution

    Enhanced Digital Video Protection Solution

    VideoFlow announces the expansion of its Digital Video Protection (DVP) solutions delivering live, high quality video (SD, HD and above) over unmanaged, best efforts networks with the addition of DVP100X.

    The new DVP100X handles up to 80 streams and 80 virtual private network (VPN) tunnels simultaneously reaching 300 Mbps. This means that large multi-point networks can be created cost effectively using VideoFlow’s technology which enables live content to be delivered over unmanaged…

  • Complete Battery Charge Management Controller

    Complete Battery Charge Management Controller

    The MCP73113 is a complete single cell Li-ion/Li-polymer battery charge management controller with input overvoltage protection. The device is intended for space-limited and cost-sensitive applications such as MP3 players, digital still camera, portable media players, handheld device, Bluetooth headsets, and USB chargers. It has 4.15 V undervoltage lockout (UVLO) and accepts an absolute maximum of 18 V input, which provides a 6.5V overvoltage protection. The output current can be programmable…

  • High Speed R2Coupler with AEC-Q100

    High Speed R2Coupler with AEC-Q100

    Introducing Avago technologies’ High Speed CMOS R2Coupler with AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Qualification features high temperature, digital CMOS optocouplers in SO-5 packages. These devices utilize the latest CMOS IC technology making it capable of achieving outstanding performance yet still consuming very low power. This makes ACPL-M71T and ACPL-M72T highly suitable for hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

    The ACPL-M71T uses a high speed LED, and the ACPL-M72T uses a low current LED for lower power…

  • 16-bit Low Power SSC IC

    16-bit Low Power SSC IC

    The ZSSC3016 is a low power, 16-bit sensor signal conditioner (SSC) integrated circuit featuring a flexible, programmable analog front-end design. It has fully programmable gain amplifier with internal auto-compensated temperature sensor.

    The ZSSC3016 is a sensor signal conditioner (SSC) integrated circuit for high-accuracy amplification and analog-to-digital conversion of a differential input signal. Designed for high-resolution altimeter module applications, the ZSSC3016 can perform offset,…

  • USB-to-1-Wire Adapter

    USB-to-1-Wire Adapter

    The DS9481R-200 is a USB-to-1-Wire adapter designed to provide users easy connection interface on their personal computers. The device is fully compatible to wide choices of operating systems with driver support included in its package.

    The DS9481R-200 is a USB-to-1-Wire® adapter for easy PC connectivity to 1-Wire devices. The adapter provides an RJ11 connector with the signals to communicate with all 1-Wire and iButton® devices that support a 1.8V data I/O level. Additionally, the adapter…

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