• 3.3 V Octal Transceiver/Register

    3.3 V Octal Transceiver/Register

    The 74LVT652 is a 3.3 V octal transceiver/register with non-inverting 3-state outputs. This device is a BiCMOS product intended for VCC operation at 3.3 V. It integrates low static and dynamic power dissipation with high speed and high output drive. It features power up reset, latch up protection, and ESD protection.

    The 74LVT652 transceiver / register consists of bus transceiver circuits with 3-State outputs, D-type flip-flops, and control circuitry arranged for multiplexed transmission of…

  • Ultra-Broadband Capacitor

    Ultra-Broadband Capacitor

    The GX0S Series are ultra-broadband capacitors featuring an ultra-low insertion loss and excellent return loss. It is developed to address 16 kHz to 40 GHz DC blocking issues specifically for mounting strip lines. This capacitor is typically used in semiconductor data communications as well as test equipment manufacturers.

    AVX GX0S Series Ultra Broadband Capacitor was developed to address DC Blocking issues from ~16KHz (-3dB roll-off) to 40 GHz and was designed specifically for mounting on…

  • Trimble products on Digi-Key

    Trimble products on Digi-Key

    Trimble signed a global distribution agreement with Digi-Key. ThingMagic®, a Tremble Division, will be distributing its designs of embedded UHF RFID modules to the global market through Digi-Key. ThingMagic® modules and devices are widely used due its capability of reducing development costs and speed the time-to-market. This device offers a rich functionality and predictable performance in compact and easily deployable form factors. ThingMagic®’s famous products, the Mercury® 6e and 5e…

  • Synchronous Buck Regulator with Internal Power MOSFET

    Synchronous Buck Regulator with Internal Power MOSFET

    The RAA207700GBM/7701GBM/7702GBM is a synchronous buck regulator with internal power MOSFETs featuring wide input voltage range and constant-on-time control. It has a built-in power MOSFET with very low stand-by and quiescent current.

    The RAA207700GBM is monolithic synchronous buck regulator with power MOSFETs in extremely small package. The RAA207700GBM delivers high output current by small Rds (on) Power MOSFETs. Constant on time control architecture provides fast transient response, and…

  • Integrated DMM Data Acquisition Mainframe

    Integrated DMM Data Acquisition Mainframe

    The M301 is RIGOL’s latest release from M300’s series of data acquisition and switch systems. The instrument provides the easiest way to do cost effective DAQ voltage. It also supports multiple channel and data logging. For a total test bed flexibility, the M301 can be configured for up to 320 switched channels per M300-frame using RIGOL’s wide range of analogue and digital control multiplexer cards. The device can perform up to 320 switch channels per mainframe with interval scanning and can…

  • MHP devices for Rechargeable Batteries

    MHP devices for Rechargeable Batteries

    TE Circuit Protection designed a device that protects rechargeable lithium polymer cells. TE’s MHP-TA15-9-72 is a Metal Hybrid PPTC device has a contact rating of 9 V and 25 A, and a maximum breaking current of 80 A at 5 V. This device has a typical activation temperature of 72 °C and has an operating temperature of -30 °C to +100 °C.

    Metal Hybrid PPTC Devices with Thermal Activation (MHP-TA Series). Resettable over temperature protection for Lithium Polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells…

  • High-Z, Programmable Gain Differential Amplifier

    High-Z, Programmable Gain Differential Amplifier

    The CS3302A is a hydrophone low noise, programmable gain differential amplifier featuring 2 kHZ signal bandwidth and an outstanding noise performance. It has low power consumption and dual power supply configuration.

    Delivering low noise, high performance, and a small footprint, the CS3302A seismic amplifier is designed for use with hydrophone sensors. This highly integrated, programmable gain differential amplifier is engineered for precise low frequency, high dynamic range…

  • 4x25Gb/s ROSA for 100 Gb Ethernet

    4x25Gb/s ROSA for 100 Gb Ethernet

    Introducing Avago Technologies’ set of compact 100Gbps ROSA for CFP4 Transceivers, the AFCP-R4X25PL-Series. The AFCP-R4X25PL-Series are 4×25Gb/s, 1310nm LAN WDM receive optical subassemblies are designed for use in the new CFP4 optical transceiver form factor enabling carrier grade transmission over fiber links of up to 10 km.  

    The AFCP-R4X25PL ROSA integrates an optical de-multiplexer to separate the four incoming LANWDM wavelengths, an array of four high performance 28Gbps PIN

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