• MLX90109 Evaluation Board

    MLX90109 Evaluation Board

    The EVB90109 is an evaluation board design for MLX90109 applications. It has an on-board modulation network for a maximum flexibility and setup for fast on/off keying modulation mode available in 30 × 30 mm size including the MLX90109 transceiver IC and an optimized antenna.

    The EVB90109 is an assembled module that allows evaluating the advantages of the MLX90109 transceiver IC. It will facilitate the starts of RFID applications and can be implemented in a compact way, with minimum development…

  • Improved Efficiency Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    Improved Efficiency Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    The DG5072 is an arbitrary waveform generator that has a 70 MHz bandwidth. It supports dual-channel with a sampling rate of as fast as 1 GSa/s. It has also a resolution of 1 μHz with a vertical resolution of 14 bits. Waveform length of the instrument is up to 128 million points.

    The DG5072 is a multipurpose generator combining different capabilities including Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, IQ Baseband Source/IQ IF Source, Frequency Hopping Source (optional) and Pattern…

  • Toggle Magnetic Circuit Breakers

    Toggle Magnetic Circuit Breakers

    TE Circuit Protection has developed an addition to its magnetic circuit breakers with toggle actuator, the W67-X2Q12-10. This device has 1 pole with 2.2 to 20 seconds trip time at 200%.


    • Series/Mounting Option = W6 (6-32 Mtg. Threads)
    • Operating Voltage, Max. = 415/240 VAC
    • Interrupt Capacity = 5,000 A @ 277 VAC
    • Termination Type = 6.35 [.250] Straight Quick Connect Tab
    • Circuit Breaker Size (mm [in]) = 50.8 [2]
    • Circuit Function = Series Trip
    • RoHS/ELV Compliance = RoHS/Not…

  • Output Type Color Sensor IC

    Output Type Color Sensor IC

    The BH1745NUC is one of the ambient light sensor ICs developed by ROHM. It is a 16-bit serial output type, color sensor IC with I2C bus interface. The device converts Red, Green, and Blue light it senses to digital values. With loads features, the sensor is very suitable in obtaining the illuminance and color temperature of ambient light for adjusting the LCD backlight.


    • „The Excellent Ircut Characteristics with an Ircut Filter
    • The High Sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range (0.005…

  • Outgassing Compliant Current Sensors

    Outgassing Compliant Current Sensors

    The CP-N0530 is an outgassing compliant current sensor featuring two different pin-outs to meet the requirements for differential applications. The sensor offers low primary DC resistance and can be use from 50 kHz to nearly 1 MHz.


    • For use from 50 kHz to nearly 1 MHz
    • Two different pinouts to meet the requirements of different applications
    • Low primary DC resistance
    • 500 Vac isolation from secondary to the core

  • DC Transient Boost Converter

    DC Transient Boost Converter

    TDI Power introduces the newest series of DC transient boost converters that requires input voltage in the range of 18 – 30 VDC. These devices are designed to draw maximum of 0.1 mA of current during disable state. Safety features of the converters include input over-voltage, output over-voltage, output over-current and over-temperature protections.

    Designed to support variable speed power generators, TDI Power’s LiquaCore Transient Assist Converter (L-TAC) provides energy hold up to a high…

  • Active Light Ends Removal Kits

    Active Light Ends Removal Kits

    Global Heat Transfer announced the expansion of its Light Ends Removal Kits (LERKs) to help companies using thermal fluid systems ensure more cost-effective, clean and safe operations. Global Heat Transfer’s new active feed LERK is even easier to install and manage than its gravity fed counterpart, because it requires no additional elevation and can be placed at floor level.

    A recurring maintenance challenge of heat transfer fluids comes in the form of light ends – the lower-boiling,…

  • Thermally Efficient Power MOSFET Drivers

    Thermally Efficient Power MOSFET Drivers

    Microchip Technology introduced the first power MOSFET drivers in its new product family. The MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X feature an entirely new driver architecture for high speed operation, the first in the MCP14A product line. Available in SOT-23 and 2 × 2 mm DFN packages, the new devices are among the smallest packaged MOSFET drivers on the market today. The small packaging enables higher power densities and smaller solutions, while the design targets fast transitions and short delay times…

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