• Low Cost High-Efficiency Thru Hole Power Inductors


    Coilcraft’s new RFC Family of leaded power inductors offer a low-cost, high-efficiency option for power supply applications. They are offered in three performance levels: the RFC0807 Series, the RFC0810 Series and the RFC1010 Series.

    The RFC0807 Series is available with 39 inductance values ranging from 12 µH to 18 mH, with saturation current (Isat) ratings up to 6.65 Amps and DC resistance (DCR) as low as 0.035 Ohms. They have a maximum diameter of 8.8 mm and height of 7.5 mm.

    The RFC0810…

  • Ratiometric Linear Current Sensors

    Ratiometric Linear Current Sensors

    The CSLA2DH is from the CSLA series, a product line of Honeywell and widely distributed by Master Electronics. It is a family of inductive analog current sensors that can sense both AC and DC types. These devices have a response time of 3 µs, enabling faster speed of operation. Housed in a PBT polyester material, the sensors can sense current in the range of -235 to +235 A.

    Honeywell CSLA series linear current sensors incorporate our 91SS12-2 and SS94A1 linear output Hall effect transducter…

  • micro SMD Temperature Sensor

    micro SMD Temperature Sensor

    The LM20 is a micro SMD temperature sensor. The device is a precision analog output CMOS integrated-circuit temperature sensor that operates over −55 °C to 130 °C. The power supply operating range is 2.4 V to 5.5 V. The transfer function of LM20 is predominately linear, yet has a slight predictable parabolic curvature. The accuracy of the LM20 when specified to a parabolic transfer function is ±1.5 °C at an ambient temperature of 30 °C. The temperature error increases linearly and…

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Dual-Mode Bluetooth Module

    Dual-band Wi-Fi and Dual-Mode Bluetooth Module

    u-blox introduced its stand-alone multiradio module intended for Internet-of-Things applications, the ODIN-W262. The professional-grade (-40 °C to +85 °C) module makes adding wireless connectivity to any product quick and easy, with the added benefit that it’s radio type-approved in countries across the world. A robust, built-in antenna provides flexibility with respect to the module’s installed position and orientation. Applications include cable replacement running in Wireless Multidrop…

  • Motion Module with Easy Monitoring

    Microchip Technology introduced its MM7150 Motion Module at the Embedded World conference in Germany. This module combines Microchip’s SSC7150 motion co-processor combined with 9-axis sensors, including accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope in a small, easy to use form factor. With a simple I2C™ connection to most MCUs/MPUs, embedded/Internet of Things (IoT) applications can easily tap into the module’s advanced motion and position data.

    The motion module contains Microchip’s…

  • Compact, Economical Industrial Control Transformers

    Compact, Economical Industrial Control Transformers

    The SMT 420T is among the many products that are distributed by Master Electronics. This device belongs to SolaHD’s SMT series which is a family of of economical and compact industrial control transformers. The series is designed with a traditional open wound varnished coils. Ratings are from 1 kVA through 5 kVA with Class 180ºC insulation system and 115ºC rise under full load. SMT transformers provide excellent cost benefits with NEMA regulation characteristics and electrical performance…

  • 8-bit Single Chip Microcontrollers

    8-bit Single Chip Microcontrollers

    The 78K0/Fx2-L is an 8-bit, single chip microcontroller featuring an internal low-speed oscillator, watchdog timer, and timer clock in intermittent operation, operating in a single power supply flash memory. It has safety functions, and an on-chip debug function available to control for the target device and reference memories.

    Key Features

    • Operating voltage: VDD = 1.8 to 5.5 V
    • Maximum frequency: 20 MHz
    • ROM Capacities: 4 kB to 16 kB flash memory
    • RAM Capacities: 384 bytes to 768…

  • 0.25 A Push to Reset Circuit Breaker

    0.25 A Push to Reset Circuit Breaker

    The W28-XQ1A-0.25 is a push to reset fuseholder-type thermal circuit breaker with a 0.25 A current rating. This device replaces slow blow glass cartridge fuse, features labor-saving snap-in mourning, and its button extends for visual trip indication. It is UL 1077 recognized as supplementary protector, file E69543, and CSA accepted as supplementary protector (appliance component protector).


    • 1 Pole
    • Actuator Style = Push to Reset
    • Current Rating = 0.25 A
    • Circuit Breaker Style…

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