• Low EMI Noise

    Low EMI Noise

    Murata has developed a series of 1 A output step-down DC-DC converter, the LXDC3EP. This device is suitable for a space-limited or noise-sensitive application. With its low noise feature, this device assures reliable power supply quality.

    The LXDC3EP series has a mode pin that allows the user to select Forced PWM mode or Power-Save mode that changes modes between pulse-skip operation and PWM operation automatically depending on the load.

    In Power-Save mode, LXDC3EP series offers superior…

  • High Voltage Current Regulators

    High Voltage Current Regulators

    The IXCY02M35A is a high voltage current regulator featuring extremely stable current characteristics with a minimum breakdown voltage of 450 V. It is consists of non-switchable, 2-terminal regulators and is easily configured for bidirectional current sourcing.

    Non-switchable Regulators

    This is a family of extremely stable, high voltage current regulators with the typical output characteristics. The temperature stability is based on a threshold compensation technique and uses IXYS’ most…

  • Wide Dynamic Range Power Accumulator

    Wide Dynamic Range Power Accumulator

    The MAX34407 is an SMBUS 4-channel power accumulator with a wide dynamic range and is perfect to optimize code execution, therefore enabling maximum run time in mobile applications. It contains a 48-bit power accumulator for each channel. This accumulator is updated 1024 times per second to allow the device to operate for at least 17 minutes without the host retrieving the results. It also automatically sequences through the channels to collect samples from the common-mode voltage and the…

  • User-Friendly Digital PWM Power Controller

    User-Friendly Digital PWM Power Controller

    ZMDI has announced the release of its single-phase true-digital power solution for non-isolated, high-current Point-of-Load (PoL) supplies, the ZSPM1501. This device has been optimized and pre-configured for an external power stage output voltage at the industry standard voltage of 0.85 V. It can regulate the source for the 0.85 V to ensure excellent transient response, maximum noise immunity, control power up/down, and detect faults.

    The ZSPM1501 is capable of supporting loads up to 40 A at…

  • Wi-Fi Technology for Aerial Nano Drone

    Wi-Fi Technology for Aerial Nano Drone

    UK-based Torquing Group has tapped Lantronix, Inc. to provide secure, onboard Wi-Fi technology for its new ZANO nano drone, an aerial photography and HD video capture nano platform that allows users to instantly begin capturing and sharing moments like never before. The companies will unveil ZANO at the Digital Experience media event on January 5, 2015, and will showcase the product during 2015 International CES from January 6 – 9, 2015 at booth 25621 in LVCC, South Hall 2.

    The hand-sized ZANO

  • Qobuz Connect Support in JukeBlox® Platform

    Qobuz Connect Support in JukeBlox® Platform

    Microchip Technology introduced the support of Qobuz Connect in the Microchip JukeBlox® Platform. The combined solution delivers HD and true CD quality audio directly to wireless speakers and AV receivers for an enjoyable music listening experience.

    The key benefit of Qobuz Connect is that once a track has been selected, the audio stream is delivered directly from Qobuz’s cloud servers to the wireless speaker instead of sustained streaming from a phone, tablet and audio devices. This…

  • DC-Control AC Solid State Relay

    DC-Control AC Solid State Relay

    The CPC1945G is an AC solid-state relay (SSR) featuring DC control and AC output with low EMI and RFI generations. It offers high noise immunity, as well as TTL and CMOS compatibility with 5 mA sensitivity and load current of up to 1 Arms.

    The CPC1945G is an AC Solid State Relay (SSR) using patented waveguide coupling with dual power SCR outputs to produce an alternative to optocoupler and Triac circuits. The switches are robust enough to provide a blocking voltage of up to 400VP. In addition,…

  • Dual Input NOR Gate

    Dual Input NOR Gate

    The XC7SET02 is a dual input NOR gate. This high speed CMOS device features symmetrical output impedance, high noise immunity, low power dissipation, balanced propagation delays and ESD protection. It operates in a temperature range from -40 ℃ to +125 ℃.


    • Symmetrical output impedance
    • High noise immunity
    • Low power dissipation
    • Balanced propagation delays
    • SOT353-1 and SOT753 package options
    • ESD protection:
      - HBM JESD22-A114E: exceeds 2000 V
      - MM JESD22-A115-A: exceeds…

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