• Encapsulated 60 Watt AC-DC Supply

    Encapsulated 60 Watt AC-DC Supply

    XP Power launched its ECE60 series of single output encapsulated 60 Watt AC-DC power supplies. Suiting applications that require a slim profile, a high power density and low no-load power consumption, the ECE60 is available in either PCB mount, chassis mounted with screw terminals, or in a DIN rail mount configuration. Believed to have the smallest footprint and the highest power density of any 60 Watt power supply in the industry, the PCB mounted model measures 91.4 × 38.1 × 28.0 mm (3.6 × 1.5…

  • Clock Tree Design for Complex Internet Infrastructure

    Clock Tree Design for Complex Internet Infrastructure

    Silicon Labs announced the release of an online timing utility that eases the complexity of designing clock trees for a wide range of Internet infrastructure applications including high-speed networking, telecommunications and data center equipment. Silicon Labs’ new Clock Tree Expert tool enables embedded developers to generate sophisticated, streamlined clock tree block diagrams within minutes, simplifying system design, reducing bill of materials (BOM) count and speeding time to…

  • Motor Driver IC for Automotive Systems

    Motor Driver IC for Automotive Systems

    The BD16805FV-M is a three-phase motor driver designed for AC blower motors, as well as battery and seat cooling fan motors and many more. 180° energization PWM drive minimizes motor drive noise, while advance angle control is built-in for highly efficient drive. In addition, the lock protection time, overcurrent protection limit, PWM frequency, and startup time can be adjusted externally, ensuring compatibility with various motor control methods.


    • 180° energizing
    • Phase…
  • Multi-Mode Buck Converter

    Multi-Mode Buck Converter

    The FAN5909 is a high-efficiency, synchronous, step-down converter (DC-DC) with LDO-assist function. The DC-DC converter operates with current-mode control and supports a wide range of load currents. High-current applications up to a 2.5 A DC output, such as mandated by GSM/EDGE applications, are allowed. Performance degradation due to spurs is removed by spreading the ripple energy through clock dither. A regulated Bypass Mode continues to regulate the output to the desired voltage as VIN

  • 400 W U-Channel AC/DC Power Supplies

    400 W U-Channel AC/DC Power Supplies

    The MPU-400S is a series of compact U-channel AC/DC power supplies that have a single output. These devices are capable of a rated power output as high as 400 W and have an input voltage range of 90 – 264 VAC. Additionally, the supplies have an input frequency of 47 – 63 Hz and can handle up to 3000 VAC without breaking down. Enclosed in a compact U-channel case, the series features a power factor correction (PFC) function that meets the EN 61000-3-2 Class D standards.


    • Small 400W…

  • Overcurrent Protection for MDF Modules

    Overcurrent Protection for MDF Modules

    TE Circuit Protection introduces its addition to its PolySwitch telecom devices, the TSM600-250F-RA-2. It is a polyswitch device designed for telecom and networking devices. It has a maximum interrupt voltage of 600 V, maximum operating voltage of 250 V, maximum interrupt current of 3 A, and resistance range of 1 Ω to 3 Ω. It is commonly used for Main Distribution Frame (MDF) Module.

    Additional Features

    • IH (Room Temperature) = 0.25 A
    • IT (Room Temperature) = 0.86 A
    • R1 Max (Post Trip)…

  • Industrial Specialty Adhesive System

    Industrial Specialty Adhesive System

    Master Bond developed a specialty adhesive system for industrial applications. The EP21LVSP6 is a two-component epoxy system that cures at room temperature as well as at elevated temperatures. It provides a convenient mixing by equal weight or volume ratio. The EP21LVSP6 is ideally intended for applications where the combination of a long open time, low viscosity and excellent physical properties are all essential. The system also has very good chemical resistance to water, oil, fuel, acids and…

  • Overcurrent and Surge Current Protection

    Overcurrent and Surge Current Protection

    Murata introduces its PTGL series with a tight tolerance of 30 V. It is composed of 14 part numbers with different specifications. Specifications such as resistance values at 25 ˚C, maximum current, hold and trip current, and dimensions vary from one part number to the other.

    Using Murata’s outstanding ceramic technology, different sub-series are available to meet varying customer needs: The narrow current band sub-series delivers the industry’s smallest resistance deviation (±10%)….

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