• Low Charge Injection, High Voltage Analog Switch

    Low Charge Injection, High Voltage Analog Switch

    The CPC7220 is a low charge injection, 8-channel high voltage analog switch featuring a flexible high voltage supplies and low quiescent power dissipation. It offers a DC to 10 MHz analog signal frequencies and minimum output-off isolation at 5 MHz.

    The CPC7220 is a low charge injection 8-channel high-voltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) for use in applications requiring high voltage switching. Control of the high voltage switching is via low voltage TTL logic level compatible inputs…

  • 1-of-8 FET Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

    1-of-8 FET Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

    The CBT3251 is a 1-of-8 FET multiplexer/demultiplexer. This high speed device has TTL-compatible input levels. It features 5-ohm switch connection between two ports, minimal propagation delay through the switch, latch-up protection that exceeds 100 mA, and ESD protection. The low ON-resistance of the switch allows inputs to be connected to outputs without adding propagation delay or generating additional ground bounce noise.

    When output enable (OE) is LOW, the CBT3251 is enabled. S0, S1 and S2…

  • 192 kHz Stereo DAC with 2 Vrms Line Out

    192 kHz Stereo DAC with 2 Vrms Line Out

    The CS4352 is a stereo digital-to-analog converter with 2 Vrms line out featuring multi-bit delta-sigma modulator and supports sample rates up to 192 kHz. It features low latency digital filtering and low clock jitter sensitivity with analog low pass filter and single-ended outputs.

    The CS4352 is high-performance stereo audio digital/analog converter (DAC) for consumer electronics, professional and automotive audio applications. This low profile 20-pin, 102 dB D/A converters are a…

  • 3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

    3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

    The DSA832-TG is a spectrum analyzer that is equipped with a tracking generator function. This analyzer has a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz. With a TFT LCD type of display, the device also has an 800×480 pixels resolution in 64k colours for better measurement result presentation. Frequency resolution of the instrument is about 1 Hz and needs an AC supply frequency of 45 Hz to 445 Hz.

    The decreased amount of SSB Phase Noise in the device that reaches as low as -98 dBc/Hz at a 10 KHz…

  • Start Stop Automotive MCU Power Supply

    Start Stop Automotive MCU Power Supply

    ROHM Semiconductor releases its BD39001EKV-C, a general purpose automotive microcontroller system power supply for the start stop system. It responds to instantaneous battery voltage drops during cranking. Also, it has improved efficiency which contributes to greater energy savings.

    The newly developed BD39001EKV-C utilizes a proprietary boost-buck switching method that ensures stable voltage supply, even when the battery voltage drops during start–stop operation, while improving power…

  • Zero-Drift Single-Ended Instrumentation Amplifier

    Zero-Drift Single-Ended Instrumentation Amplifier

    The ISL28533 is a 5 V, rail-to-rail input/output, zero drift, single-ended output programmable gain instrumentation amplifier (PGIA). This instrumentation amplifier provides low offset, low noise, low gain error and high CMRR. This device is intended for high precision applications over the wide industrial temperature range.

    This instrumentation amplifier is designed with a unique 2-bit, 3-state logic interface that allows up to 9 selectable gain settings. The additional uncommitted…

  • 300 W Medical Grade Power Supply

    300 W Medical Grade Power Supply

    The PMMX300S-12E is a power supply that is designed primarily for medical purposes. This device features a Power Factor Correction (PFC) function with a power factor of 0.95. It is capable of delivering 300 W of rated power through a voltage output of 12 V and a current output of 25 A. Both line and load regulation of the device is at ±0.5% and operates effectively at the extended temperature range of -20ºC to +60ºC. Safety features of the PMMX300S-12E include over temperature, over current…

  • Multi-Output Boost Converter LED Driver ICs

    Multi-Output Boost Converter LED Driver ICs

    Allegro MicroSystems announced the release of its latest devices in addition to their LED Driver ICs for LCD backlighting applications portfolio. The A8518 and A8519 are multi-output boost converter LED driver ICs with fault tolerant protection. These devices combine a current-mode boost converter with an internal power switch with either two current sinks (dual string) in their A8518 or four current sinks (quad string) in their A8519. Both devices are targeted at the automotive and industrial…

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