• New RF Inductor Finder

    New RF Inductor Finder

    Coilcraft announced the new RF Inductor Finder allowing engineer to search parts based on true operating conditions. It is a web tool that also allows users optimizes search results for Q factor, footprint, and impedance price of inductance.

    Users of Coilcraft’s RF Inductor Finder can also search for a range of inductances, specify a minimum Q at their operating frequency, and select a particular body size (with the option to include smaller sizes). The new tool also provides a better user…

  • Miniature Immersion Sensor

    Miniature Immersion Sensor

    Vishay Intertechnology announced the release of new miniature immersion sensor for fluid temperature sensing from its Vishay BCcomponents Non-Linear Resistor division. Offering a stainless steel housing for permanent contact with fluids, the Vishay BCcomponents NTCAIMME3 provides a very fast response time of 1.5 s, low thermal gradient of 0.02 K/K, and high base temperature accuracy of ± 1.5 °C.

    The device released today consists of an NTC thermistor chip mounted in its stainless steel…

  • HDX Robust 50 mm Transponder

    HDX Robust 50 mm Transponder

    The NCD1015-50RO is a contactless, sequential power and data transmission (HDX) 500 transponder operating at radio frequency 134.2 kHz. It has 64 bits of data and associated 16 bits CRC.

    NCD1015-50RO is a contact-less Read Only RFID device for single transponder applications in the area of electronic identification operating in the low frequency (134.2 kHz) range, supporting ISO-11784/85 standards.

    The NCD1015-50RO contains 64-bit identification data pages 1 which is secured by an associated…

  • Low Cost IGBT Driver DC/DC Converters

    Low Cost IGBT Driver DC/DC Converters

    MicroPower Direct presents another high-quality IGBT driver DC/DC converters with high isolation but comes in the lowest price possible. The IG120-xx series of dc/dc converters may be used in a wide variety of on-board power distribution applications, but designed specifically to power up the 962 type of IGBT drivers.

    The IG120-xx series has offers wide choices for the clients to choose. With seven (7) models now available on the market, each model is designed carefully to cater the growing…

  • Built-in OVP Micro USB Switch

    Built-in OVP Micro USB Switch

    Introducing ROHM Semiconductor’s Micro USB Switch especially designed for mobile device application, the BD91411GW USB connector interface IC. BD91411GW offers a complete solution for mini/micro USB connection multiplexing. The device is also compatible with USB High Speed/Full Speed. BD91411GW can also provide over voltage protection up to 28V and a USB charger detection support with BCS ver1.2 specification.


    • Complete solution for mini/micro USB connect multiplexing

  • Plug-and-Play Driver for HybridPACK IGBTs

    Plug-and-Play Driver for HybridPACK IGBTs

    The 6SP0110T is a six-channel plug-and-play driver based on CONCEPT’s SCALE™-2 technology ideally designed for HybridPACK IGBTs used in automotives. This device allows to drive 650 V IGBTs reliably and safely in electric and hybrid vehicles. It features electrical interfaces, and up to 10 kHz switching frequency. The driver is equipped with Advanced Active Clamping, short-circuit protection, regulated turn-on gate driving voltage and supply-voltage-monitoring.

    The SCALE-2 chipset reduces…

  • Piezoelectric Horn Driver Circuit

    Piezoelectric Horn Driver Circuit

    The RE46C100 is a piezoelectric horn driver circuit designed for applications employing a self oscillating piezoelectric horn and direct drive applications. This device features low quiescent current, low driver on resistance, has a wide operating voltage range.


    • Low Quiescent Current (<100na)
    • Low Driver RON – 20Ω typical at 9V
    • Wide Operating Voltage Range
    • 8 Pin DIP and SO Packages
    • Available in Standard Packaging or RoHS Compliant Pb Free Packaging

  • Low DC Resistance Inductor

    Low DC Resistance Inductor

    1300R series, Murata Power Solutions’ new addition to its radial lead format inductors. It can deliver an output current of up to 6.3 A dc and has an inductance range of „1.5 μH to 68 mH. This component has a low DC resistance and is available in custom parts to suit clients needs.

    The 1300R Series is a general purpose range of inductors suitable for low to medium current applications such as power supply and other general purpose filtering designs. The low DC resistance 1300R series suit…

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