• 24-Bit Delta Sigma ADC with 2-Channel Multiplexer

    24-Bit Delta Sigma ADC with 2-Channel Multiplexer

    The ISL26132 is a low-noise 24-bit delta sigma analog-to-digital converter with 2-channel differential input multiplexer and very low-noise amplifier. This device is a complete analog front end suitable for high resolution measurement applications. Containing the same pinout, ISL26132 is functionally compatible with the ADS1232 device. The ISL26132 provides improved noise performance at 10 Sps and 80 Sps conversion rates.

  • Extreme Temperature Coil

    Extreme Temperature Coil

    The AT549RBT is a temperature coil designed for extremely high-temperature applications up to 300⁰C. It offers 40 seconds reflow at +350⁰C for resistance to soldering heat and features temperature coefficient of inductance (TCL) of +300 to +500ppm/⁰C.


    • Designed for use in extremely high-temperature applications, up to 300°C.
    • Suitable for use in down-hole applications and on-engine automotive applications

  • Low Cost, Ultrawide Input DC/DC Converters

    Low Cost, Ultrawide Input DC/DC Converters

    The B1500ERU is a series of ultra-wide 4:1 input DC/DC converters that are capable of producing 15 W of rated power. These devices have an input voltage range of either 9.0 – 36.0 VDC or 18.0 – 75.0 VDC. The converters can withstand continuous application of voltage as high as 1500 VDC on its isolated circuits without breaking down. All the 14 standard models under this series are equipped with a continuous (auto recovery) short circuit protection.


    • 15W Output Power
    • 4:1 Input…

  • Highly Accurate Temperature-Compensated RTC

    Highly Accurate Temperature-Compensated RTC

    The DS3231M is a serial real-time clock (RTC) driven by an internal, temperature-compensated, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) resonator. The oscillator provides a stable and accurate reference clock and maintains the RTC to within ±0.432 seconds-per-day accuracy from – 45ºC to + 85ºC. The temperature sensor, oscillator, and digital adjustment controller logic form the highly accurate time base of the device.

    The DS3231M is a low-cost, extremely accurate, I2C real-time clock (RTC). The…

  • 1.5A Solar Charger Li-Ion

    1.5A Solar Charger Li-Ion

    ZMDI has developed a DC/DC synchronous switching Li-Ion battery charger with fully integrated power switches, the ZSPM4521. This device has also an internal compensation, and full fault protection.

    The ZSPM4521 includes supervisory reporting through the NFLT (inverted fault) open-drain output to interface other components in the system. Device programming is achieved by an I²C™ interface through the SCL and SDA pins. (I2C™ is a trademark of NXP.)


    • Temperature-independent…

  • MLX90615 Infrared Thermometer EVB

    MLX90615 Infrared Thermometer EVB

    The EVB90615 is an evaluation board designed for MLX0615 infrared thermometer applications. It offers easy reconfiguration of the MLX90615 with USB interface and HID compatible.

    The EVB90615 evaluation board is an easy interface between the MLX90615 infrared thermometer in TO-can and a PC. The evaluation board and its software enables the user to make temperature measurements using a PC interface. With the evaluation board the user can also reconfigure the MLX90615 infrared thermometer for…

  • Cost Effective 8-Bit Flash MCU

    Cost Effective 8-Bit Flash MCU

    The PIC10F202 is a cost-effective, highly capable, 6-pin, 8-bit flash microcontroller. It has integrated precision 4 MHz internal oscillator, 8-bit timer, and watchdog timer. It features low power sleep current, 12-bit wide instructions, and 8-bit wide data path. The device uses Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) architecture having 33 single-word/ single-cycle instructions. All instructions are in a single cycle (1 µs) except for program branches, which take two cycles. It delivers…

  • RTP Devices for Electromagnetic Loads

    RTP Devices for Electromagnetic Loads

    TE Circuit Protection developed a Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) device that has a maximum DC open voltage of 32 V, the RTP200R060SA. This device also has a maximum DC interrupt current @ 16 VDC of 200 A, and operating voltage of 32 VDC. This device is typically used as a thermal protection for Electromagnetic Loads.


    • Maximum DC Interrupt Current @ 16VDC (A) = 200
    • ESD Rating (Human Body Model) (kV) = 25
    • Minimum Operating Current (Room Temperature) (A) = 32
    • Typical…

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