I2C Programmable Battery Charger

I2C Programmable Battery Charger

The ADP5061 charger is fully compliant with the USB 3.0 and USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 and enables charging via the mini USB VBUS pin from a wall charger, car charger, or USB Host port.

The ADP5061 operates from a 4V to 7.0V input voltage range but is tolerant of voltages up to 20V. This alleviates the concerns about the USB bus spiking during disconnect or connect scenarios.

The ADP5061 also features an internal FET between the linear charger output and the battery. This permits battery isolation and hence system powering under a dead battery or no battery scenario, which allows for immediate system function on connection to a USB power supply.

Based on the type of USB source, which is detected by an external USB detection chip, the ADP5061 can be set to apply the correct current limit for optimal charging and USB compliance.

The ADP5061 has 3 fuse programmable digital input/output pins providing maximum flexibility for different systems. These programmable digital output / input pins permit combinations of features such as, input current limits, charging enable-disable, charging current limits and dedicated interrupt output pin.

  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Single Cell Li-Ion Portable Equipment
  • PDA’s, Audio, GPS Devices
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Mobile Phones

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