Low Power 5MBd Digital Optocouplers

Low Power 5MBd Digital Optocouplers

Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, announcedthe ACPL-M21L/021L/024L/W21L/K24Loptocouplerfamily. These optocouplers consume less power as compared to other similar 5MBd optocouplers in the market. The ACPL-x2xLoptocouplers are designed to meet customer needs for lower power, higher isolation voltage, and better common-mode rejection (CMR) performance, thanks to the excellent performance of the new LED and detector IC design.

Avago Technologies’ digital optocouplers are used in a wide variety of isolation applications ranging from power supply and motor control circuits to data communications and digital logic interface circuits.

The new ACPL-x2xL 5MBd digital optocouplers require minimum LED drive current of 1.6 mA, and detector ICpower consumption of less than 1.1 mA.The detector IC contains a CMOS output stage with glitch-free output during power-up and power-down, and optical receiver input stage with built-in Schmitt trigger that provides logic-compatible waveforms, eliminating the need for additional waveshaping. An internal shield also guarantees high common-mode rejection(CMR)of minimum 25 kV/µs at1000V common-mode voltage.ACPL-x2xL optocouplers operate at 3.3V/5V power supply with guaranteed AC and DC performance from an extended temperature range of –40°C to +105°C.

The ACPL-M21L, ACPL-021L and ACPL-W21L are single-channeloptocouplers in 5-lead small-outline (SO5), 8-lead small-outline (SO8) and stretched 6-lead small-outline (SO6)packages, respectively. Whereas, the ACPL-024L and ACPL-K24L are dual-channels optocouplers in 8-lead small-outline (SO8)and stretched 8-lead small-outline (SO8) packages, respectively.

All newoptocouplers are compliant to industrial safety standards such asIEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 approval for reinforced insulation, UL 1577 and CSA.

The first available optocoupler, the ACPL-M21L is immediately available in sample quantities, and will sell for $0.88 apiece in lots of 10k units.


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