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  • Shielded Inductors for EMI Susceptible Designs

    Shielded Inductors for EMI Susceptible Designs

    3 days ago
    The 1200LRS is a series of shielded inductors that is designed in compact size to gain the feature of having small PCB footprint dimensions. This enables the inductors to be included in designs and...
  • High-Current Tolerant Chip Resistors

    High-Current Tolerant Chip Resistors

    1 week ago
    The PMR25HZPFU belongs to the PMR series which is a family of ultra-low ohmic chip resistors that are highly tolerant to high current. This device is very suitable for applications involving current...
  • Radial Lead Shield Inductors

    Radial Lead Shield Inductors

    1 week ago
    Murata Power Solutions introduces 1200RS, a series of through hole radial lead shielded inductors that effectively operates at temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC. The series' maximum dc current is...
  • World's Smallest Power Inductors

    World’s Smallest Power Inductors

    1 week ago
    Digi-Key Corporation announced the release of  Wurth Electronics stock on its WE-MAPI series, offering the world’s smallest metal alloy power inductors in the market. These series of power...
  • Low Cost ADC for Electronic Weigh Scale Applications

    Low Cost ADC for Electronic Weigh Scale Applications

    2 weeks ago
    The CS5550 is a 2-channel, low cost analog-to-digital converters with 24-bit A/D registers on both channels. It features an on-chip 2.5 V reference and offset and gain calibrations on both...

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  • The Importance of Capacitance in ESD Protection Devices

    1 week ago
    Barry Brent, Field Application Engineer in the Circuit Protection Division of TE Connectivity talks about capacitance and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices. The importance of...
  • Techniques for Protecting Smart Sweeping Robots

    3 weeks ago
    This white paper describes the importance and solution for protecting smart sweeping robots. The significance of TE's resettable circuit protection with polymer positive temperature coefficient...
  • Digital Potentiometers Replace Mechanical Potentiometers

    2 weeks ago
    As technology gets far and far better than the previous one, innovations have already covered almost any aspect of the electronics field. High technology even invaded the world of passives as digital...
  • DS1847/DS1848 Temperature Coefficient Supplement

    3 weeks ago
    This application note explains the Temperature Coefficient (TC) of the DS1847 and, in particular, why the 850PPM/°C uncompensated TC does not apply to systems using the temperature lookup function....

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