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  • EMI Suppression Film Capacitors

    EMI Suppression Film Capacitors

    1 week ago
    Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of X1 electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression film capacitors with voltage ratings of 330 VAC and 480 VAC for standard X1 across-the-line...
  • Conductive Polymer Chip Capacitors

    Conductive Polymer Chip Capacitors

    1 week ago
    ROHM Semiconductor developed its conductive polymer capacitors known as its TCSO Series. It features a bottom surface electrode configuration for extra larger capacitance, greater compactness, and...
  • Safety Standard Certified Capacitors

    Safety Standard Certified Capacitors

    1 week ago
    Murata introduces an addition to its line of safety standard certified monolithic ceramic capacitors, the type GB GA3 series. It has a rated voltage of 250 Vac and a capacitance range of 10000 pF -...
  • ATC on Digi-Key

    ATC on Digi-Key

    1 week ago
    American Technical Ceramics (ATC) signed a global distribution agreement with Digi-Key. ATC designs component and custom integrated packaging for the RF, microwave, and telecommunications industries....
  • High Surge Wirewound Resistor

    High Surge Wirewound Resistor

    2 weeks ago
    Vishay Intertechnology announced the release of a new series of silicone-coated, axial lead wirewound resistors. Providing superior short-term surge protection compared to standard wirewound devices,...

Passives Articles

  • 16 V Module Series of Ultracapacitors

    2 weeks ago
    Digi-Key, in collaboration with Maxwell Technologies, presents the product training module on 16 V module series of ultracapacitors. It is discussed in this video the product specifications,...
  • Fundamentals of PolySwitch Devices

    2 months ago
    TE Circuit Protections designs Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Devices. PolySwitch PPTC devices are designed to protect electronic systems and gadgets which are prone to both system...
  • New This Week - September 15th

    2 months ago
    This week we’ll discuss Phoenix Contact Locking Lever Spring-Cage Terminal Blocks, EPCOS Film Capacitors, and a Maxim isolated analog front end evaluation kit.
  • TE Connectivity PolySwitch Devices

    2 months ago
    Digi-Key presents a video that discusses TE Connectivity’s PolySwitch devices. This video discusses on how the PolySwitch resettable over-current protection device protects the circuit, especially...

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