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  • Coilcraft

    Low Cost High-Efficiency Thru Hole Power Inductors

    2 days ago
    Coilcraft’s new RFC Family of leaded power inductors offer a low-cost, high-efficiency option for power supply applications. They are offered in three performance levels: the RFC0807 Series, the...
  • Ultra Low-Profile Power Inductors

    Ultra Low-Profile Power Inductors

    5 days ago
    Murata has released a new family of miniature, surface mount, I-core power inductors. With their miniature size, they provides a solution for applications that use tight spaces. The Ultra low-profile...
  • Z-Foil Current Sensing LED Resistors

    Z-Foil Current Sensing LED Resistors

    1 week ago
    Vishay Precision Group launched two new ultra-high-precision Bulk Metal® Z-Foil current sensing resistors designed to improve LED brightness and efficiency in portable battery-powered applications....
  • Radial Leaded Gas Discharge Tube

    Radial Leaded Gas Discharge Tube

    1 week ago
    The GTCN35-231M-R05-FT is a ceramic gas discharge tube intended for sensitive telecom equipment such as communication lines, signal lines, and data transmission lines. This device features an impulse...
  • Low Profile Shielded Power Inductors

    Low Profile Shielded Power Inductors

    1 week ago
    The LPS8045 series are low profile shielded power inductors featuring high current, and inductance values ranging from 6.8 to 1000 µH handling 4.0 A of saturating current. It complies with the RoHS...

Passives Articles

  • Determining PPTC’s Resistance in a Tripped Condition

    4 days ago
    Barry Brents, Field Application Engineer in the Circuit Protection Division at TE Connectivity, talks about the resistance of a PolySwitch PTC device in a tripped condition and explains how the...
  • Passive Components Also Critical to Advanced Motor Control

    2 weeks ago
    This article presents passive components being linked aside from MOSFETs and processors as critical to advanced motor control. It describes the sensing current flow and some basic considerations for...
  • Circuit Protection Automotive Devices

    3 weeks ago
    This article is a quick reference guide of TE Circuit Protection to its circuit protection automotive devices. These circuit protection devices provide protection for overcurrent, overvoltage, and...
  • Online Components - Newhaven OLEDs

    1 month ago
    Welcome to EEWeb’s Product Overview of Newhaven’s full color OLED displays. While TFTs have been the mainstay of displays for years, OLEDs are becoming more prevalent as their price drops due to...

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