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  • LED Driver Offers High E-Transformer Compatibility

    LED Driver Offers High E-Transformer Compatibility

    23 hours ago

    The AL8820 LED driver converter from Diodes Incorporated is a compact, two-stage, boost/buck non-dimmable MR16 lamp design solution, that is simultaneously characterized by high power factor, low...

  • RF Inductor for Power Lines

    RF Inductor for Power Lines

    3 days ago
    Murata introduces its wire wound inductors that feature a high Q value, the LQW series. With LQW series' high Q values, the series is used in the matching circuits of RF units. Since this series has...
  • Low-Profile 1880 Power Inductors

    Low-Profile 1880 Power Inductors

    3 days ago
    Murata has released two its newest additions to its line of power inductors, the 1880 (LQM2HP_EH series) and 0806 sizes (LQM2MP_EH series). These devices are multilayer-type power inductors with a...
  • Lead Type Ceramic Capacitor

    Lead Type Ceramic Capacitor

    1 week ago
    Murata introduces its X1/Y2 class product of capacitors, the DE1 series. This series is a lineup of 300 Vac rated voltage products, in addition to the conventional 250 Vac. This design is coated with...
  • Solid Conductive Polymer Capacitors

    Solid Conductive Polymer Capacitors

    1 week ago
    Illinois Capacitor introduced its XMPL Series Polymer Chip Capacitors suitable for applications where space is at a premium. With very-low ESR and ripple current ratings, they will easily outperform...

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  • Passives Aren’t Really So Passive

    1 day ago
    Active components like transistors and integrated circuits change signals using energy from the power supply. Conversely, passive components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, and connectors do...
  • 16 V Module Series of Ultracapacitors

    1 month ago
    Digi-Key, in collaboration with Maxwell Technologies, presents the product training module on 16 V module series of ultracapacitors. It is discussed in this video the product specifications,...
  • Fundamentals of PolySwitch Devices

    2 months ago
    TE Circuit Protections designs Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Devices. PolySwitch PPTC devices are designed to protect electronic systems and gadgets which are prone to both system...
  • New This Week - September 15th

    3 months ago
    This week we’ll discuss Phoenix Contact Locking Lever Spring-Cage Terminal Blocks, EPCOS Film Capacitors, and a Maxim isolated analog front end evaluation kit.

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