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  • High-Current High-Inductance Power Inductors for Electric Vehicle Applications

    High Current and Inductance Power Inductors for Electric Vehicles

    6 days ago
    Coilcraft's new AGP4233 Series shielded power inductors offer a unique combination of high current handling and high inductance, making them ideal for high-current power supply and filtering...
  • High-Precision COTS Burden Resistor

    High-Precision COTS Burden Resistor

    1 week ago
    Vishay Precision Group announced the release of its new high-precision Bulk Metal® Foil Burden through-hole resistor in addition to its Vishay Foil Resistors product line (VFR). Designed for...
  • High-Performance Hybrid Choke Coils

    High-Performance Hybrid Choke Coils

    1 week ago
    Murata has released its series of compact, high-performance hybrid choke coils, the PLY10 series. These devices can handle not only conventional common mode noise, but also the differential mode...
  • Radial Lead Polyester Film Capacitors

    Radial Lead Polyester Film Capacitors

    1 week ago
    Master Electronics, an authorized distributor of NTE Electronics, presents the MLR series of Mylar/Polyester film capacitors. These capacitors are non-polarized and composed of hard epoxy coating...
  • Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

    Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

    2 weeks ago
    Murata has developed a high capacitance and low ESR by aluminum foil for anode and conductive polymer for cathode, the ECAS series. This series has the lowest ESR among all of the electrolytic...

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  • Online Components - Newhaven OLEDs

    1 week ago
    Welcome to EEWeb’s Product Overview of Newhaven’s full color OLED displays. While TFTs have been the mainstay of displays for years, OLEDs are becoming more prevalent as their price drops due to...
  • SlimSMA and SMPD Packages for Rec

    3 weeks ago
    Diodes and Rectifiers: Super 12 for 2013 (v. 5.0): eSMP® Series: SlimSMA and SMPD Packages for Rec
  • CTI SMD Aluminum Capacitors - High Ripple Current

    3 weeks ago
    Highlighting CTI SMD Aluminum Capacitors with High Ripple Current capabilities. Product guide reviews the key benefits and applications of these products. Listed specifications allow for quick...
  • Draloric/Beyschlag SMD Resistor Solutions

    3 weeks ago
    A selection guide for Draloric/Beyschlag SMD resistor solutions for all types of applications. The key benefits and features are highlighted and with listed specifications, the correct product can be...

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