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  • Overvoltage Protection on Loudspeakers

    Overvoltage Protection on Loudspeakers

    1 week ago
    TE Circuit Protection introduces its addition to its line of PolyZen device, the ZEN098V130A24LS. It is an overvoltage protection device that has a minimal zener voltage of 9.6 V, typical zener...
  • Highly Reliable Wire Wound Inductor

    Highly Reliable Wire Wound Inductor

    2 weeks ago
    MuRata introduces its highly reliable 1212 (3.0 x 3.0 mm) size wire wound power inductor, the LQH3NP_GR series. It is a series that has an inductance range of 0.47 to 47 µH. It is an ideal inductor...
  • Toroidal Surface Mount Inductors

    Toroidal Surface Mount Inductors

    3 weeks ago
    Murata Power Solutions added another product of surface mount inductors, the KMP 4300 series. A series of dual winding toroidal surface mount inductors that minimizes EMI. This series has an...
  • Power Factor Correction Coils

    Power Factor Correction Coils

    1 month ago
    The 018 series is a family of passive Power Factor Correction (PFC) coils that includes both in sealed and unsealed version type depending on the model of choice. The coils are used with the EMI...
  • KMP Radial Lead inductors

    KMP Radial Lead inductors

    1 month ago
    Murata Power Solutions’ addition to its line of radial lead inductors is KMP 1500 series with 19 types depending on its internal features. KMP 1500 series is in radial format that has a DC current...

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  • Fundamentals of PolySwitch Devices

    4 weeks ago
    TE Circuit Protections designs Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Devices. PolySwitch PPTC devices are designed to protect electronic systems and gadgets which are prone to both system...
  • New This Week - September 15th

    1 month ago
    This week we’ll discuss Phoenix Contact Locking Lever Spring-Cage Terminal Blocks, EPCOS Film Capacitors, and a Maxim isolated analog front end evaluation kit.
  • TE Connectivity PolySwitch Devices

    1 month ago
    Digi-Key presents a video that discusses TE Connectivity’s PolySwitch devices. This video discusses on how the PolySwitch resettable over-current protection device protects the circuit, especially...
  • PolyZen devices on Portable Electronics

    1 month ago
    This application note stresses the most common system failure, the charger-induced system failure. With the use of unauthorized charging systems, device attached to it is very prone to such system...

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