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specialized in digital design (VHDL/Verilog), physical IC design, PCB design for multimedia platforms

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Discussions Comment: Removing latches generated from missing assignment in if statement

April 16, 2013

Have a and b take a default value … otherwise simply refreshing the value before the if statement will still generate latches. If the outputs a and b are outputted to a flip-flop (which I believe to be true otherwise you will need latches to latch the a and b values) you can do the…

Discussions Comment: is this normal when using an ic chip

October 25, 2012

I am guessing you are talking about the OPAMP 8062a… if that’s the case well, 2 of the other 6 pins are outputs and 4 are inputs. Since leaving inputs floating will cause them to have a voltage drop (static from the air or any other EM interference) those will get amplified at the output and they…

Discussions Comment: how this H-brigde is working?**

September 28, 2012

Hi there,

To keep it simple and not take all the fun of researching yourself from you: – treat transistors as switches: if base-emitter voltage is 0.7V and its polarity is the same as the transistor arrow than the switch is on = saturation, else the switch is off = cutoff. – take what I said…

Discussions Comment: Frequency Converter

August 29, 2012

I believe you want to keep you Voltage constant while increasing or decreasing it’s frequency.

Well did you try looking for how to make oscillators with OP-AMPS? Here’s a great application note for simple circuits with OP-AMPS:

You should find a…

Discussions Comment: Synchronous Counter questions

August 07, 2012

You’re welcome, no pain no gaine :)

If you never make mistakes you can’t learn from them.

Discussions Comment: Synchronous Counter questions

August 07, 2012

About the -5V, yes, that can be an issue… it can break your ICs which are TTL and have quite strict Voltage constraints.

I’m guessing on your function generator you set the shape of the wave, amplitude and DC offset (phase offset is irrelevant in your case). If the amplitude is peak to peak you…

Discussions Comment: help plz

December 18, 2011

Both electronics and computer technology require math… all the one you need will be taught to you during college, but you need to get over the fear to pick up books. You need to learn how to read fast and catch on quick. The hard part is getting the hang of it and learning the basics right……

Discussions Comment: Help in designing a square wave generator

September 11, 2011

Sure, go ahead. I should have it in my profile :)

Discussions Comment: Help in designing a square wave generator

September 10, 2011

Hi Sam, I think you over-engineered your design a little. You can get a square wave with 50% duty-cycle from the output of a comparator that compares a sine wave (without a DC component) to 0V for example. And a comparator is basically just an opamp. Also to generate the sine wave you can use…

Discussions Comment: PCB Auto-Route

August 30, 2011

I never said they were equivalent… but it’s easy to find your way through both if you already know your way through one of them.

Personally I used only PADS auto-router, and find PADS more user-friendly… but also (for the versions I used) a little more buggy then Altium Designer.

In short, I…

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