Ray Andraka

Andraka Consulting Group, Inc - President


Andraka Consulting is a hardware design firm specializing in high performance DSP applications in FPGAs. Exclusively FPGAs since 1994. Typical applications...

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Technical Article: Efficient Shifting, Rotating and Normalization Structures

October 08, 2012

Signal processing and communications algorithms frequently make use of dynamic bit rotates or shifts. Utilizing merged trees improves performance and reduces routing congestion using fewer resources. Embedded features provide additional options for efficient structures.

Technical Article: Featured Engineer

March 19, 2012

Interview with Ray Andraka – President and owner, Andraka Consulting Group Inc.


Technical Article: Metastability and Clock Uncertainty in FPGA Designs

January 31, 2012

No discussion on FPGA design is complete without addressing the issues associated with transferring signals that are not synchronized to the clock into clocked logic. While this should be a digital design 101 topic, the number of designs…

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