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A hands-on electronic engineer seeking for new challenging opportunities. Experienced a lot with microcontrollers (8/16/32) and analogue/digital circuit...

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Led Cubic 4x4x4

Project Summary

The LED cube 4x4x4 has the atmega32 controller and uses POV multiplexing to swtith the 64 LEDS.

Project Description

A total of 16 transistors are used to switch on the Led columns and then another total of 4 lines to switch on or off the ground layer. So a total of 16+4 = 20 lines are needed to make the LED cube 4×4×4 work. It is important that the 4 ground layers are switched bwteen them to stwich one layer at a time and the swicthe the desired led’s on the partucular layer.

Figure 1 


Figure 2

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Tags: Led cube 4x4x4

Comments on this Project:

Andrew Mollmann

3 years ago:  Cool. What language is used to program that controller? I've used PIC and Arduino controllers before, and the Arduino is more user friendly by a mile.

Stephen Zahra

3 years ago:  i used an atmega32 controller and coded in c. Yes wit the audrino is more friendlier since there are alot of libraries ready.

Nikolay Yanakiev

1 year ago:  The project is very nice :) Don't you think C gives closer perspective to the hardware instead of ready libraries ?

Sudheer Gupta

5 months ago:  Good job done by Stephen Zahra. I will once try to do this experiment.

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