Electronics and Electrical Engineering Design Projects

Featured electronics and electrical engineering design projects.

  • Figure:1 TIDEP0006 Final

    Data Concentrator Reference Design

    Posted Oct 25, 2014 By Design Library
    This TI data concentrator reference design gives developers the ultimate level of flexibility and scalability with numerous performance, cost and connectivity options for their data concentrator designs. It includes advanced hardware and software that reduce development time by up to nine months while still supporting connectivity to more than 1,000 smart meters. Developers can easily plug in…
  • Figure:2 TIDA00002

    Harsh Environment Acquisition Terminal (HEAT) EVM Platform

    Posted Oct 18, 2014 By Design Library
    The TI HEATEVM is a MCM intended to provide a high temperature platform for signal conditioning and processor evaluation. The module consists of a complete chain of components designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures up to 200 °C. The PCB is made with polymide material also suited for these extreme temperatures.
  • Figure:3

    LPG Pumping Machine Controller

    Posted Oct 12, 2014 By Deepak Gupta
    This was a machine that we made for a client. The requirement was to make a machine that can draw LPG from a standard cylinder and pump it into another storage tank that was then used for a furnace operation. The whole operation was based on the current that the motor was drawing.
  • Figure:4 TIDM Connected Ethernet Snowflake

    Connected Ethernet, USB, and LCD Reference Design

    Posted Oct 11, 2014 By Design Library
    This TI Design will demonstrate several ethernet- and LCD-enabled applications such as remote sensor monitoring, ethernet configuration via web-based and LCD dashboards and aware applications that interface with weather websites.
  • Figure:5 TIDEP0001 Ice Board Image

    EtherCAT Communications Development Platform

    Posted Oct 10, 2014 By Design Library
    Targeted for EtherCAT slave communications, this TI development platform allows designers to implement real-time EtherCAT communications standards in a broad range of industrial automation equipment. It enables low foot print designs in applications such as industrial automation, factory automation or industrial communication with minimal external components and with best in class low power…
  • Figure:6 Analog Section

    10 - 100 Micro Amp Constant Current Source

    Posted Oct 05, 2014 By Deepak Gupta
    This project enables the user to control the delivered current from 10micro Amps to 100 Micro Amps in increments of 5 Micro Amps, at upto 40V. This was built for a biomedical application.
  • Figure:7 Low Power Audio Amplifier Circuit

    Audio Amplifier Circuit using 555 Timer

    Posted Sep 27, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Here this circuit is based on the principle of audio amplification using operational amplifier and pulse width modulation using 555 Timer.
  • Figure:8 Digital Stopwatch Circuit Diagram

    Digital Stop Watch Circuit

    Posted Sep 21, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Here we design the second type wherein the circuit displays count from 0 to 59, representing a 60 second time interval. In other words here the circuit displays the time in seconds only.

New Projects by EEWeb Members

  • Figure:1 Water Level Controller Circuit Diagram

    Water Level Controller using 8051

    Posted Oct 31, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    This project circuit helps to detect and control the water level in an overhead tank or container. Here, we use 8051 microcontroller.
  • Figure:2 Dream Web Solution

    Dream Web Solution

    Posted Oct 31, 2014 By Dream Web Solution
    Dream Web Solution – Technically speaking We are a Web Design & Development company offering unique SEO and Internet Marketing services for the…
  • are you interested in urban planning and sustainable development?

    Posted Oct 30, 2014 By ierek company
    Our three day conference at Enna, Italy will withdraw you to exchange the better understanding of sustainable development with environmental resources. Our Urban planning And Architecture design…
  • Figure:4 meet: miniRobot!


    Posted Oct 27, 2014 By Yuri Tikhonov
    miniRobot is a senior brother of my previous project nanoRobot (Honorable mention in the AXP Logic Design Contest).
  • Figure:5 circuit diagram of density based traffic signal system

    Density based Traffic Signal System

    Posted Oct 18, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Here is the simple density based traffic signal system designed using AVR Microcontroller. In this system, we will use IR sensors to measure the…
  • Figure:6 Timer Alarm Circuit 1

    Timer Alarm Circuit

    Posted Oct 16, 2014 By Credible Sport
    This circuit is a type of alarm system in which different values of resistors are used to adjust the triggering time of its buzzer. The design has…
  • Figure:7 bike turning signal indicator circuit diagram

    Bike Turning Signal Circuit

    Posted Oct 16, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    The objective of this circuit is to indicate left or right turn for bike/vehicle. It is used to indicate left turn or right turn for a motor bike or…
  • Figure:8 DTMF Controlled Robot Circuit Diagram

    DTMF Controlled Robotic Vehicle

    Posted Oct 15, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Here we are designing a simple dtmf based robotic vehicle without using microcontroller. It is very useful in industrial applications, surveillance…
  • Figure:9

    LPG Pumping Machine Controller

    Posted Oct 12, 2014 By Deepak Gupta
    This was a machine that we made for a client. The requirement was to make a machine that can draw LPG from a standard cylinder and pump it into…
  • Design and production of compression therapy equipment(hot&cold)

    Posted Oct 09, 2014 By Mohammad Hosein Riahy Pour
    this project is based on Thermoelectric technology.
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