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EEWeb Member Projects: Signal processing

  • Figure:1 Power Supply and IF Section Circuit

    Dual Band GSM 900 and 1800 Mobile Jammer

    Posted Nov 13, 2013 By Bekri Nassir
    The device aims to prevent usage of all kinds of mobile devices within a particular area. Ideally, this device should block phones form receiving and…
  • Figure:2 Rush Rhees Library tower

    Analyzing the Frequency Components of the Hopeman Memorial Carillon

    Posted Jun 01, 2011 By Edwin Tan
    Carillons belong to a class of instruments all by itself. Their frequency characteristics are largely determined by the way the bells vibrate. One…
  • Figure:3 geometry of the hydrophone array

    Underwater Acoustic Pinger Locator

    Posted Feb 02, 2011 By Matt Johnson
    In the field of autonomous underwater robotics, it is often desirable, and indeed necessary, to “ground truth” the position of the robot to a known…
  • Signal Processing Projects on DSP Processor

    Posted Jan 30, 2011 By Kalpana Manickavasagam
     Implementation of adaptive equalization using LMS algorithm in DSP Image restoration using an inverse filter in Blackfin DSP processor Image compression of a 2D image matrix using…
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