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  • Figure:1 Electronic Code Lock using Single Transistor

    Electronic Code Lock using Single Transistor

    Posted Nov 16, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    This article describes one transistor code lock circuit which is a key coded door lock system. Here interesting thing about this circuit is that it can be done without any programming. This circuit is simple and made up of simple transistor and buttons. Circuit Principle The main principle of this circuit is that the door lock opens only when the buttons in series are pressed at a time. If…
  • Figure:2 TIDA-00069


    Posted Nov 10, 2014 By Design Library
    Features This design is Firmware only and is discussed in detail to aid understanding Example Verilog code is an easy starting point for FPGA to high-speed data converter applications Design is easily expanded to other TI high-speed data converters The ADC and DAC portions are split in case only one is required Interface timing constraints are discussed in detail for the DAC…
  • Figure:3 Circuit Diagram

    Police Lights Using 555 Timer

    Posted Nov 09, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    This circuit simulates the police car lights by alternate flashing. This circuit flashes red LEDs for three times and blue LED’s for three times. This flashing action performs continuously. This circuit uses 555 timer and a decade counter. Here, 555 timer runs in astable mode. Decade counter 4017 counts the incoming pulses that is for first pulse Q0 becomes high and for second pulse Q1 becomes…
  • Figure:4 TDIM-Orientation Tracker

    TIDM-Orientation Tracker

    Posted Nov 03, 2014 By Design Library
    Features MSP430 G2 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430G2) + CircuitCo Educational BoosterPack + Fuel Tank BoosterPack enable orientation tracking and tilt detection IQmathLib fixed point software for MSP430 provides optimized math performance The MSP430 samples an accelerometer at regular intervals and interprets the data as x,y,z components of gravity Arc Tangent is calculated to determine…
  • Figure:5 meet: miniRobot!


    Posted Nov 02, 2014 By Yuri Tikhonov
    Introduction Not so long ago I was participating in AXP Logic Design Contest and took an honorable place there. I created an ultra-miniature robot that I called “nanoRobot”. On the prototyping stage I had to significantly increase the robot’s size. After that I created a new power system, control system and sensors system. As you understand it was an absolutely different robot. I…
  • Figure:6 TIDEP0006 Final

    Data Concentrator Reference Design

    Posted Oct 25, 2014 By Design Library
    Features AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor-based design reduces development time by up to nine months Integrated communication interfaces include two Ethernet (MAC) ports, USB and up to eight UARTs for easy connectivity to other systems on the smart grid Multiple PLC stacks for MAC and PHY layers let developers create designs that support PLC-Lite™, PRIME, G3, IEEE-P1901.2 IPv4,…
  • Figure:7 TIDA00002

    Harsh Environment Acquisition Terminal (HEAT) EVM Platform

    Posted Oct 18, 2014 By Design Library
    Features Qualified high temperature components (200°C) Up to 8 channels of analog data Analog signals conditioned, digitized and processed at temperature One platform to evaluate a large number of high temperature devices This MCM reference design is tested and orderable at ti.com, where firmware, GUI and user’s guide and fabrication files are provided TI Reference…
  • Figure:8

    LPG Pumping Machine Controller

    Posted Oct 12, 2014 By Deepak Gupta
    The requirement of the project was to implement a small PCB that can be attached on to the motor itself. Hence we used the PIC12 microcontroller that has a very small foot print as well as a very low cost. The current sense input determines the load that that motor is experiencing and hence based on the load of the motor and also a internal timer the pumping was to be cut off.
  • Figure:9 TIDM Connected Ethernet Snowflake

    Connected Ethernet, USB, and LCD Reference Design

    Posted Oct 11, 2014 By Design Library
    Features Integrated Ethernet MAC+PHY on the Tiva C Series MCU USB Full-Speed and USB High-Speed ULPI interfaces available Easy-to-use 3.5” LCD touch screen display Compatible expansion connectors including Boosterpack, Boosterpack-XL, and EM Associated software package with divers, stacks, and over 50 pre-compiled examples This development kit comes ready to go out of the…
  • Figure:10 TIDEP0001 Ice Board Image

    EtherCAT Communications Development Platform

    Posted Oct 10, 2014 By Design Library
    Features EtherCAT conformance tested by EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) Free EtherCAT Slave Stack Code (SSC) from Beckhoff available; requires ETG membership (free of charge) and valid EtherCAT Vendor ID. Free board support package and industrial software development kit from TI Support other industrial communications with the same hardware (e.g., PROFIBUS, Profinet, Ethernet/IP…

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