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  • Figure:1 Digital Temperature Sensor using Microcontroller Circuit Diagram

    Digital Temperature Sensor using Microcontroller

    Posted Aug 20, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Temperature sensors are widely used in electronic equipment to display the temperature. You can see the digital clock displaying the room temperature value. It is due to the temperatures sensor embedded in it. Generally, temperature value is analog. It is converted to digital value and then it is displayed. This article describes the same converting analog value to digital value. *Circuit…
  • Figure:2 Up Down Counter Circuit Diagram

    2-Digit Up/Down Counter Using Microcontroller

    Posted Aug 13, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Generally, one can see the digital displays, which display the score when buttons are pressed on scoreboards. The main heart of this scoreboard is 2 digits up/down counter circuit. The 2 digits are displayed on two 7-segment displays. This article describes 2-digit up/down counter circuit. 2-Digit Up/Down Counter Circuit Principle The main principle of this circuit is to increment the values…
  • Figure:3

    12V DC to 24V DC Converter Circuit

    Posted Aug 06, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    The circuit, which we have explained below, is used to generate the output voltage whose magnitude is just double of the supplied input voltage. In our circuit, we have supplied 12 volt in the input terminal and receives 24 volts approximately at the output terminal. The basic building block of the circuit made around a very well known IC CD4049 which is a hex inverter. This can be constructed,…
  • Figure:4 9 Way Operated Clap Switch Circuit Diagram

    9 Way Clap Switch Circuit

    Posted Jul 29, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    This circuit helps you to manage your appliances in your home devoid of getting off from your bed. All you need is just clap or you can puff in front of the microphone and after that, the device attached to the microphone becomes “ON” or “OFF”. The plus points of the circuit are as follows: At the same time, you can either “On” or “Off” up to three devices To “on” or…
  • Figure:5 Battery Charger Circuit Diagram using SCR and LM311

    Battery Charger Circuit using SCR and LM311

    Posted Jul 24, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Principle Behind the Circuit The principle behind the circuit lies in controlling the switching of an SCR based on the charging and discharging of the battery. Here the SCR acts as a rectifier as well as a switch to allow the rectified DC voltage to be fed to charge the battery. In case the battery gets fully charged, this situation is detected using a comparator circuit and SCR is turned…
  • Figure:6 Circuit Diagram of DTMF Controlled Home Automation System

    DTMF Controlled Home Automation System

    Posted Jul 16, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Generally, appliances used in our home are controlled with the help of switches. These days, you can see automation of these appliances using many technologies. This article presents the controlling of home appliances using DTMF technology. DTMF is acronym for Dual Tone Multi Frequency. So, just think when you make call for customer care, they will ask you to press 1, 2 or any other number. When…
  • Figure:7 Password based door lock system circuit diagram

    Password Based Door Locking System using 8051

    Posted Jul 09, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    This circuit operates on the principle of microcontroller interfacing. A keypad interfaced to the microcontroller is used to enter the password and store it. A LCD is interfaced to the microcontroller to display the status and a motor is interfaced to the microcontroller via the motor driver. The motor is rotated forward or backward, depending on the authenticity of the entered…
  • Figure:8 Requirements

    Street Light Control System

    Posted Jul 02, 2014 By Wasim Khan
    Here is our new simple Electrical/Electronics project about Automatic Street Light Control System. It is simple and a powerful concept, which uses transistor (BC 547 NPN) as a switch ON and OFF the street light system automatically. It automatically switches ON lights when the sunlight goes below the visible region of out eyes (e.g. in the evening after sunset). It automatically switches OFF…
  • Figure:9 Luggage Security Alarm Circuit Diagram

    Luggage Security Alarm Circuit

    Posted Jun 30, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    During our journey through train and bus, we carry many important things and all the time we have fear that someone might lift our luggage. So to protect our baggage, we normally lock our baggage through old ways by the help of chain and lock. After all locks, we still remain in fear that someone may slash the chain and take away our valuable material. To overcome with these fear, here is an easy…
  • Figure:10 digital tachometer circuit diagram

    Non Contact Tachometer Circuit using 8051 Microcontroller

    Posted Jun 30, 2014 By Sudheer Gupta
    Here we design a simple non-contact tachometer using microcontroller, which can measure speed with an accuracy of 1 rev/sec. Principle Behind the Circuit The basic principle involves a simple embedded system with a sensor, a controller and an actuator. The sensor used here is the one consisting of a white LED and a phototransistor, the controller used is the microcontroller loaded with a…

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